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21 April 21st, 2013 Days of our Lives Wins GLAAD Media Award For Outstanding Daily Drama!


In ceremonies held last night in Los Angeles, NBC’s Days of our Lives took home the honors as the Outstanding Daily Drama at the 24th annual GLAAD Media Awards!

The GLAAD awards pay tribute to “inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the issues that affect their lives.”   The event, hosted by actress-producer-director Drew Barrymore, and included Hollywood favorites: Charlize Theron, Betty White, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

DAYS Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis) accepted the award on behalf of Days of our Lives for Sonny and Will’s (Chandler Massey) love story and its portrayal and representation of a same-sex storyline and the couple’s struggles from: coming out to gay hate crimes and bullying.

Also in attendance from DAYS were Freddie’s on-screen father, Wally Kurth (Justin Kiriakis), Kate Mansi ( Abigail) and Nathan Owens (Cameron).  Days of our Lives bested the other nominee in the category, The Bold and the Beautiful who were in the running for their representation of their first same-sex storyline with the “My Two Moms” story featuring Crystal Chappell (Dani) and Joanna Johnson (Karen) and their on-screen daughter, Linsey Godrey (Caroline).

Other big winners of the night included: NBC’s The New Normal for Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Mini-Series or Special went to FX’s American Horror Story: Asylum created by Ryan Murphy.

Former President Bill Clinton accepted the Advocate for Change Award and delivered an inspiring speech to those in attendance.  Clinton’s accolade was presented to him by Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence and Harvey Weinstein!

So what do you think of DAYS win for its portrayal of an LGBT storyline?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Huge congratulations to DAYS and everyone involved with their LGBT storyline. While I may have agreed with everything concerning the storyline, such as Nick being involved, the writers have been doing an amazing job with handling it with care and new ways unlike the other soaps who ventured into their own storylines.

    They’ve treated Will and Sonny as a true soap couple, and not like a special subject that shouldn’t be touched. I have been enjoying DAYS for years, and really feel like for the over-all, their storylines have been brilliant. Doesn’t mean some bumps have been in the road or are still in the bump, but they’re really doing a great job!


  2. gene says:

    Awesome! DAYS has been doing it right with this storyline – even with the Gabi pregnacy bump in the road. Hopefully Will & Sonny will be a part of Salem for a long time.


  3. jimh says:

    Glaad Days won!


    Jules replied



  4. Troy Turner says:

    As a newer viewer, and an advocate for equality, DAYS has done a GREAT job-even with the negative portrayal of Nick. Kudos


  5. Ces says:

    Congrats Days! About the only storyline worthy of watching is Will & Sonny!


  6. kay says:

    I commend Days of our Lives for creating and writing this storyline involving Will and Sonny (portrayed by actors Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith). This storyline is what drew me to Days of our Lives after many years of not watching daytime soap operas. I loved the characters of Will and Sonny from the first time they met in June 2011 when Sonny came back to Salem and as Will struggled with and finally realized he was gay with the help of his friend and mentor Sonny. Then when they both realized that their feelings for each other had changed into love and they became a couple. Freddie and Chandler are doing an amazing job of making the relationship of Sonny and Will as realistic and believable as possible. I hope the writers will continue to tell this story as truthfully and honestly as possible. This is a love story between two people who care about each other and are committed to making a life together. Love is love. Embrace it and live it.


    kay replied

    Congratulations to everyone at Days of our Lives for winning this award again this year (Outstanding Daytime Drama) especially the writers and the actors who are involved.


  7. icla says:

    Amazing that DAYS won the ODD award again! So happy for Freddie and Chandler! It’s one thing to have a (mostly) well written storyline, and another to have two young totally committed actors who show us Sonny and Will’s story as realistically as possible. Wonderful!


  8. daryl says:

    Congratulations to the team of Days for their successful gay storyline. I’m all the way from the Philippines and I have to say that I only started to watch the show because of Will and Sonny although I remember the show being televised here about 20 years ago. Also, I would really like to thank Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey for portraying their characters really well, believable, and with love. Even if this is just a TV show, you don’t know how much you have inspired me, as well as other people (gay or straight), around the world. So again, thank you for bainging Will and Sonny and their beautiful story to life. This is a very well-deserved award. Congratulations and more power to the staff and actors of Days.


  9. Jules says:

    Hell yeah they did! Well deserved! Kudos to the writers, producers, Corday and of course Chandler, Freddie and everyone else involved for giving this storyline the weight, the airtime, the care and the opportunity it has earned.


  10. Mattsnplace says:

    I am SO glad (excuse the pun) to see the show that deserves to win actually WIN! The writers need to make the rest of Days as good as this SL. If they could do that, then Days would be around for a long, long time. Still, kudos to the show for well-deserved win!


  11. Derrick says:

    Congrats DAYS!!!!
    Well deserved!


  12. Jacob says:

    we need a sonny and will on ANC .OLTL.GH,Y&R,DAYS,since its on the internet I always hate how they start a gay storyline then stop assoon as they come out or make love for the first time congrats to days for kepping sonny and will around. I hope AMC,OLTL,GH,DAYS, Y&R takes a note and we see that on there as well, because to many times shows have a habit of just make us gay couples look shallow, and dont show us in the same light as stright couples and that is so unfair, Ihave been in a relationship for going on about two years and daysof our lives story lineshowed me it wasok to be my self. So I cant’t wait to see AMC,OLTL GH, Y&R Days and to see how it all unfolds. THERE needs to be more people with disabilitys on soaps


  13. Brett says:

    Well done DAYS. They so deserve this award, the storyline has been handled brilliantly and unlike other soap gay couples, they act like a couple all the time and the show hasn’t shyed away from romantic scenes. It has been the best gay storyline ever. I’m so glad they beat B&B’s crappy half baked lesbian story.


  14. Blake says:

    Great that Days won, out of all the soaps they definitely deserve it!

    And I’m glad to see that American Horror Story won for Oustanding Mini Series, LOVE that show!


    Patrick replied

    another show…. if you have cable… sounds like you might…. is “Bates Motel”

    on A&E….

    it’s a study in contrast….. mystique….. between Mother and Son…

    Norma and Norman Bates…..

    a lot of shows have since aired…. this is the first season….

    it’s catchy and draws you in…..



    Patrick replied

    Vera Farmiga – who plays the mother: Norma…. is Fascinating, to watch.

    she reminds me of the combo…. Sally Kirkland/Felicity Huffman/Peggy Lipton.

    the added older son… is HOT.

    along with the two cops…

    the one cop who is “corralling the twosome”…. blond cop is weathering his own storm.

    it’s inriguing stuff to mind.

  15. Dmitri says:

    So glad they won. DOOL sucks except for these two!


  16. Patrick says:

    my heart and mind… are free’er.

    at the tender age i am…. it’s touching…. affecting…. to watch and linger with the story…. a couple in love… unrequited… dealing… with life… like all twosomes…. fraught with the same energy…. complexities… the romance…. LOVING.


    watching these two SHARE their life… openly… with family and “out”… is to applaud and acknowledge how well done this is written.

    Thank you DAYS/NBC/SONY.

    you deserve the accolade and continued success.


  17. mike leigh says:

    I have wathch days of our lives for over 43 yrs and always loved the horton storylines.
    The gay storyline between Will Horton and Sonny is one of the best. I love seeing them
    in sceens and hope their love continues. Years ago I watch One life to live and enjoyed
    the storyline of gay men of Kyle and Oliver, I was very upset when the storyline was cut
    and the actors were let go. I hope this does not happen with Will and Sonny on days of
    our lives.


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