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12 April 29th, 2012 DAYS Renee Jones and James Scott named Power Performances of the Week!


This past week on Days of our Lives we saw a return of something that soap fans of Salem have longed for, an emotionally driven story with five hankie moments that affects the lives of so many characters.  Of course, we are talking about the news that Lexie Carver was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.  And what DAYS did next was spare little time in getting the rest of Lexie’s extended family in the loop, which worked beautifully.  There were no weeks of wondering who would find out when, and no weeks of hiding the truth from certain characters. It was just all put out there in a few episodes.  This in turn leaves viewers to go on the final journey with Lexie, and as we learned, Lexie only has weeks or a few months to live.

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When word came down that long standing DAYS veteran, Renee Jones (Lexie) made the decision to leave the series after 20 years, it came as a shock to many long time fans and the soap community.   And as we have seen before, soaps use an actor’s departure for some gut-wrenching emotional story, or as you are now beginning to see, some hints of what may be the next arcs in the story.   And as for Jones, we thought her performances this week as Lexie telling her father, Stefano, and telling her brother, EJ and comforting others around her with the terrible news of her condition were beautifully portrayed. Lexie showed vulnerability, strength, and most of all, we felt it seemed her reactions were very authentic to the situation. (Footnote: as authentic this type of situation could be on a soap!)  When Lexie in tears said to Stefano, “Some fights aren’t meant to be won. So except this … OK? OK?”  She got us right there! And, we cried along with her.

But then, the most heartbreaking scenes came about when EJ, the magnificent James Scott, tried to process the news of his sister’s death sentence, while trying to comfort her.  The scenes in Lexie’s office between the two siblings were stunning.  You felt like they were brother and sister.  And who could forget the one tear streaming town EJ’s cheek as he held Lexie.  It’s a shame it takes an actress to exit a show to get to see these types of scenes, but we will take it.   James infused the moments with almost a lost little boy quality as he realizes his beloved sister will not be around much longer.  As for Jones, watching her come to grips with Lexie’s reality was also compelling to watch.

And with that and a box of Kleenex later, On-Air On-Soaps names DAYS Renee Jones and James Scott this week’s Power Performances of the Week!  Now watch below clips from Tuesday and Wednesday’s episodes which include the scenes we mention between Lexie and EJ and other moments from Lexie with her family and friends.  Then weigh in and let us know if you agree with our choice, or not!

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  1. kristy says:

    I absoulutely agree!! Very well said!! I’m hanging on to every moment!


  2. barbara t says:

    I agree,this was so sad and written beautifully,It is a tearjerker and will continue to be a tearjerker right up until the death of lexi(Wish she would stay)Guess we will be needing a lot of tissues for this story.I really felt so bad for E j,and that does not happen very often,dool is getting it right with this story.And it is the power performance of the week and maybe weeks to come,cause it is not over yet.


  3. Michael says:

    As soon as I heard that Renee Jones was leaving Days and that the show would end up killing her character Lexie off with an inoperable brain tumor (one that Stefano could very well have caused himself when she was held captive in the tunnels under the Dimera mansion), I immediately realized that I was going to need plenty of Kleenex tissues and a wastebasket next to my desk in order to get through this heartbreaking storyline. You can already see how it’s affecting the rest of the cast and you definitely tell that their emotions of losing a beloved cast member and co-worker of 20 years were going to be very raw and very real. I’ve already had to go through some tissues already. Michael, you were right, Renee and James both deserve the honor of Power Performers of the Week and I have no doubt that the entire cast of Days will end up being Power Performers towards the end of Lexie’s life and Renee’s 20 year run (I’m sure that she has already exited the doors of NBC for the last time by now and has returned to Georgia to be with her family). If Days really keeps up with this brilliant storytelling with this storyline, I would highly suggest that the show submit this and the Will coming out storyline for their Emmy reels for Outstanding Drama Series Daytime for the 2013 Emmy season. None of the other shows are going to be able to hold a candle to Days with all of the power packed emotions that they’ve got going on now. I can imagine that it was extremely difficult for the writers to write this gut wrenching exit storyline for Renee.

    I wish Renee nothing but the best in her future endeavors. We will all miss her terribly but I’m sure her fellow thespians miss her a lot more than we do.


    barbara t replied

    Michael, I am a new days of our lives fan,Since september,why did stefano put lexi in the tunnels?and how long ago since that happened?I like Lexi and hate to see her go.


    david replied

    I just started watching DOOL. Why did Stefano keep Lexi, his own daughter, hostage under his house?


    barbara t replied

    That’s what I want to know and how long ago did he do this to her?And I just thought of another question,What tunnels?

  4. cathy trinque says:

    I am a new Days soap viewer. I remember James Scott on AMC. I don’t remember any powerful storylines with his character on AMC. I can say that he has certainly blossomed as an actor. I enjoying watching EJ in any situation.


    barbara t replied

    Wasnt he zachs son ?forgot the name of the girl he got pregnant his creepy father got rid of her ,he was just a kid when he got her pregnant ,any way didnt he die when this building collapsed ?This all happened on all my children.I hated seeing him leave ,thats when days picked him up.,That was a while ago.


    1loveabcsoaps replied

    Hi……. I haven’t seen GH in weeks now. TV burning and I don’t get the chase to see it but GH gets the ratings. I feel lousy about it bc I know GH is good right now. I can feel it. Guess U had to make new friends on line here, with Debi and I flying the coup. I am completely overwhelmed with my problems, work and rehearsals. I mentally exhausted when I get in to hear or listen to anyone else’s problems EVEN if its in the form of entertainment.

    PS. Don’t forget there is NO space after the word just place your comma, and then skip a space. For example.

    got rid of her ,he was just a kid (bt wrote)
    get rid of her, (now space) he was just a kid. (1love)

    You and Scott, well, my goodness, U guys don’t see eye to eye. Scott is defending his show, and he is within his right. I don’t mind a littel OLTL but U guys do go over board with ” now bring this person on, that person, and sometimes people name up to 10 people to bring from OLTL over to GH. It can get fustrating reading about it. And ‘one’ would say, constantly reading stuff like that, ‘to let the show die folks’, meaning OLTL. Someone wrote that, I forget who, and I’m quoting it. I think Scott is defending everyone to stay in the present with GH and not in the pass with OLTL. I know that U are loyal to both shows and mean no harm, because I’ve been talking to you and feel a sense of knowing you, even though we don’t really know one another, but we chat. U are light hearted and mean no harm, EVEN when you’re fighting back. It’s good to defend your position as long as everyone keeps it cool. U weren’t wrong in your defense, and U and Scott had a healthy debate, unlike some of the others on here. Say a prayer for me.


  5. Jules says:

    Renee and James have such a great brother-sister chemistry. I’ve enjoyed their relationship over these years immensely. I’m happy for Renee as she transitions into the next chapter of her life and thank her for 20 great years on DAYS, making history alongside James Reynolds.


  6. RJ4 says:

    I agree that the Lexie/EJ scenes have been very moving and well done. Lexie has been giving very poignant performances as she is coming to terms with a grim reality. I have always liked the Lexie/EJ brother/sister interactions. We will certainly miss Lexi (RJ). She has always been a bright star on Days. We wish her all the best. As it is a soap, we can always hope she will come back from the dead if she decides to come out of retirement, and of course if Days is still on. I realize she said she is doing this for personal reasons which is understanable, but you can help but wonder if she is making this decision now because she feels like the ‘days’ are numbered at Days.


  7. TnT 2.0 Forever says:

    Renee Jones is a talented actress who has certainly left her mark on daytime. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors whatever they may be.


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