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20 March 10th, 2014 DAYS Sneak Peek: Sami To Abigail “You Have To Be Honest With The Baby’s Father!”


This week on DAYS, its looking more and more like Abigail (Kate Mansi) is pregnant with EJ’s (James Scott) child!  And when Sami (Alison Sweeney) finds out that Abigail could be pregnant she tells her, “You have to be honest with the baby’s father!”

Of course, Sami has no idea that Abigail could be pregnant with her man, EJ’s baby!  And when EJ hears the news that Abigail may be pregnant what will he say to her?

Watch the NBC preview of this week’s DAYS preview after the jump! Then, let us know are you hoping Abby is pregnant? What do you want to happen next in the story? And, what should EJ do now? Comment below!

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  1. Melanie says:

    Yes! Please let Abigail be pregnant with Elvis’ baby – great potential for lot’s of characters reactions and Elvis is much more interesting with Abigail!!
    Jennifer and Stefano as grandparents of the baby is too delicious for words.


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I hope Abigail isnt pregnant…too many rarely seen children on this show as it is: Sami has 3 young ones, Abe has Theo, and Danial has Parker…Parker is off with Chloe and the other children are in school as the often used excuses…now i know there is some story possibilities with this often told plot but i still hope she has the stomach flu…then again what fun would the stomach flu be? Well, if preggers, how will Abigail explain it: will she admit E.J. the daddy or will she claim some random stranger or will Tad step in and help Ababygil, at her urging, of course…so i guess she will be prego!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I recently posted about Kristen possibly returning with a baby…now im not so sure about that if Abigail is preggers…that would be too much baby drama for me after watching all the baby drama on GH with baby Georgie, baby Ben and Sabrinas preggers storyline!!!


  3. Iakovos says:

    I love the drama but I would prefer Abigail not be pregnant. Agree with jimh’s post about too many unseen children. Am kind of over the already way too-tangled family trees. I;d like to see stories that do not involve reproduction, please.


  4. dmr says:

    I know that this comment may start a stir, but, I really can’t stomach Sami. She’s too immature. I’m not sad the actress is leaving. I know there are a lot of Ejami fans; but, I just don’t see the chemistry. Eileen Davidson-powerhouse, stellar performer, Ari Zuker-great with comedic timing, lots of chemistry with many other characters. It’s just my opinion…


    No1_ILoveLucyFan replied

    You’re not the only one that doesn’t care for Sami – don’t get me wrong, nothing against Ali – and I’ve liked James Scott since he was on AMC, but I won’t miss Sami & her predictably-unpredictable ways. She’s 30 – on the verge of 40 and acts like she’s 14 (no offense to any 14 year olds who may read this). She needs to grow up & stop making bad choice after bad choice. I’m willing to bet Sami will be back for the 50th, but in the meantime, I hope they mature the character & stop writing her as such a cartoon. If/when she does come back, I’d rather see her with Lucas, he makes her tolerable and when they scheme together, it’s the stuff of soap legend!


  5. AMANDA says:

    I seriously doubt Abbey is pregnant. There are some twists to this story which will unfold in the up-coming weeks. I think EJ drugged Abbey into thinking they had sex at cabin to distract her from going to Hope to save Sami.

    I also do not think they had sex in the shower because Sami appeared. I think EJ’s fear is that Sami will find out he drugged Abey the way his sister drugged Eric.

    He will use one of the Dimera doctors to test Abbey for pregnancy. Yes, he goes along with the theory of pregnancy, but in reality he knows that is not possible and is more concerned about the drug in her system, which could put him in jail if revealed.

    These are bits and pieces I received from a reliable source. Tme will tell regarding what really happened and why!!!


  6. Sandy Welles says:

    Wasn’t it extremely predictable that Abby would become pregnant? It’s really a soapy done to death formula – I think if Abby is pregnant she should have triplets, and when Sami finds out she should attempt to leave Salem but then gets abducted by Aliens. Yes I know it’s strange but it would be different from this tired same-old same-old they are coming up with right now.


  7. Patrick says:

    2 reasons : I don’t mind this

    #1. to rile Jenn – her golden ringed daughter is DiMera’d – dig in Abs & stand your ground

    #2. by all accounts this sounds like AS’ Sammi is going to have a bang of a Year
    if you take in to account Kristen returning as well.

    fasten your seat belts


  8. Johnny says:

    Are soap writers really this bereft, bankrupt, and devoid of ideas?? They have one of the most appealing younger actresses in Kate Mansi and they have absolutely no clue how to involve her in a popular love story and age appropriate activities. Really???? Remember when Days had young heroines like Hope and Jennifer and they built supercouples around them? Now they have had Abigail psychotically chasing after two men old enough to be her father. I dont find this entertaining or interesting or worthwhile at all.


  9. Mary SF says:

    Well I did love the look on Elvis’s face at the end of today’s show when Sami told him Abigail could be pregnant —- by just using his eyes James Scott convey what EJ would be thinking at the moment and it was obviously “O sh8t.’ it was priceless.

    I believe she will be pregnant and it will force the truth of the affair out in the open, but I believe she will miscarry or will lose the baby at some point. Days tends to do that a lot when they want the drama a pregnancy can bring, but don’t really want another child to be born into the show’s history.

    Of course they could be brave and actually do an intelligent story about abortion and the real emotional effect that decision has on many young women lives. At most they always have the young lady go to the clinic but at the last minute change her mind– but lots of women don’t change their minds and exploring their story would be a refreshing breath of honesty for a soap to follow. I think Abigail would be a the perfect character for this story to be told through, and although other soaps have done it, it has been a while-


    Patrick replied

    “… lots of women don’t change their minds and exploring their story would be a refreshing breath of honesty for a soap to follow. I think Abigail would be the perfect character for this story to be told through”

    I, agree… especially… when this would give Kate Mansi…. some amazing material… a young woman… coming in to her own… her choices…. if they choose not to go down the obvious… ala another younger woman/older man… route… like Abs did with Austin. which, was quite entertaining… and had a lot of comedic good time laughs

    great idea.


    alicia replied

    I think she is pregnant with Chad’s child. She should have an abortion if she is. Good storyline to show women have the choice. Not a good idea for her to have a baby. Would ruin her life.


  10. Libby says:

    I hate this mini arc.I am hopeful it all ends in April. Abigail will likely not be pregnant.The show has done so many pregnancy stories – they are all redundant.

    I hope that EJ confesses to Sami asap. It is quickly resolved that Abigail isnt pregnant and begins dating one of the new 20 something males.

    It would be best that EJ confesses to Sami that he had 2 encounters with a woman truly one night stands while she shut him out. Never revealing it was Abigail.

    Abigail and EJ decide it is best for all to just forget this ever happened. No one else finds out – except for Stefano who may hold it over EJ’s head. But otherwise, a full happy ever after wedding happens in May for Ejami. And james and Ali leave for a long 4 month honeymoon in time to return to say goodbye to Salem – as they are moving their family out of Salem. EJ turns over Dimera Enterprises to the new 50-70 year old lead and Kristen that is coming aboard Days.

    We bid farewell to the iconic ejamily in happy way. Leaving room for a return at the 50th celebration.


  11. Pam says:

    I sooooooo hope that Abigail is pregnant. It would serve that sneaky, self-righteous *#%@! Sami right! I have always despised the pairing of EJ and Sami — they have absolutely no chemistry. Every since she left that totally honest man (besides being incredibly handsome and sexy) RAFE — I lost all interest in the show. I did go back a couple months ago…and was happy to see the writers had finally found Rafe a woman — just to find out THEY have absolutely no chemistry!! Jordan is such a loser. Oops, I was a big SAFE fan, but I better get back to EJ/Abby…I would like to see Sami flip off EJ before she bows out at the end of the year. I would like to see Abby flip off EJ and find a young stud her own age. Then I might consider continuing to watch the show. Please don’t continue to write EJ and Sami as a happy family — at the very least they are dysfunctional!


  12. jennifer says:

    It sucks!!!!!!!!! I am sick of this story. I want sami and ej to be happy. Plus the age difference in real time is sick. I may stop watching besides the fact allisons departure.


  13. nancy says:

    I would love to see abby preggos I do believe she really is preggos she was lied to no thanks to stephano being in cucoots twith her nurse


    No1_ILoveLucyFan replied

    My thought too – with Stefano involved & the doctor clearly on his payroll, there is a LOT more to this story than we know – Abby is pregnant & there is no WAY Stefano will allow anything to happen to a grandchild – he knows Samantha very well & he’s going to do everything he can to protect Abby as well as the baby.


  14. nancy says:

    i would love to see thersea sticking it to Jennifer at her dinner party with that flyer of Jennifer


  15. Amy from Australia says:

    I do not want Abby to be pregnant. Jeez, is that the one attempt by the writers for the character to keep them connected? Abby is a selfish child for creating this situation. Why should Ejami pay for this random fling? Ejami has suffered enough! If Alli is leaving, I want James to go with her. Let them ride off into the sunset happy and in love. I can’t deal with EJ and Sami not together. I will be heart broken. EJAMI FOREVER!


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