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46 November 12th, 2017 DAYS Sneak Preview Unveiled: A Non-Stop November To Remember Filled With Dramatic Shockers!


At the conclusion of the annual Day of Days fan event on Saturday, the attendees were treated to the first look of the NBC daytime drama series fall sneak preview promo, followed by its posting on and social media.

In it, the preview reveals that while Will (Chandler Massey) has been found he has amnesia, and he thinks none other than Sami (Alison Sweeney) was his former wife! While Susan (Eileen Davidson) continues her twisted vendetta and ways to keep him apart from the family and loved ones he doesn’t realize are really his!

Then, Theo (Kyler Pettis) is shot, and JJ (Casey Moss) is the culprit, and lives are changed forever. Abe(James Reynolds) is hit by devastating news that his son’s life hangs in the balance, and that causes a ripple effect in Salem, and longtime family ties and friendships are on the edge.

And in a shocker, Ben Weston (Rob Scott Wilson) is back, when none other than Sami enlists him to help jog Will’s memory back in the most frightening way. Ciara comes home with Victoria Konefal taking over the role. While that is happy news for Hope (Kristian Alfonso), she is faced with heartbreak when a rift goes down between her and Rafe (Galen Gering), and later in the promo it appears that Sami and Rafe are going to hit the sheets!

Viewers also get first glimpses of Sister Mary Moira, Kristen, the return of Louise Sorel (Vivian) and a first shot of Tyler Christopher, both whom debut in December!

Watch the sneak preview after the jump. Then let us know what you are looking forward to most in the next few months on DAYS in the comment section below!

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  1. JONNYSBRO says:

    Omg omg Ron Carlivati u are killing me right now. This looks amazing.


    Lou Piikes replied

    Ron is “killing it” at Days. JJ shooting Theo is must see TV.


  2. Patrick says:

    I’ve watched this promo about 5 times already…

    THIS IS THAT GOOD People. I’m so glad posts see it.

    loud out loud double cheers

    i’m combusting.


  3. Jules says:

    Ron is a FLIPPING GENIUS!!!!

    This man is a STORY. TELLER. PERIOD.

    I am LIVING for Days right now.


    Tamara HodgeWashington replied

    I am enjoying some of the twists, but Will..Naw, never a fan! Some is just too corny, find myself flipping to Maury, for real laughs.



  4. James R. Poissant says:

    Oh, my God!!! We got our DAYS back!!! Ron is hitting it hard out of the ballpark. With material like this, the show better go up in the ratings. And how about more than a one year guarantee every year to keep DAYS on the air? It does suck every year when it comes to renewal time if the network will let show show stay on the air. It’s been that good so let us have 2 or 3 years of guaranteed DAYS.


  5. Michael says:

    Wow! This looks incredible.


  6. Jimh says:

    Back when Will was killed and viewers were angry i said Will was still alive and would return with amnesia-the only thing i got wrong was i thought Sami would know and was hiding him from Ben…but will Ben be any help-he did not kill CM’s Will…he killed GW’s Will-lol


    Andrew Hass replied

    Well Sami could think that Will seeing Ben again could help him regain his memories since Ben is the one who attacked Will.For example Sami could think Will’s amnesia was the result of the trauma of Ben strangling him and so she may think Will seeing Ben again will unlock Will’s memories.Plus Chandler re-shot the scenes of Ben “killing” Will and so those probably will air when Will comes face to face with Ben again.Plus i can’t wait to see the scenes between Sami and Ben because i have a feeling Sami won’t hold back on Ben since he tried to kill her son.Yes Will is alive but Ben still tried to kill him and the only reason Sami may not try to hurt Ben is because she needs his help in getting Will to remember.


    Violet Lemm replied

    Sammy will really go ballistic, if she ever finds out that good old Clyde was the one who had EJ killed. I don’t think Ben even knows.

    Jimh replied

    But if i was Sami i wouldnt want the man who we thought killed her son anywhere near him…instead i would had brought Sonny and Will’s daughter Arianna to help regain his memory which i believe would had made more sense!!

    Celia replied

    True, true and true…I was right there with you, Jimmy.
    And, now I think you may be right again. Remember when you recently suggested that Susan may be Kristen posing as her?
    Satan had said that Susan would not have the wherewithal to pull off a stunt of this magnitude……so, you may be right; it’s Kristen.
    All I can say is …I am enjoying Susan so much…good or bad, LOL.
    Now, I await Vivian with open arms.


    Claudio replied

    Yes Celia my friend, my madam Vivian will be back soon to cause trouble. I cannot wait to see my madam Vivian back on Days. Please Days bring back, Ivan her side kick. Days is getting good now. Susan Banks is a hoot Lol. Kristen is mean mean mean and Sami is mean mean mean too funny. take care Celia my friend.

    Celia replied

    Yes, Claudio….you are the sweetest man. Who loves Vivian????? Who loves her MORE????
    I do, I do…..kidding….I know how much you are into Vivian—most likely a lot more than I. But, she’s up there for me, as one of the most fascinating characters, EVER!
    Later, my friend.

  7. Andrew Hass says:

    Well it looks like a lot of exciting things are going to happen on Days Of Our Lives in the coming weeks and even months.


  8. Jimh says:

    Wow..i will be watching regularly again…i still wonder if Kristen is posing as Susan or is that really Susan…Ciara looks promising…Rafe and Sami…how about Ciara and Rafe…that would be almost like a Doug, Julie and Addie rebooted love triangle-and i am all for that-hear me Days…its Christmas season and that latter part is the only thing on my Wish List!!!


    Jimh replied

    Vivian is Days answer to Ghs Helena Cassidine-looks like she already got Nickolos-lol


    Patrick replied

    i’m so excited for the – posters – here

    that certainly looks like the sexy as all get out.. Eileen Davidson’ Kristen.. on the last shot of this hugely HOTTED out promo. it’s ingenious.. if you look again.. at how much Chandler Massey looks like and sounds. like with his laugh.. is so enjoying working with ED’s.. Susan and/or Kristen.. she looks back at him.. with care and just an all around feast of one actor to another.

    I can’t believe the excitement … no reason to contain it, either

    when it comes to Vivian.. and whomever.. Tyler Christopher is playing…


    high 5 salute and applause for ; @DOOL production team

    i’m stunned all around.


    Celia replied

    Oh, Patrick!!!! Chandler grew up….even his voice changed…..listen carefully….compare; it’s deeper…..he’s a man!!
    I know that, as myself, you and your poet-heart, notice these minute ( but so huge) details.
    I cannot stop singing Days’ praises!!!!!!

  9. Patrick says:

    I’m just gobsmacked… FEAST

    what other word is their… for the diehard

    Yeah, I DID NOT Expect to see Ben, back

    major treat. Sam will go to great lengths for us fans.. and Sami , as the mother lion she is.. will … do what she can… and as only Sami does… let’s the chips fall where they may… and hope for the best…

    even we know.. she wants him back at any cost.. and it’s not selfishly.. because all of Salem loves Will.

    high drama

    woah… just seeing Louise Sorel and Tyler Christopher in the promo

    every trigger … all your senses are guarded and dam break

    thee show of show


  10. Karen Clark says:

    Hoping that Tyler is Nicholas Alamain. Pretty sure he is since Viv is back. Happy that Rope breaks up, hoping Safe is just a step on the way back to LUMI!!!!
    I am sure Kristin is pretending to be Susan. I knew “Susan” had convinced Will that he was EJ when I saw the letters over the bed. I believe Kristin is behind the DiMera sabotage. I hope they toss Kate out of DiMera. I wouldn’t be surprised if Billie showed up soon and expect to see Jack, ghost or for real, for JJ and Jennifer soon. Been watching Days since Day 1 and love having my favorite soap back where it belongs!


  11. LeeAnn says:

    OMG so good !! I keep watching it, Days is on FIRE !!!


  12. Mateo says:

    We call this RE-BIRTH. DAYS you were in a massive accident and you have finally recovered. Ron Carlivati = genius, savior, writer beyond measure. So jazzed. Eileen Davidson…..FIYAH!! Allison Sweeney – just what we all need. Tyler Christopher just ahhhhhh (heaven help me), Louise Sorel welcome home girl…….Chandler Massey can’t wait till you “remember” because what a mess you left death’s door for…..Robert Scott Wilson, sweet christ on a croissant, how does someone so perfectly beautiful play someone so evil to such perfection, the Theo story taking a leap from the headlines but I am glad they gave it to an actor who can handle it, Casey Moss just smolders, thank you Ron……I am least excited for the Hope Rafe drama….i love me Hope but she has floundered for so long I don’t care if she is happy or not. And Rafe…geez make up your just Gabi for her choice in men but you can never make up your mind about who you want. So I will let that be my one “whine”…but otherwise…….DAYS is SMOKING….burn baby burn!!!!!


    Joel replied



  13. Al says:

    Yes, Kristen!!!!!!!!! OMG, Sister Mary Moira!! Thomas Banks can’t be far behind. lmao. This is soooooo good. Eileen Davidson is amazing!!!!


  14. Satan says:

    Kristen in that red dress, with the evil laugh… looking just like the Succubus she really wants to be. Don’t worry Kristen, your future employment is secured here in Hell!


    Mo replied

    Is that Kristen or Susan’s sister? I forget her name. I know she was thought to have drowned way back when, but in Salem, who knows?


    Jovin replied

    Penelope drowned. She was one of the quadruplets of Susan, Thomas, and the nun. One thing I never understood…Kristen is not Stefano’s biological daughter. So…why isn’t she one of them? Make them quintuplets and family. I guess that’s what we call Buy Illogical!

    Alan replied

    I think it’s Kristen.

    Penelope Kent was the fourth Banks sibling who was given up for adoption by Susan’s mother and was adopted by a British orthodontist. Penelope was drowned by Edmund who thought she was Kristen; Susan later told him that Penelope was dying of an incurable disease.

    Andrew Hass replied

    Susan has a brother named Thomas and 2 sisters named Mary Moira who is a nun and Penelope.Penelope was the one who was killed when Edmund drowned her but he thought she was Kristen since they looked alike.Susan, Mary Moira, Thomas and Penelope are quadruplets.So the only character who can’t come back is Penelope since she is dead.

    Patrick replied

    I’ve already posted – couldn’t Tamara Clatterbuck, be Penelope

    the resemblance to Eileen Davidson.. is uncanny

    these are two highly touted women of means

    sensual – presence – and oh so commanding

    just to keep the zany comedic and dramatic effect onward

    heck.. why wouldn’t this not reach ?

    Tamara Clatterbuck for the WIN… make her a younger sister of the quadruplets

  15. Maca says:

    Love ron c and days!!!!


  16. Tamara HodgeWashington says:

    Love Louise Sorel in EVERYTHING


  17. mike says:

    WOW, just WOW


  18. Mo says:

    It looks so amazing!!!!!! I look forward to watching Days every day and that was not how I was feeling just a few months ago.

    Why doesn’t Sami just do a DNA test on Will? That will prove to him he’s her son.

    I look forward to Vivian returning. So much good going on here!!!!


    Mo replied

    Have to add, I’m glad Rob/Ben is back. I miss him.


    Mo replied

    And Abe, your son was committing a crime. So yes, it’s horrible he was shot, but JJ thought Theo was pointing a gun at him.

  19. Sarah says:

    OMGEE I am BEYOND EXCITED to see Sami & Rafe going at it again. these 2 have always been so hott together. it will be interesting to see how all the drama with Rafe & Hope plays out. i do like these 2 together but they definitely have some issues to work through. i’m glad that they are finally getting the writing to face their problems head on so they can move forward.


    Mo replied

    Yes, when someone is hesitant to pick a wedding date, there may be problems!


    Andrew Hass replied

    I’m also excited to see Sami and Rafe have sex because they have history together and it makes sense that they might turn to each other for comfort.However i don’t Rafe to have sex with Sami while he’s still with Hope because i don’t want him to cheat.Now maybe he and Hope get into a big fight and Rafe thinks they have broken up and so he turns to Sami.


  20. Mike says:

    Tyler Christopher as Nicholas Alamain?

    Or as a reborn Stefano? Brain swapping, clone, something weird and fun like Days of old.


    Satan replied

    Days has already claimed that TC will be playing an entirely new character. Probably Vivian’s latest sidekick, since Ivan is long gone, and Gus (the guy who was with her the last time she was in town) turned out to be working against her… or whatever it was. (senior Devil moment here… the memory starts to go after a few thousand years, so the details are kind of foggy.)

    I doubt they will bring Nikolas Alamain back, because they can’t figure out what age he’s supposed to be. He was a kid back when the Alamain family first appeared. Then just a few years later he was in his late 20s and banging Kate on her desk in the Titan office. And then mysteriously de-SORASed in his last brief appearance to get his mother Carly and sister MelEggNie out of town.

    Since TC has been playing a Greek character for years, they really should make him Alexander Kiriakis, Sonny’s oldest brother and the result of Justin’s hookup with Angelica Deveraux. (the gross part there… for the GH fans at least… is that they would appear in Port Charles as mother & son Tracy & Ned.) Alexander would technically be a new character, since he hasn’t been seen since he was a baby, and that wasn’t much of an acting role.

    Of course why he would be working with Vivian Alamain would be a whole other story. Maybe he’s not…. but it’s assumed they are, just because they show up around the same time.


  21. blake says:

    Man that is a helluva promo! I definitely got hyped and goosebumps watching this! Thank God for Ron C. coming to Days.

    If you aren’t watching Days now, you should be!!!


  22. Chrystie-Delancey says:

    I love it all EXCEPT why can’t JJ catch a break?

    He has grown up and gotten a respectable job yet I fear he will never amount to anything than a Kevin Fisher clone on Y&R. It just isn’t fair to character development.


    Patrick replied

    OMG – just finished the 11/14 – Tuesday epi

    as Hope and JJ are going over the case .

    it dawns on both of them… that with Theo “autism” .. HAD JJ known it was him.. that had he said.. “drop” what you have in your hand. AND with Theo “honest to goodness nature. turned around.. with decoder in hand… his mindset ? he knew it was JJ and/or was ready to tell him it wasn’t a gun.

    the horror in JJ… after the fact.. was not any less in high yield drama.

    Gawd I loved Lani words… ” you are the most important thing in my life ”

    and naturally , Abe… as he’s sobbing… telling Theo.. he has to pull through.. that it was father and son.. who were able to move on without Lexie.. because they had each other

    if you wanted pull out ALL the stops. here you go.

    this does not even count -

    ALL the drama with just Eve

    All the drama with Will and Sami and all the rest of Salem

    boffo show

    I posted on another thread.. that JJ has shown tremendous growth.. and it has to do with his pairing with Lani. I believe that.

    this is Casey Moss as JJ – his best acting.. to date.. sans Eve. and that’s a long time ago.. and now she’s back.

    ALL this drama.. is triggering every sensory perception ???? and Casey Moss talent and skill set is thriving

    @ Days of OUR Lives

    this is treat plus treat galore = FEAST


    Patrick replied

    forgot to add -

    this is going to have some serious repercussions… on Kate

    because as JJ told Hope.. that all the things that did occur… were and are NOT in Theo person

    he would never have acted this way –

    as he’s secretly cavorting with Kate for DiMera Enterprises

    I’m so in love with Lauren Koslow… so get ready for Koslow and Penghlis

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