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12 July 1st, 2013 DAYS SOAPnet Promo For Programming Change: “Everyone’s Dark Side Is Exposed In The Light of DAYS!”


Today, major shifts occur in all media in your viewing schedules for your favorite soaps online and on primetime!

On TV, Days of our Lives still remains on SOAPnet! But it will now take over the slot previously occupied by The Young and the Restless which debuts tonight in its new cable television same-day and date episode repeat home, TVGN. To signal the change, SOAPnet has produced a few promos for its two only remaining soaps, the other General Hospital! A far cry from a few years ago when it had five! But for now, Days of our Lives will move into the 8PMEST/PST time (7PMCST) with a repeat of the show again at 10PMEST/PST (9PMEST).   SOAPnet has just released a very cool promo for DAYS, which we think is one of their better ones with the theme and tag, “Everyone’s dark side will be exposed in the light of DAYS.”

The promo starts off with various haunting sequences from storylines and the action in Salem with the voice over announce and revealing the card titling:  “Glaring suspicions … blind jealousy … flashes of rage … all hiding in the night.   In Salem, everyone’s dark side will be exposed..  in the light of days.  ”

Watch the promo after the jump, and let us know what you thought of it?  Plus, we have posted another SOAPnet produced spot  featuring the GH and DAYS scheduling change.  So, what do you think of the new scheduling for GH and DAYS?  Will you continue to be catching them on SOAPnet?

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  1. marty_mart says:

    Sadly, I won’t be watching anything on SOAPNet as my cable provider unplugged us from that station some months ago. It’s not slated to be on air much longer anyway, is it? What’ll happen with GH once SOAPNet is gone?

    I will be catching up with Y&R over at the TVG channel if I miss any episodes.


    Mo replied

    GH is available On Demand from Comcast.


  2. Mo says:

    I haven’t had Soapnet for at least a year.


  3. shawn says:

    Love the DAYS promo


  4. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I still get soapnet but thought it ended in August? ive watched gh on demand. maybe if soapnet does end Oprah will air the repeats.


  5. Sandy says:

    Promo sounds interesting and I’ll tune in to see what it is about. Thankfully, I am still able to watch Days and GH on my local channels in the afternoon. But if anything ever changes with that, looks like I will be covered.


  6. Jeffrey Anderson says:

    GH is available On Demand from Charter to look under their hood ABC


  7. Kate says:

    Liked the promo. I will watch. Right now I only watch AMC repeats. With 3 of those running 5 days a week, there is only a couple more months left. I am guessing that Soapnet will be gone after AMC and OLTL finish their repeats. Hopefully there will be more than 2 AMC shows per week from PP by then. Since Soapnet belongs to ABC, one never knows when they will pull the plug. Checking out DOOL right now. Hopefully, they have moved on from the Gabby,Will, etc. storyline.


  8. Carolyn Wolfe says:

    Watch Soapnet all the time and Like the promo very much! I wanted to know what the tune is borrowed from that they are using to promote the schedule change, can anyone tell me. I think it is from a popular operetta but cannot recall it.


  9. wayne says:

    disney is ending soapnet they the one that been running it all thee year hopefully gh and days will go to tvgn


  10. joni morlin says:

    We all want are soap net to be on it is Avery very good program for US Disney is a part of the problem here we are still here are soap net is going to stay on for ever and e era but their is aother thing and a favor we need soap net on in march and let it go for a while and see how it goes and alert all the soap operas to do a nurses ball for all of the soaps and it will hit the fan that are soap operas can do with all the ratings and that will be happy for them and all of the fans will probably love to see it and let s try it and see want happens


  11. joni morlin says:

    Me and my cat loves to watch soap operas every day and night and we love them so much and we are not going to let them go not every our fans will love it to much and my birthday is in march and let are soap operas abducted soap net do their nurses ball all of the soap operas and take it from their and let it go and see want happens the ratings will go thro the roof and we get to keepsiap net


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