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22 July 8th, 2013 DAYS Suzanne Rogers Chats On Her 40 Years in Salem … From Being “Killed-Off” Once to Her Historic Emmy Win!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

This week on July 13th, Suzanne Rogers celebrate 40 years of playing Maggie Horton on Days of our Lives.  TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan chatted with Suzanne about this amazing milestone and her longevity in the soap medium and in Salem.  Some of the topics discussed include:  Suzanne being the first actress to ever in the Outstanding Supporting Actress award at the Daytime Emmys, the “death” of Maggie during DAYS PR campaign then Marlena was on a murder spree where everyone was later  found out to be alive and well, if the pass has been torched to her to be the matriarch of the show since Frances Reid (Alice) had passed away a few years ago, and Rogers real life battle with Myasthenia Gravis that was later incorporated into the soap.  Here are a few excerpts below!

Suzanne on winning the first Supporting Actress Daytime Emmy and what it meant:  “That was a very moving and memorable night. Funny thing is, after I won the award, I didn’t exist. For the next three or four years I didn’t have much to do on the show. Instead of capitalizing on the Emmy, they did the reverse. I never understood what happened there. [Laughs] But that award is mine! They can’t take that away from me!

Suzanne on when she found out that the killing off of many characters, including hers, was a ruse to generate ratings:  “Well, I did say, ‘Ken (Corday), I was about to put my house on the market! What are you doing to us?’ Oh, Lord, may we never have to go through that again! It’s still all so vivid in our minds. I was off the show in September or October of that year and they didn’t call me to return until the following March. It really destroyed me. You know us actors. We think we’re only as good as the last episode we did. It was all so bizarre.

Suzanne on of she is ready to take on the role of being known as the matriarch of DAYS: “Oh, no, no, no. That was and always will be Frances Reid. I walk onto the Horton family set and still see her sitting in that chair. I don’t ever want to sit there. I have too much reverence for that. I don’t like to see anyone in that chair! [Laughs].”

DAYS fan, what do you think about the fact that Suzanne and Maggie have been around for 40 years on DAYS and in Salem?  What do you think about the time they “killed-off” Maggie?  And, what story would you like to see Suzanne have now as one of the veteran characters of the series?  Share your thoughts below!


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  1. Libby says:

    Suzanne Rogers is an exceptional person. I had the honor to meet her at 2 Days events. I have watched her since Mickey and Maggie Red Shoes story in early 70s. ( I was only 7 or so. LOL)

    She has not been fully utilized when Deidre Hall has been on the canvas. It was a disservice to add the missing egg story just a few years ago. The show appeared to try to leverage reverence of the maggie character to less popular characters like Daniel and Melanie. No offense to the actors portraying Daniel and Melanie.) I do think it has hurt the character of Maggie because the Egg story was so convuluted and generally rejected by many long term viewers.

    The love story of Maggie and Victor in their twilight years has helped Suzanne and her iconic role. I hope the show focuses on that aspect of her character.

    Portraying Daniel’s mother is not credible and backs Maggie’s stories into a busybody role. She shold have been promoted into a more beloved matriarch role. But that time may have passed on DAYS.

    All respect for the lovely and gracious Suzanne Rogers who has not always been respected by the writing and producing teams over the years.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I was a teen when Mickey met Maggie at her farmhouse and she was crippled from a car accident that killed her parents…Mickey called himself Marty Hansen back then after having a stroke and leaving Salem…those scenes of theirs at Maggies farm was some of the best moments on Days…


    James McDonald replied

    I agree with you. I like that “Maggie” is still a regular on the serial. Her character is mature and helpful. She is still an emotional gal. How I wish I could see John Clarke as “Mickey” be with “Maggie” one more time. Perhaps as an angel wanting to visit “Maggie” again in her hour of need.

    Barb replied

    I agree with every word Libby wrote. Suzanne is a beautiful lady, a wonderful actress, and so loyal to the show, that has not always treated the character of Maggie that well.
    The eggbaby story was awful, and yes, her “interest” in whatever Daniel is doing does nothing but make Maggie appear to be a really nosy busybody. (I hate when he calls her mom, she is not his “mom”. )
    But her love story with Victor…that should get more attention.
    thank you for the interview, and a big Thank You to Suzanne Rogers. Congratulations on the 40th anniversary.


  2. Jules says:

    Congratulations to the always classy, ever cheerful and endlessly talented Ms. Rogers! Wishing you many more years on DAYS!


  3. Joan Faist says:

    Keep her and Victor Involved in whatever is going on in Salem. Love these two together. What a stroke of genius to pair up Victor and Maggie.


  4. Mary SF says:

    I remember that story line very well. Everyone was furious because they thought the show was getting rid of so many characters. I believed it too until they “killed” off Alice. Then I knew it was a gimmick because there was no way they would get rid of her.

    As for Maggie, I like the character with Victor, just wished they had more screen time. Didn’t like they made her Daniel’s mother, because now that he is related by blood to a Horton he will be on that show FOREVER— yikes.

    As for SR– she just gets better with age- a real class act. I hope she stays with the show for many more years to come.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Daniels not related by blood to the Hortons…Maggies maiden name is Simmons…she was only related to the Hortons by marriage when she married Mickey Horton…Anyway Maggies two daughters Sara and Melissa(Linda Anderson was really Melissas mom) didnt stay with the show forever so there is still hope Daniel wont stay around as well. Too bad Daniel wasnt a true Horton…then he could go upstairs in the Horton home and disappear like Tommy Horton did as well as other Horton family members.


    Mary SF replied

    I was under the impression Maggie’s eggs were already fertilized when implanted into Lillian Jonas– which would make Mickey the bio-dad, sorta like what happened with Vivian and Kate with Phillip, and that is why I thought he was a Horton by blood. But I bow to your expertise on all things Days- so the eggs were not fertilized when stolen– which makes more sense– I stand corrected, he is not a Horton by blood– what a relief

    As for Tommy if he was a Brady I would say he was on one of Stefano’s islands somewhere– but I check the who’s who’s section on soap opera central and they have Tommy Jr leaving Salem in the late 70′s, with Alice mentioning he was living in Hawaii sometime in the 80′s, but hasn’t been mentioned since. Does he have a Christmas ornament with his name on it ? If he does, then he hasn’t been totally forgotten-

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Mickey was sterile…so he couldnt have children of his own…had he been Daniels bio dad Daniels relationship with Jennifer(who is a true Horton) would be gross being that it would make them first cousins and i dont like their relationship as it is. Now that you mention Tommy in Hawaii that does sound familiar…thanks for the reminder…however, i was actually refering to the early 70s when Tommy went upstairs in the Horton home and finally reappeared about 2 years later. Sadly, John Lipton who played Tommy and Margaret Mason who played the original Linda Anderson passed away in the 1990s as well as Richard Gutherie who played Julies son David(another forgotten character). In recent years i dont recall seeing Tommys or Davids or Julies brother Stevens ornaments on the Horton tree…maybe they are on the back of it…who knows? Also, youd think Julie wouldve made an appearance when Gabis baby was born and also have a talk with J.J about shoplifting being Julie was a shoplifter herself when she was a teen in the very first episode.


  5. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Shes been there for 40…i been watching longer than that…i have seen days since i was 5 years old!…back in 1965! i miss those farm scenes between Maggie and Marty/Mickey…nice to see characters not living in a mansion…i consider the 1970s Days best decade…the serial killer storyline never bothered me…it was predictable…the worse time in Days history was during its mass firings in 1980s…we lost so many great actors and characters at that time…im suprised i still watched over 30 years later after that almost unforgivable moment in daytime history. As for what i want for Maggie…i want her to stay away from Daniel, remeber Melissa and Sara, and have a life of her own with Victor instead of worrying about DAMINFER!!!


  6. blake says:

    Those poor actors, not finding out for so many months that their characters were not really killed off! Imagine how Frances Reid must’ve felt. Her “death” was so lame, and then to have to go through that!


  7. gloria says:

    All I know is I love this woman & her character-LOVE HER with Victor. I was not watching much when she was with Mickey-I was really little & don’t rem. much about them together. Maggie can be a bit pushy where Daniel & Jenn are concerned but OMG do they need pushing but that’s another story. Love Suzanne-any story they give her is fine with me.


  8. gloria says:

    P. S. I absolutely HATED when they were “killing” everyone off. As Suzanne said WAS BIZARRE. I did not like it at all.


  9. Patrick says:

    What a Lovely person.

    “reverance, for” – duly noted. however… Suzanne Rogers – you deserve and are besotted as such…. Mother Horton.

    You remained steadfast with… DOOL.

    I love you with Victor.

    I love that you are carrying the Horton legacy. and Salem is all the better for it.

    and, one small criticism… ease up on Daniel…. we all know he is your son.


  10. 4everdays says:

    Suzanne Rogers is one very classy lady. I wish I had seen all her DAYS,but
    did not start watching DOOL until 1984. I seem to recall her quitting around
    1985 for a year or two because of her illness. I’m glad she is healthy, wealthy
    and wise.

    I would like to see Maggie lose her battle with alcaholism, possibly over the
    loss of a loved one.


  11. RICKIE says:

    Okay… I’m officially OLD. I remember Maggie Simmons and her boyfriend Jay Livingston on that farm where amnesiac Mickey Horton showed up in 1974. I also remember when Suzanne was written off for a year or so sometime in the mid-1980s. Not a smart move on the part of the powers-that-were at the time…


  12. dmrjmd says:

    I think that Suzanne Rogers is a class act. I love the pairing of Maggie and Victor. Suzanne is a wonderful actress and if you ask me, only gets more beautiful and talented with age.


  13. gary says:

    I was so upset when they Killed off Alice and Maggie that I didn’t watch for about 3 months. then I found out they were coming back. I actually thought it was one of the dumbest storylines ever, but I guess it did what it was meant to do.


  14. Kathyj says:

    Congratulations to Suzanne on 40 years with Days — and Happy Birthday!!


  15. Derrick says:

    Love Suzanne and her character with Mickey and now Victor!


  16. Tim says:

    I love Maggie and the actress who plays her. While the “egg” story” was wierd I like that she is Daniel’s mother. It gives her a storyline. Maybe he shouldn’t call her Mom but it does give Daniel a reason to be a main character. I love he and Jennifer. They are the new “It couple”. I can see them being the next matriarch couple in the coming years. The show needs it – now that John and Marlena aren’t together and Beau is not on the show right now. I think that even a baby might be in Jennifer and Danile’s future. All that aside I thnk Maggie is one of the best characters on the show and I don’t care if she is meddlesome – she is one solid nice person on the show and the show doesn’t need to be all bad characters.


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