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9 February 8th, 2010 DAYS Suzanne Rogers: Maggie to have Myasthenia Gravis again!

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In another DAYS shockeroo, Suzanne Rogers revealed to TV Guide Magazine, that come March, our beloved heroine, Maggie Horton, (who is grieving the loss of her late husband, Mickey and who is going to face a terrible ordeal with Melanie)  is about to suffer again from Myasthenia Gravis, a neuromuscular disease.  But what makes this so poignant and interesting is many know that Rogers has suffered from MG throughout her adult life.  So much so that back in the mid-80′s when it was noticeable that the actress had consider weight gain and facial bloating, the DAYS powers-that-be wrote it into Maggie’s storyline.  In addition the interview also discusses Rogers  thoughts on the  “Killing of Mickey” and why the show decided not to have Maggie ( a recovering alcholic) go on a bender. 

Suzanne on her feeling on Maggie’s new battle with MG: “When I heard they were bringing back Maggie’s myasthenia I was very hesitant because it’s an aspect of my life I don’t like revisiting. Of course, I’m thankful for the work, and for the opportunity to get the message out once again. But there’s a part of me that’s very nervous about this. Of course, they’re dealing with it in a different way this time. Before, Days decided to deal with it because I was dealing with it, and I looked very different from the neck up. This time, Maggie will be affected in the arms and the limbs. That’s another way people can get MG, or you can get it all over from head to foot. It’s a crapshoot as to what you get. I was lucky that the kind I got was not a degenerative one. Thank God.”

Suzanne on if stress is one of the triggers of MG:  “Oh, yes. And, Lord knows, Maggie’s had a lot of that recently! Her husband, Mickey, suddenly died. Her beloved Melanie [is about to] get shot. It’s been more than she can take. But I think—I hope!—she’s going to pull through this newest crisis. She always does. Stress is what brought it on for me. It came at a time when I was over 35 and dealing with that whole age stigma. Days was turning away those of us who’d been on the show for a while, and focusing on the new and the young. I was also going through a divorce at the time. Too much stress!”

Suzanne on if Maggie’s health issue could spell the end of her character for good! “Notoriously, the audience does not like [to watch] illness. I’m not sure where this is headed. I had a little talk with [Days exec producer] Gary Tomlin and he told me this is not going to be a myasthenia gravis storyline, per se. Maggie will be having symptoms that come and go.”

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  1. marynelle says:

    Suzanne, I hope they are not going to write Maggie out . I’m so happy that they have written you so well lately and you are a very important part of the Horton family. We’ve lost Gram, we can’t lose Maggie. I love Maggie. She’s funny, caring, strong and canning. I’m really happy that you don’t suffer from this disease anymore and you will be just playing sick. I remember when you went through that. Looking forward to more strong storylines with Maggie.


  2. daysfan says:

    Love Suzanne Rogers on Days! She adds a lot to the canvas. I was happy to hear back in Nov/Dec there were going to give her a storyline after the new year. If sounds like they changed things up at the last minute. Suzanne seems uncertain how it will pan out. I hope things work out.


  3. Polly says:

    I’ve got to say, I’ve been watching Days since the mid-70s when I was a kid, and sometimes you need the continuity of the more senior characters for stability with some of the storylines the writers come up with. MG is a part of life, and I prefer those “real life” stories over the world espionage, attempted murder, ESP and so on.


    Shannon replied

    I have Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (LEMS), which is Similar to MG, they are often misdiagnosed for each other because the symptoms are very similar…debilitating muscle weakness. I knew Suzanne Rogers had MG and I think she went into remission after a Thymectomy during her first occurrence. I am happy to see this storyline on DAYS. I think it will raise awareness for rare Chronic Illnesses. I have been watching DAYS since I was 15, I am now 35. Its ironic that a character on DAYS has an illness so close to mine! I’m very happy to read that Suzanne does not have MG Symptoms back in “real life”. I still suffer from LEMS, but remain to stay positive. Thanks for your time!


  4. karen says:

    My brother who was 20 years old was diagnosed the same time as Maggie in the 80′s. My brother is still okay and I pray so is Maggie.
    I have watched the show since the begining and they are like family.
    I will light a candle in church for you.


  5. eve says:

    what an inspiration you are to people who are suffering with neurological disorders. you have a fiery spirit and that’s what’s got you through the tough times. keep on keeping on.


  6. monica says:

    I am also suffering with this-condition for 21 years now I feel a lot better to see I am not alone.


  7. robin johnson says:

    It is comforting to know that this diease, from which i suffer, is finally going to get some attention. It can be devestating and virtually no one knows what MG is. Information about MG needs to be put out there for the public to see. I just hope the writers will be true to the echanics and symptoms of the disease. Nice work, Days.


  8. Janet Noles says:

    I have battled MG since 1990 after the death of my youngest son to cancer. I tackle it most of the time but when it flares up, it does a fantastic job. I would love to hear from Suzanne…if she has time. The support from others helps to keep positive vibes. I wish you health and happiness.

    Take care….Janet


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