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22 May 3rd, 2012 Daytime Emmy Nominations Postponed Till Wednesday! NATAS Trying to Strike Deals with HLN and AOL for Broadcast!


For all of our soapers, and all of our colleagues in daytime programming, especially the soaps, the nominations announcements for the 39th Annual Daytime Emmys have been postponed for tomorrow!   Now, it looks like next Wednesday will be the day we will know what performers and series have a shot at daytime televisions highest honor.

Broadcasting & Cable spoke to sources close to NATAS and exclusively broke the news on the reason for the postponement.  It  looks like the academy is trying to broker and leverage last minute deals which would give the Emmys a television broadcast home on HLN, and an Internet and social media home with AOL!  The Daytime Emmys are set to be handed out on June 23rd at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

Here is what Broadcasting and Cable posted this afternoon:  “The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is hammering out a deal with Time Warner-owned HLN to be this year’s telecast partner for the annual Daytime Emmy Awards. NATAS also hopes to secure a social media partner for the awards, and sources say the organization’s board is targeting AOL. AOL is increasingly positioning itself to acquire and broadcast entertainment events. In February 2011, the portal acquired The Huffington Post, and on April 24, AOL announced the AOL On Network, which reaches nearly 60 million consumers across 14 curated online video channels.  None of the parties — NATAS, HLN or AOL — chose to comment.   The awards, which are taking place on Saturday, June 23, at the Beverly Hilton, are having an increasingly tough time staying relevant as daytime’s once glamorous and popular soap operas are being cancelled and replaced by talk shows.  Nominations for the Daytime Emmy Awards were expected to be released this Friday, May 4, but have been put off until Wednesday, May 9, in order to close these deals first.”

So what do you think of the news of the pending deals to give audiences around the country and the word a chance to see the Daytime Emmys this year?  Are you chomping at the bit to learn the nominees as much as we are?  We will all have to take a breath!  Make sure to come back to On-Air On-Soaps on nomination day, and the continuing developments on the Emmy ceremonies!

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  1. wanda sparks says:

    I hope someone broadcast this. I have been watching ABC soaps for 38 years faithfully. They have cancelled my favorite One Life to live. The least they can do is make sure All our favorite actors have one last shot at being reconized for all their hard work. Maybe ABC will realize they made a big mistake cancelling All My Children, and One Life To Live. And bring back Soaps at the parks at Disneyland, and Walt Disneyworld. What were you thinking???


  2. Debbie Hamilton says:

    Personally I think we’re 1 step closer to seeing our cancelled soaps back on. At least one
    of them. OLTL. I am not so sure of AMC although I would love to see them all back in
    production.I believe ABC Network is feeling the effects of the bad move. Several of the actors have gone on to other things but one never knows they may come back if that was
    offered to them.Stay possitive in thought, action and deed! General Hospital is really
    blowing the lid off the pot!!! Thank you writers you have been a blessing to all of us who dearly love our soaps.

    Love Deb


    Heather replied

    OLTL is never coming back.

    I cannot believe that people are wasting their time attempting to revive a deceased show that has 0 chance of ever coming back when they are 4 soap operas on the air that are struggling for survival and need our support.

    However, I do agree with everybody that OLTL should grab all of the awards.


    1loveabcsoaps replied

    I didn’t give up on OLTL, but I certainly got tired of reading the same conversation about it on here, day in and day out. I don’t mind talking about it IF people were doing more than JUST TALKING about OLTL, like the fans gathering and calling the media and holding a New Conference…. but OLTL
    EVERYDAY on here and no action…., nah. Life is too busy for that.

    Good Luck to the nominee’s and OLTL and GH.

    Hope all is well with you, haven’t chatted with you in awhile.

    barbara t replied

    Heather, I have to respectfully disagree, I watch the soaps live every day,I am not wasting my time attempting to bring back one life to live I have watched the abc soaps for 49 years they were always there and so was I every day same time, same network, I think what the majority of us are pissed off at is the crappy programming that was put in the place of beloved soaps .Every day I come here several times a day hoping to find someone who cares as deeply as I do about the loss of all my children and one life to live and it is nice to vent and let it out how I feel and there are several of us not just here but at other sights, facebook are loaded with people who feel betrayed at abc/disney for killing our soaps and while I am fighting for our soaps I am paying very close attention to general hospital and days of our lives, Cant watch the other two because of the time they are on .so this One life to live fan will sit and chat with people about the loss soaps because it makes us feel good even while we are bashing the folks at abc/disney and boycotting there lousy network for letting us down,So I really dont think I am wasting my time chatting with someone who feels the same as I do.

    CTwildheart replied

    I am one of those working to save the genre and find a possible home for cancelled soaps to resume production. That being said, many of us are ALSO supporting the last four soap operas that are still on the air. I will be attending the UpFronts for ABC on May 15th in NYC…anyone else want to take some ACTION? Here is one link you can go to for more information:

  3. barbara t says:

    This could be the good news we have been waiting for, Some network to put the daytime emmys on,We are running out of time and this is one award show I don’t want to miss it will be the last award show One life to live and all my children will be in.And as I have said before I hope that One life to live takes home the gold for all the categories.


  4. david says:

    The good news is the Daytime Emmys will be broadcast so OLTL fans will have one last chance to enjoy wins for their soap and see the cast together.


  5. Monica says:

    I hope they can make a deal. I’m fine with watching online, but many people may not have that opportunity.

    As for the delay of announcing the nominees, I’m anxious and I’m just a fan!


  6. Sharon says:

    I think whichever network picks up the daytime Emmys will gain in the ratings, cause us soap fans would watch, and support them, ABC ratings have dropped because of cancelling AMC and OLTL, it lost us soap fans as viewers, and brought down their ratings by doing so.


  7. Sheryl says:

    I agree with everyone and I am hoping that ABC will bring back our soaps and realize they made a big mistake. I also hope OLTL will win all the awards for last year they really deserve it.


  8. Nancy M says:

    Every morning when I wake up I think I can hardly wait to see what GH is doing today. The show is actually the best show on ABC at all. I have been watching the daytime emmys since I was young and it really pisses me off that millions of loyal viewers cannot see their stars that they love dressed up and receiving an award for their stellar performances. What is wrong with an industry not caring about us. Are we crazy to like these shows? Why would anyone care? Until ABC makes some positive moves to daytime I am done with them except GH.


  9. Cathy says:

    I’m hoping that it will be shown on a network also. I look forward to seeing my favorite actors all dressed up and receiving their awards. The soaps and the actors deserve all the recognition they can get.


  10. Derrick says:

    I only have basic cable, so I’m hoping internet will also work!!!!


  11. sonjawitthaus says:

    Since I can not watch on HLN. I would love to download the show on the internet will I be able to?


  12. david says:

    If ABC were smart, it would preempt The Chew and GMA in the afternoon and broadcast the Emmys. OLTL takes the Emmy for best soap and ABC announces it made a terrible mistake canceling OLTL and decides to revive it. (I am not on drugs or delusional, but I might as well be.)


    barbara t replied

    Thats ok david, It would be nice if that happened,hln,Is headline news that’s cnn isnt it?I believe so.Guess we hear more next week when the winners are announced and I hope one life to live has several of them.


  13. david says:

    Will any of the cast of OLTL or AMC come to the Emmys if they are not nominated? Since they are no longer employed by ABC wouldn’t they have to pay their own expenses?


    barbara t replied

    Your questions are interesting. Hopefully one life to live is nominated for all the categories,Then we will find out if the cheap network abc will pay.We should be able to find out, right ?


  14. MBmomof3 says:

    I sure hope they are able to make a deal with HLN and AOL. I could never understand why in recent years SOAPNet wouldn’t host the Daytime Emmys. More ABC/D B.S. Anyway, I missed them last year because it was Father’s Day and out of respect to my husband and kids, I didn’t watch. That said, I knew that AMC & OLTL were ending and I vowed to watch them this year, even if it was really one big, fat, commercial for Las Vegas, like it has been in the past few years. Please give these industry troupers the respect they deserve and showcase the talent, not the venue!


    barbara t replied

    MBmomof 3, Your Idea about soapnet is a good one, It would have been the perfect place to show the emmys, Only problem, ABC/DISNEY the rat channel owns soapnet so there goes your good Idea out the door. Its such a shame the we are going to loose soapnet for another kids channel, We have to many of them and only One soap channel that will be gone soon.


  15. Karen P says:

    I personally think that they should make sure that not just the soap stars get the recognition that is deserved but that ONE LIFE TO LIVE, ALL MY CHILDREN actors should be up on that stage and be applauded for their strengths that they have overcome in this horrific outcome of their characters. I wonder if the actors would return. They have in some sense moved on. I watch B&B to see Jr. and old Skye. I watch GH to see Starr, McBain, hopefully Trevor and Roger. We believe that believing in ourselves we can bring back something. The soaps were thrown away like their work was unappreciated. As we all been saying we are just numbers and if our numbers don’t meet up to what the CEO’s or Chiefs want then they shut you down. I believe in our soaps. I have watched them since I was in 7th grade. Loving… AMC and Loving was axed. and now AMC. I got really involved in OLTL in the 80′s and will not give up the hope that they will return. I watch the reruns on Soap Net until they butcher that station. We have to unite and fight for our soap stars Day time or Prime Time. We watched Dallas in evenings great hit. So why can’t we bring on the Day time and show off their stuff in Prime time. Enough of the self help stuff they bring down on us. We love our daily drama. Our who done it, and How could she. So please just lets all settle down and concentrate on whats important. Saving our Soaps. Lets not get bitter when a cross actor joins in on “your” soap. They all are great. Now we have to bring it all on.:) One lover of Soaps.


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