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27 May 3rd, 2013 Daytime Emmy Nominee Interview: General Hospital’s Jason Thompson!

Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

On Wednesday, General Hospital fans were overjoyed with the news that Jason Thompson’s (Patrick Drake) name had been called as one of the four actors competing for the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series category at this year’s upcoming 40th annual Daytime Emmy Awards!

Thompson’s reel in which a grieving Patrick tries to prepare himself to go to his beloved wife Robin’s funeral, was so riveting that tears flowed not only on-screen for Patrick, but for viewers everywhere in what now for all intent and purposes is a soap classic. 

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Jason to share in his thrill of getting the recognition for his work, to find out how he was able to get through the now memorable tie-scene in the nominated episode, and what nomination day was like for one of the new class of soap opera leading men!  So here now is what Jason had to say about being in the running for Daytime Emmy 2013!

I was over at The Young and the Restless on Emmy nomination day, and your fellow Lead Actor nominee, Michael Muhney (Adam Newman) told me he was actually rooting for you to win!  He said he was incredibly impressed with your performance!

JASON:  Wow! That is pretty crazy for him to say. Michael is a super nice guy. The nomination is so cool and I am so stoked. There were a couple of people I expected to get nominated who didn’t.  So when you say that, no one knows what is going to happen. I am not going to lie to you, if you’re in it, you want to win it.


Many people were devastated that Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) was not nominated!  I know the two of you worked so closely together throughout the eligibility year, and her performances were astounding as well!

JASON:  I don’t know how that happened! But I know what Finola did, and I was shocked and bummed that she did not get nominated.  Obviously, I feel good about myself personally landing a nomination, but it would have been really, really special for us both to be there, because we went through a lot together.

Obviously, your reel has clearly resonated big time with the blue-ribbon panel!  What happened on Emmy nomination day morning?  How did you find out you were in the running for Outstanding Lead Actor?

JASON:  To be honest, I did not have the best sleep.  It was not because it was Emmy day.  I had a cold the other day.   So I was kind of tossing and turning a little bit.  I think literally at 6AM my phone started buzzing and then it rang … and then it was my dad! So at that point I figured either he is going to say, “Better luck next time!” or “Congratulations!”   I could hear him and my mom were really excited.  It was nice having them be my first call in Canada.  You know the amount of support it takes in this career, and to have them in my life, and their support, and to be the first call, it was great. Then I checked my phone and Ron Carlivati (head writer, GH) was the first tweet that came through.   After that, they came flowing through from so many people.  The nomination woke me up in a good way, the best way!

And what is so cool is … this is your first nomination in the Lead Actor in a Drama Series category!


JASON:  I have been nominated before and those were special, especially my first one.  This is my first nomination in Lead Actor.  As I have said to you before, the work is the most gratifying part of this, but as you have said before, you might never have something like this again.  So to be able to tell a story like losing your wife, and me going through my own process of mourning Kimberly McCullough (Robin) in that way, and then GH’s 50th anniversary, and the Nurses’ Ball, it was all incredible to be a part of.  Then, working with Kelly Theibaud (Britt) and Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) and Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma) becoming this little actress, it’s personally been a tremendous year.  This is just a really nice thing, or cherry to put on top of it. Steve Burton (Ex-Jason, GH, and now Dylan Y&R) sent me a really beautiful text message this morning. He said, “I have been a fan of your work for a really long time.” You get those messages and you go, “Wow! What else can you ask for?  This is good!”

Your nominated performance is one that is a classic! Do you have any sense of that as the actor who drives those heartbreaking scenes?

JASON:  The thing is, when you watch that scene, you notice it.   It takes a small army. Bill Ludel directed that episode. So when we were trying to figure it out, he was one of the guys in the production office, he and Scott McKinsey (director, GH).  They looked at it and went “Whoa!”  It takes those moments: Kimberly, the music, the cues.  It takes so much to make one scene, let alone one episode.  As much as I feel very grateful to get recognition for scenes like that, I know how many people who are not in the scene, and are just outside the light it takes to make it work. 


Do you remember going through the emotional moments in the tie scene?  Or, were you so in the moment that you don’t even recall what happened?

JASON:   I just remember staying there and I remember smelling Kimberly.  She just leaned in and I smelt her for the three minutes. It wasn’t a plan to keep my eyes closed, and it wasn’t anything like that.  She pulls away and I just stayed there.  Sometimes there is beauty that comes from one take, sometimes it’s many takes. We are the one take industry, and sometimes it works.  Sometimes you just get it right and it all aligns.  Hey, I am fortunate that scene was written for me and that it all came together for me, let alone that episode. You live and die by these decisions.  I felt like this was an opportunity to do what I could with this material and create with my peers.

What did Kimberly McCullough say to you upon learning you were nominated?

JASON:  She called me and said, “What’s up?” (Laughs)  We don’t have to say anything to each other. She knows how much I care about her, and what we mean to each other. It’s that simple.  We don’t need any fancier words than that.  She is very proud of me and I know it.   It’s awesome. To have somebody like that in my corner is a gift.  I know how much I learned from her.

Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

I remember meeting you years ago and you were the newbie on General Hospital! And I also remember feeling like Kimberly really took you under her wing and showed you the ropes of a soap!

JASON:  She did take me under her wing.  Kimberly is a no B.S. kind of girl. She didn’t play by the rules.  She never really did.  I had the best teacher.  She stood up for herself, she stood up for me, and she stood up for our story.  I learned from her in that way. The fact that it’s a story when she leaves, and that is when I get the little extra recognition, is very humbling.  It’s a special relationship that we have.

Did you hear from General Hospital executive producer, Frank Valentini?  What did he have to say about your nomination?

JASON:  Frank called me which was fantastic. He said he was proud of me. After I finished this whole storyline, Frank and I had a discussion. I basically thanked him for the support and the storyline. Frank was new to GH when this happened. He came in the day Robin was blown up! That was one of his first days.  We built a trusting relationship right off the bat.  It’s a really nice thing to have that kind of person in your corner.  I am proud of him and Ron, proud of the show for sure, and obviously, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) Julie Berman (Ex-Lulu), Kristen Alderson (Ex-Starr) and Lindsey Morgan (Ex-Kristina) on their nomination. GH was amazing this year!

So soap fans, what do you think of Jason’s chances to win the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series? Did you feel it was one of the best performances of the year?  Would you like to see Jason take home the prize? Let us know!


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  1. Ann says:

    I wish for this very deserving, very dynamic, very special, very talented, very expressive, and other descriptives TO WIN! He gave powerhouse after powerhouse performances! Please Emmy gods, GIVE JASON THOMPSON THE EMMY!


  2. aria says:

    jason rocks, and i hope he wins the Emmy!


  3. kim says:

    Jason deserves to win!!!


  4. Debbie Harris says:

    I sure hope Jason Thompson Wins!!! He is a Fantastic actor and deserves to Win!,


  5. Traci says:

    I hope that Jason Thompson wins. Please oh Please give Jason Thompson the Emmy. He is an awesome, outstanding actor and deserves to win for his work!!


  6. ghfan4evr says:

    This was the best choice. Jason was not always one of my favorites on the show, not even when I met him 2 years ago at GHFCW but in the past couple years, he has become one of my Top Ten favorite men on Daytime. I really wish him the best of luck and pray that he wins.
    Thank you Mr. Fairman, for another awesome interview.


  7. CTwildheart says:

    I am not normally bitter when “my” soap character’s actor doesn’t win. But honestly, if Jason doesn’t win this year, I’m going to scream.


  8. Liann says:

    Jason deserves to win. He has always been fantastic but the scenes in those few weeks were unbelievable . He brought it every day and had everyone crying with him. I don’t think I have ever cried so much over a soap story. Not that Doug, who I really like, and the others weren’t good but I think Jason was better. Good luck Jason you deserve the win.


  9. heidi says:

    I want him to win!!! His performance was excellent and phenomenally emotionally riveting!!! He seems like such a good guy and I am going to hope he takes it!!!

    Great interview Michael!!! You are sooooooo good at getting the best in all of your interviews!!!

    Congratulations Jason!!! Congratulations GH for all that you did to give Jason this opportunity to win!!!


  10. Eileen Hargis says:

    This catagory is so filled with talent, great storylines, makes the choosing difficult. But I believe Jason is the winner. Id also be happy for Michael or Doug. Peter is great year in and year out but has won before.


    Dimples02 replied

    I’m rooting for Jason to win but Doug Davidson was brilliant! He may be the spoiler!


    juju replied

    To me Doug should win although Jason is just behind him..but Doug Davidson was AMAZING, i just really felt his pain and guilt towards his heartbreaking relationship with his own son Ricky..i can’t explain i felt it..Jason was brilliant but it did not touch me like that.

  11. Jenny says:

    Just give him that Emmy right NOW! He is hands down the best male actor on soaps this past year. From this fantastic story of Patrick mourning Robin to even the mediocre crap now of Britt and Sabrina vying for Patrick, he never phones in a performance, always gives 150 percent! I am not putting down the other nominees but this has been Jason’s year. And that an actor competing against him in this category from another show just confirms that not only does Jason’s fellow GH workers and fans respect him, but the industry as a whole. He deserves that Emmy no question about it!



  12. Linda Dowell says:

    He very definitely deserves the win – he is an extraordinary actor – and could be an Oscar winning actor – so daytime is luck to have him.


    juju replied

    an Oscar ?! Euh maybe one day (i love Jason Thompson) but don’t go too fast still..he is not Marlon Brando Linda but an handsome and great soap actor maybe one day he will have a chance to give an amazing performance on a great movie but it is not here yet girl.


    Linda Dowell replied

    I don’t agree – I’ve been watching actors for 50 years – and he is extraordinary. I’d love to see him do more ad different – he’s up to anything. He can’t race Daniel Day-Lewis…..yet. But then, no one can. :D



  13. Sandy says:

    I truly hope Jason wins the Emmy. His work has always been terrific, but the scenes all throughout Robin’s “death” were especially stellar.

    Wonderful interview, Michael, as always!


  14. tasneem says:

    I so want Jason 2 win. He’s Emmy Reels had me in tears still watch and I’m bawling like a child who has never stopped. Go Jason Rooting 4 u Buddy. I love the relationship Kim and Jason have its evident off and on screen. Wow Jason next we will hear little Brooklyn will be nominated. Its wonderful he’s parents got 2 call him first. Sad Finola never got NOM she’s a winner 4 me. One of things I <3 about Jason he's so humble no wonder he's so popular. Frank and Ron are amazing for taking a soap on the brink of cancelation 2 bring as popular as ever


    juju replied

    yep Finola Hughes deserved a nom..but guys daytime emmys most of the time are not serious..i am happy for Jason and Doug they gave great performances who deserve to be praised but often the great performances are not the first to be is above all if you know the goor people, if you are liked by the industry and if your reel was quite good (doesn’t need to be amazing and some amazing reels are snubbed often..)


  15. ethel says:

    i watch all four soaps so i have seen the other nominees in action – jason thompson should win this hands down……………..


  16. Dianne says:

    Thanks so much for this interview Michael.

    From the moment those scenes the day of Robin’s funeral aired, I knew they were special. That tie scene in particular was not only the best scene I’ve ever seen on daytime, but the best scene I have ever seen on television. Period. It moved me so much and a large reason why was Jason’s performance. Without much dialogue, I could feel Patrick’s pain so acutely that I literally felt my heart being ripped out of my chest. That is the essence of a good actor. To make the audience FEEL and Jason never disappoints in that regard, even in instances where I haven’t liked the story.

    To have him nominated for scenes in which Kimberly acted opposite, also is a great thing. Those two built something special over six years. They were truly magic on screen and you can always see the mutual admiration society they have for each other. They always have each other’s backs and in those scenes you could feel them feeding off each other. Truly magical.

    I am sure the other actors in that category gave terrific performances as well, but this is Jason’s year and he deserves that Emmy. He has been consistently good year in and year out. It is about time that he is recognized for that and hopefully, some lucky primetime or film producer sees how terrific he is as well and offers him the opportunity to spread his wings even more.


  17. Cathy says:

    I always said Kimberly and JT are magic on screen and that scene proved it. With them you didn’t need words or slanted writing to get you to like them. They have a special natural chemistry that comes only once. They were a couple you could relate to. They took lemons, at times fromGH writers,and made lemonade, as my mom said. Scrubs will always be the best supercouple . You have it or you don’t but you cannot manufacture what they have. Will always root for SCRUBS to be together with their Emma.


  18. Mary Anne says:

    Thanks for the terrific interview with Jason Thompson. I am so thrilled for him on his Emmy nomination. When just recalling the scenes during that episode of Robin’s funeral has me in tears, you know that it was a special moment on TV… period. I have always been awed by the amazing chemistry between Jason and Kimberly McCullough. They just feel so natural together; nothing is forced or faked and they don’t even need any words to convey their characters’ feelings. Their relationship, both on and off screen is just so REAL. I miss them working together so much and am rooting for an eventual Scrubs reunion.


  19. Charday says:

    Wow, he’s a QT and a great actor. I love the Patrick/Sabrina/Britt storyline on GH!


  20. Rae says:

    Jason absolutely deserves the Emmy this year! That tie scene was so moving – I don’t see how anyone could see it and not tear up (or do the ugly cry like I did!) – Jason and Kimberly have a chemistry that just can’t be duplicated! Robin and Patrick will always be my favorite couple! If Jason doesn’t win, it will be a major injustice! Rooting for you, Jason!!!!!


  21. Patrick says:

    Thank you for saying…. this is a story line… “classic”.

    so much love, time, and travel happened.

    the stars aligned… talent emerged… time left for the story to finish.

    so what happens inbetween are moot point.

    i looked forward to this.

    Jason Thompsons’ acting… enthralled. his and KM’s Robin one lifed… and you can’t beleive it…. yet.

    I think their will be a conclusion.

    tha’ts how much their story worked…. passionate responses…

    i’ts fun to hear how much fun and being a part off… this all became… and panned out…

    it’s the whole process… and you’ve echelon’ed.

    studied with the best.


  22. BTripp says:

    Jason is one of the best actors on daytime soaps right now. He is also one of the most handsome! I really hope that he wins this year!


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