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37 January 9th, 2017 Daytime Emmy Pre-Nom Voting Underway: Who Will Make The Top Ten For Lead & Supporting Daytime Drama Performers?


The reels are in and away we go!  Voting has now officially begun for this year’s 44th annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations.

In this first round of daytime drama acting submissions,, actors can choose material from one or two episodes max, and up to 4 minutes in total to represent their work.

NATAS has announced that voting will continue now through January 23rd with the official pre-nominations slated to be revealed on January 25th.

The top ten vote-getters in the Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress in a Drama Series, and Outstanding Supporting Actor and Actress in a Drama Series, will then move on to the blue-ribbon round of voting. Of note:  Those competing in the Younger Actor and Actress categories, those entrants will move forward directly to the blue-ribbon round.

So, which of your favorites do you hope gets a slot in the top ten, and is announced as moving on in the top daytime drama categories? Share your picks and thoughts below!


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  1. CTwildheart says:

    Bryan Craig and Billy Flynn both deserve a nomination.


    su0000 replied


    Bryan Craig –
    Maurice Benard —
    Roger Howarth —

    Nancy Lee Grahn –


    ehh whomever ..


  2. Alyssa says:

    Laura Wright and Maurice Bernard have really shown how great of actors they are through the Morgan Corinthians’s story line all there emotional scenes brought tears to my eyes many times they deserve to be recognized for their work such great chemistry and out standing actors


  3. soapqueenforever says:

    I think Katherine Kelly Lang aka Brooke from B&B should finally get a nod. Her scenes with Heather Thom when Katie gave her the kiss off were excellent. She is so overdue for something. I am hoping the show will be on a channel that I can see. I also think Steve Burton should be acknowledged as well. Although I could take him or leave him, he had some incredible scenes during the outing of Christian. Especially on Christmas Eve. Sometimes he didn’t have to say anything. I felt his pain through his actions alone


  4. Kdub2489 says:

    Gina Tognoni for Lead
    Jason Thompson for Lead


  5. James R. Poissant says:

    As I do every year, I always give a shout for Tracey Bregman to be somewhere with the names on the ballot.


    Judy replied

    I agree with you


  6. Ghlover says:

    Will Bold get any?


  7. Sandy says:

    Laura Wright definitely! She’s been outstanding!


    JK replied



  8. Ray says:

    Billy Flynn, Kristian Alfonso, Kate Mansi, John McCook, Rena Sofer, Heather Tom, Katherine Kelly Lang


  9. Steven says:

    Go days of our live we love you all


  10. Steven says:

    22 daytime Emmy nominees for days of our live they are not going anywhere I can’t wait


  11. Sandy says:

    For sure Bryan Craig.


  12. Dan says:

    I can only speak on GH since it’s the only soap I watch.

    Maurice Benard and Laura Wright without a doubt, whether people like them or not, they were excellent during the Morgan’s death storyline. Laura turned in Emmy quality scenes every day for like a week straight.

    Speaking of Morgan, Bryan Craig is deserving for sure. He got a lot of criticism from a number of posters here over the years, but I think he really developed into a good young actor, and his performances portraying bi-polar disorder right up until his last day on the show were very well done.

    Nancy Lee Grahn had a great year, so did William deVry playing opposite her. Maura West always has to be mentioned, I love watching her in everything she does. I think Hayley Erin really shined with the Morgan’s death stuff as well. Jane Elliot is always overlooked, but when they gave her meaty material when Tracy was sick and dying, she knocked it out of the park, as she always does. I thought Richard Burgi did some great stuff as Paul, even if the storyline twist where he was revealed as the hospital killer wasn’t one of their best.

    Those are some of the names from GH that really stand out to me as doing Emmy quality work in 2016.


  13. Janet says:

    I think Dominic Zamprogna deserve an emmy for when Morgan died and he was at the police station . He got so upset, and flipped over the file cabinet .


    Patrick replied

    YES… so in agreement…. doesn’t matter that … the Sonny and Carly show… have ruined GH. the behind the scenes production team is so lame… to continually prop these two characters… they are MOB… not any where near what GH means.

    with so much overkill… yeah, Sonny and Carly, even as a couple, are not interesting. the only three characters who brought any level of interest to : The Sonny and CArly SHOW…


    ps: I loved that scene of Dante in the interrogation room…. by himself… loved the silence in filming that scene… it rocked me to the core for Dante.

    it is Dante / Ava / and Kiki who DESERVE emmy nominations…. certainly more than overkill… PROPPED … Carly and Sonny. meh


  14. Jay Trotter says:

    FYI: I have never watched Days so here’s my final nomination choices (and winners) from GH/Y&R/B&B

    Young actress:

    Lexi Ainsworth (winner)
    Haley Erin
    Reign Edwards
    Hunter King

    Young actor:

    Bryan Craig (winner)
    Tequan Richmond
    Pierson Fode
    Rome Flynn

    Supporting actress

    Nancy Lee Grahn (Winner) She’s always submitted in supporting.
    Jane Elliott
    Michelle Stafford
    Rena Sofer
    Elizabeth Hendrickson

    Supporting actor

    Kristoff St. John (winner) He should share it with Nichelle Nichols.
    Richard Burgi
    Chad Duell
    Scott Clifton
    Darin Brooks

    Leading actress

    Laura Wright (winner)
    Maura West
    Gina Tognoni
    Melissa Claire Egan
    Heather Tom

    Lead Actor

    Eric Braeden (winner)
    Justin Hartley
    Maurice Benard
    William Devry
    John McCook


    Joe replied

    Nancy Lee Grahn is NOT always submitted in Supporting Actress, She was nominated for Lead Actress in 03,04, and 05


    Marzy Dotes replied

    She’s submitting in the lead actress category this time of year. Only right because she’s been one of GH’s leads. Brilliant decision making on part of GH and ABC.

  15. Kathy says:

    This year you have to give it to Laura Wright and Maurice Bernard. Their acting during the death of their son was the best on TV!!!!!


  16. Daisy says:

    I hope Arianne Zucker and Suzanne Rogers get nominations for their work during Days Daniel death story.


  17. Mary SF says:

    I know soaps are daytime drama– but I honestly wish there were categories for performances that used humor or less obvious conflicts– every single year there are reels upon reels of characters either crying, getting mad or dying– that’s it, if your character did any of those things you have a shot at an Emmy —-

    Personally I like to see someone like Ms. Grimes who plays Mariah on Y&R get a nod– or the actress who plays Diane on GH– she is rarely on, but when she is, I think she is brilliant as tough as nails lawyer to the mob. WK in either his roles on Days or GH, always overlooked— JA who plays Victor on Days– subtle but always great– so many over looked actors and actresses, because in order to be considered for a lead or supporting nod you have to have a major story line where you either cry, get angry or die– and those who do, it is usually the same few major names that get the award in the end


    Rhonda replied

    Totally agree, MIss Mary of SF!


  18. Kim says:

    My votes:

    Female Lead: Nancy Lee Grahn – no one can even come close to what she did last year and is still doing
    Male Lead: William DeVry
    Young Actress: Lexi Ainsworth or Haley Erin
    Supporting Actress: Jane Elliot


  19. Lluwellyn says:

    Sharon Case and Steve Burton truly deserve that Emmy no one in YR were better then them


    k/kay replied

    Case never puts herself in the running she k it’s it is a popularity contest lobbying as for Burton he may but SC MTS they just don’t do it


  20. Tricia says:

    the,youngist lead should be Aylina who play Faith from y.r she is a very good at it and I enjoyed the movie with Dolly Parton.


    JK replied



    Rhonda replied

    HUH? You mean the overly affected, overly self conscious actress who plays the petulant, spoiled brat Faith?
    No one likes her and she is on wayyyy too much.
    Nothing against the actress but the character is horrid.

    k/kay replied

    Camryn Grimes as a young actress was wonderful I am just bored with Faith

  21. Ashley says:

    Steve Burton , Sharon Case .


  22. Davy says:

    I would love to see Deidre Hall, Melody Thomas Scott, Eric Braeden, Genie Francis, Lynn Herring, John McCook and Katherine Kelly Lang nominated again.

    Enough with Heather Tom, Maura West, Nancy Lee Grahn, etc. They are all awesome performers but they each already have tons of Emmy nominations and wins.

    Spread the wealth! :)


    nancy dillingham replied

    Yes, Genie Francis and Jon Lindstrom based on that beautifully written scene where Jon (Kevin “high” on medicine or pain?) says he has just been existing up to this point and declares his love for Laura–so sweet and uplifting and exquisitely written.
    I declare my vote–and love–for Genie and Jon.
    And on Days, I do vote for Kate Mansi–and the “burning bed” scene!


  23. Rhonda says:

    Michelle Stafford!


  24. Steven says:

    Lead actor Billy Flynn,Galen gearin , lead actress Kate mansi , arianna Zucker supporting actress is Jenn Lilly Kristen Alfonso supporting actor Eric martsolf Deimos kiriakus young actor Casey moss joey Johnson Paul narista younger actress Clair Brady camila banus ….. OUTstanding drama days of our lives


  25. clb says:

    You can say what you want about Passanante and Altman but GH should win again. And will win the most emmys overall!


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