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25 April 28th, 2015 Daytime Emmy Telecast On POP Scores Nearly 900,000 Viewers Making It Their Most Watched Live Event In 8 Years!


The numbers are in for the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards which were back on television after a year hiatus.  And the numbers were good for the Pop network, who for the first time broadcast the ceremonies where they clocked nearly 900,00o in total viewers from the exclusive first-run airing and the repeat broadcast.  (Pop aired two telecasts of the awards ceremony – live broadcast at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT with a repeat at 11 PM ET/ 8 PM PT.)

The live premiere was the most-watched live event on Pop/TVGN in eight years, dating back to when the network premiered Live on the Red Carpet with Joan and Melissa at the Academy Awards.

In addition, the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards hosted by Tyra Banks, ignited fans on social media and became the second-highest-ranked show in Nielsen’s Twitter TV Ratings for the night, just behind Game of Thrones.  The live awards show outranked the 2015 Radio Disney Music Awards, WWE Extreme Rules and Keeping up with the Kardashians in the Nielsen Twitter TV rankings.

While the 900,000 is significantly less than back in the Daytime Emmy telecast heyday of the 90′s, and as recently as 2011 when it last aired on network TV, Pop is a cable outlet and the Daytime Emmys are building a comeback after several sub-par  outings.  This year’s production was handled for the first time by Michael Levitt Productions.

So, what do you think about the numbers for the Daytime Emmy telecast? And how well the Daytime Emmys performed on social media? Never underestimate the power of the soap viewers and those of daytime television!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    It sounds good enough for POP to air it again next year…and of course its not as high rated as in the 90s…back then you had slightly fewer cable stations, and less people on internet, cell phones ect….plus back then you had twice as many soaps and soap viewers as there are today…but maybe with POP airing the telecast…which showed definately more class than last years disaster…will grow with more viewers next year…i believe it was good publicity for daytime…now if POP was available in more markets im certain those numbers would be much higher!!!


    Rose replied

    I think you’re right on all counts…especially being available in more markets. Wonder if they will have highlights on youtube@


    Leo replied

    It was a great show. All my faves won. The only con was no-Kathy Griffin, who completely saved what could be saved of last year’s fiasco.


    Timmm replied

    Kathy Griffin is a spawn of Satan!

    Jeremy replied

    yeah, but the numbers would be much more than that, IF Pop offered live streaming, too. And, many people on this blog, including myself, do not have Pop on our cable. Too bad, I and others couldn’t view it :(


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Always contact your cable subscriber and say youd like to see Pop as part of your cable channel offering…sometimes if they get enough requests it might work!!!

  2. KansasGuest says:

    I didn’t even know POP existed prior to this year. So, good for them. Decent numbers for a cable show. I hope they do it next year because the atmosphere was much better than 2014′s, which I attribute to the performers knowing it was being broadcast instead of streamed.

    Some suggestions for next year –

    1) If there is a clip montage, show that to viewers and not the performer on stage. We can hear the performer. But, we want to SEE the tribute clips.
    2) Having a host who is social media savvy is great. But, PLEASE, make the host cover their nether regions. Mini-skirt is fine for those who have good legs. But, no one wants to see camel toe from a host. Got that cameraperson? Zoom in or move that lens up to spare us all.
    3) We really should hear the presenters voices announcing the nominees. I’m tired of hearing a generic voice. If they want to be a nominee, let them practice name pronunciation. They should be able to enunciate, for goodness’ sake.


    KansasGuest replied

    CORRECTION: That should read, “If they want to *present,* let them practice….”


    Mo replied

    POP didn’t exist before January 2015. Before that it was the TV Guide channel.


  3. knitter 1 says:

    I watched the last half of the awards, and my only problem was the TV Guide scrolling at the midpoint of my tv screen. That drives me crazy! I hate complaining because it was so much better than last year, but with the scrolling, you miss a lot. Thanks to POP for showing it on live TV!


    Rebecca1 replied

    That’s because POP IS the TV guide channel…so they were simultaneously running the guide. Agree, though. It was distracting/annoying.


  4. robert says:

    that is a strong number. the show was good. The daytime emmys rebounded this year after some lackluster shows in recent years. This was a high rating for pop


  5. Fran says:

    what was the big announcement I don’t get the POP channel


    Timmm replied

    It was a ruse! Tyra has a new talk show. Oooooo, five people in Philly are happy now!


  6. Theresa says:

    It was good to have it back on TV, but unfortunate that was not everyone gets POP. It was better than last year but Tyra & her lack of clothing was terrible.


  7. Patrick says:

    consider that : who even gets “POP” : guesstimate : 10% of the daytime audience

    this could have been …. 10 times the audience???? hopeful


  8. Derrick says:

    Great news! Really strong numbers!


  9. Belle says:

    AT&T DOESN’T have POP.


  10. minniepearl says:

    those are good numbers cnsidering many dont get poptv. so my take away is daytime still matters we want our scriped programs.


  11. Charday says:

    Did anyone watch Queens of Drama on Pop after the Emmys? I have to admit I rather enjoyed it (primarily due to Donna Mills’ part). It’s advertised as a “reality” show, but I strongly suspect that it’s totally scripted.


  12. Rodd says:

    As I’ve posted before, while there were things I could have done without, there were many things that were right about this year’s broadcast and I think the show is moving back to the right path.

    So happy for good numbers and hope this will encourage POP to telecast it next year.


  13. Mo says:

    Good for the show and POP. I hope they improve on things for next year. Show clips of the nominees rather than cutesey filler segments. I don’t need nor want that.


  14. Timmm says:

    I saw the sneak peek and wasnt all that impressed. Donna Mills is great but I understand she is just a guest and not a regular?


  15. Harry says:

    900,000 viewers were inflicted with the sight and sound of Tyra Bank’s whose numerous costume changes featured dress after dress which was even more horrific than the other.
    She truly outdid herself.
    Please, please, please, do not let that Road Warrior meets Dynasty creature host this event again.


  16. Blake says:

    Great news, the Emmys were a hit online also because it was trending on Twitter all night even after the show and it was at #2 trend for most of the night. And it was trending in other countries too.


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