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21 June 21st, 2011 Daytime Emmy Telecast Ratings down from last year!


The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Award broadcast on CBS which was held this past Sunday night from the Las Vegas Hilton,  averaged a 0.8/3 in Adults 18-49 and 5.4 million total viewers throughout its two-hour broadcast in the just released ratings for the night.  The program was down 27% in Adults 18-49,  and 4% of total viewership compared to last years telecast.

So are the ratings just a continued sign of the times that the public cares less about daytime? Or, could it be that the presentation of the telecast and its content turned people off, so they tuned out during the broadcast? Daytime fans, weigh in on this!

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  1. Carol D says:

    I was excited to watch…or thought I would be.

    I hated every moment of the Las Vegas info-mmercial.

    Insulting to the viewers, actors and the entire daytime community!


  2. Iakovos says:

    Brady’s “forced retirement” and “I didn;t write this crap” lines did not set a celebratory tone. The show sucked and it was obvious so early on that daytime dramas and other programming were taking a back seat in their own vehicle. Why bother to tune in? Excellent sources of soap news like this site, Michael, would have the rundown later for us… with photos! and interviews! The evening was a disappointment yet again. Sure, you made a few charities, advertisers, and Las Vegas happy but what about the those of us who are fans of the genre and those who are being feted. They were left behind!


  3. Genoacityfan says:

    I actually enjoyed the Daytime Emmys but I do think less ppl are watching than years before.



    Genoacityfan replied

    PS Wayne Brady did a GREAT JOB!


  4. Shunta says:

    I tuned out because I was offended by the show. But that is my opinion. They didnt show the reels that were submitted the show was only about 20 soap opera related and everything else was Oprah (who couldnt be bothered to show up) and Vegas.


  5. Maureen says:

    Well, last year I could have sworn it was either a show about Las Vegas acts or it was just one big Feed the Hungry commercial (no offense, but at one point it felt like I was being hit over the head with the same thing).

    I have no idea about this year’s because I didn’t watch them (I very rarely ever remember to watch any award ceremony) but if it took place in Las Vegas again, then that probably meant it was another showcase about Las Vegas.

    Can you really blame people for not watching when the point of the award ceremony is backseat to a bunch of Las Vegas acts?


  6. Kate says:

    The telecast keeps getting worse with each subsequent year. Daytime definitely still has a community of fans who care and want actors and their shows to succeed. However as it was stated many times before, the Daytime Emmys is becoming less and less a celebration of the Daytime Community’s accomplishments and more about promotions of products, places, services, etc. Honestly, I might as well have just read the tweets on who won since the telecast barely showed any of the actors that the night is supposed to honor. Obviously fans are going to tune in if they really want to support Daytime, but realistically, what is the point if they Daytime Emmys has NOTHING to do with honoring Daytime’s talent? A big part of why fans watch the Emmy telecast is to see their favourite actors: what they’re wearing, who they’re sitting with, their excitement, and importantly, scene clips of their submissions. We didn’t even get camera shots of nominees before or after awards were announced :s Take a step back for a moment; right now we’re in a moment where Daytime needs ALL the support it can get, but if any other awards show kept declining like this, would viewers watch? I’m guessing NOT.


    Patricia replied

    You said exactly what I would have said. I agree totally


    Chantal replied

    Exactly how I feel too! Just imagine the Oscar’s with no clip or not showing the actors being nominated????


  7. Kalamaty says:


    Let’s do the math for a moment….

    Lame Host + Lame Venue + Repackaged, Lame Show from Last Year + Lack of Focus = Horrible Ratings, and Angry Fans (already on a perilous ledge!)

    Do the show well, pay respect to the daytime shows and (more importantly) performers that deserve it, or don’t do it at all. That simple.

    And please, God, no more pointless, congratulatory love-fests for Susan Lucci. The woman who’s notoriety stems from NOT winning an Emmy. Unbelievable.


    todd replied

    agreed about Susan Lucci. Yes she did win an Emmy finally…..but Erika Slezak has 6 of them, Kim Zimmer has 5 of them, etc…


  8. Kelly says:

    I care ALOT about daytime TV. I LOVE Days of our Lives and have been watching for forever! I would say it was definitely the Emmy telecast being so horrible that people just turned it off. I think they need to apologize to all the soap stars and all the soap fans!


  9. sonjawitthaus says:

    Could it because it was Father’s Day and lots of people where out celebrated with their fathers.
    Do they count the viewers that DVD record it? How are the ratings figured out?


  10. Chantal says:

    No, it’s not because we care less about daytime soaps, it is because THEY don’t care at all about soap actor’s performances. I wanted to see the scenes they submitted or at least see the nominees live while they were naming them. They couldn’t even prepare a clip of the nominees for soap of the year!!! The only actors I saw were the ones who won or presented. I, for one, will not watch next year. If I want to know what to visit in Vegas, I will ask my travel agent. And I love Oprah, but once they found out she was not gonna accept live, they should have toned down her tribute…


    brooke replied

    Well said, Chantal!


  11. sonjawitthaus says:

    The Daytime Emmys ratings could be down because it was Father’s Day and some viewers where out celebrating with their fathers. I was. But I dvd recorded it. Do the people that figure out the ratings count that. How are the ratings figured out?


  12. brooke says:

    I am MAD AS HELL! Rather than repeat what has already been eloquently said, go to the General Hospital Happenings News page. Everything she said about the emmy presentation show echoes my own disappointment.

    The damn thing is unrecognizable.


  13. Stephanie says:

    I actually forgot the Emmy’s were on Sunday. I personally don’t think the fact that the tapes that the actor’s submitted not being shown played a real part in the ratings being down from last year since they did the samething the pervious year in Las Vegas.


  14. Marylan says:

    Sorry show because it was not about soap’s it was for charity and tourisum.
    Should have been called: Begins at home and Ends in Vegas! !!!


  15. gweesha says:

    I love my soaps and I love Wayne Brady, but I was very disappointed in the production. Wayne was great….it’s just that the entire show seemed SO RUSHED…like they just wanted to get it done. I mean the announcements of the nominees used to have such a build up. This year they announced them with NO clips…then rushed the winners off the stage. How come all the other award shows get 3 hours of airtime, and we got only 2?? There should have been some kind of tribute to soaps! I just was sooo looking forward to the show and it was just such a letdown.


  16. Darcy says:

    When I realized how political the soaps nomination process is I tuned out years ago…its a joke e,g, GH pre-nom “special list” with the people The Powers wanted…why bother to watch them. They cook the books.


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