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55 June 20th, 2011 Daytime Emmy Telecast gets fried by L.A. Times!

The reviews and feedback are coming in on last night’s Daytime Emmy Telecast on CBS which already has many soap fans and viewers in an uproar who have posted comments all over the Internet.  Of note to them was:  that the show was only a commercial from Vegas,  there was way to much time spent  on the charitable angle, that Oprah Winfrey had a huge salute and tribute segment only to not be present herself, and that there were no clip packages of nominated performances in the the soap opera categories. And that is just for starters!

Well now today, The Los Angeles Times seems to be in agreement, and has taken the whole production to task citing their review title as Daytime television deserves much better than the Daytime Emmys.   Here are some excerpts below!

“From the opening act featuring host Wayne Brady dancing with JabbaWockeez, to in-show advertisements and plugs for Vegas hotels, travel show host Laura McKenzie doing a bit that would have been more appropriate for 4 a.m. on a My Network TV affiliate and having Penn & Teller present an award, it was clear that actually recognizing the stars of daytime television was going to play second fiddle to squeezing a few tourism and travel ad dollars out of Sin City.

At a time when many daytime soaps are struggling, one would think that the folks behind its biggest award show would be interested in highlighting the hard work that goes into making soap operas. Perhaps give the fans of this fading genre a look at some stars.  While many soap stars were on hand, their work wasn’t. Apparently, unlike the Oscars and Prime Time Emmys, which actually show clips of the shows up for awards, that’s not how the folks behind the Daytime Emmys roll. It’s a slap to the producers and actors to deny them a platform to show the very work that this show purports to be saluting.”

So the L.A. Times gave their opinion, now its your turn, soapers.  What did you think of this year’s Daytime Emmy Telecast? Let us know!

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  1. Robin86 says:

    My Nephew had an award ceremony in which he received an “golden statute” for Student of the year. I think the Emmy could have learned a thing or two from the elementary ceremony…


  2. cinnamon says:

    I was really disappointed in them. There were no clips for anything to do with the soaps. I didn’t mind all the charity stuff but everything could of been something about the soaps that were being cancelled. Or even just showing clips of the Soaps in General. Best part about theEmmy’s was when Galen Gering and Ari Zucker were presenting the award for youngest actress. I think the last time I thought there did show clips was two years ago. Then the Emmy’s were good. There was no tribulation to anyone that passed away or even to the soaps that are being cancelled.


  3. Angela White says:

    The daytime emmy’s was ridiculous! It showcased Vegas, Oprah and the talk shows, but gave NO RESPECT to the soaps that made Daytime! They didn’t even show the daytime stars during the telecast. Way to show your support of our beloved shows. Even the tribute to Susan Lucci, was saturated with the talk show and game show stuff.

    I wanted to see the clips that the stars submitted. How about a tribute to the Soaps, showcasing the history of them? It just goes to show, Daytime gets no respect!


  4. melissa says:

    They sucked glad I recorded it so I could fast forward though most of it


  5. kathy tatum says:

    That was the worst Emmy show I have ever watched. It was an insult to the soap actors. Never mind they never showed them in the audience but when the nonimees were annouced, they weren’t shown either. Jonathan Jackson”s award was a joke by Penn & Teller. This is serious to us. Then the Elvis thing which maybe good in Vegas but not on this show. Ok now the Oprah tribute…why? She wasn’t even there. She wasn’t daytime…the soaps are daytime. It was a slap in the face to daytime and I don’t remember when the show wasn’t about the soaps. Pat Sajek and Alex Trebek didn’t need to get awards this awards this years. They’re not going anywhere. It was an insult to the soap community. I was happy about Laura and Jonathan Jackson but that was about it.



  6. Kate says:

    Honestly, this year’s Daytime Emmy telecast was such a disgrace to the hard work and talent of the daytime community, specifically the soap actors. It’s bad enough that nominee clips weren’t shown, but viewers didn’t even get screen shots of the nominees before or (reaction shots) after the award was announced. Further disappointing is the fact that some nominees were already waiting backstage for their award (i.e. Maria Arena Bell); I think the winners of these categories were denied the experience of walking through the group of people that make their show happen; they were denied the opportunity to wade through their cast and crew while receiving hugs and congratulations from their colleagues. It was pretty much blink-and-you-missed it as awards were being presented; theme songs were barely played because actors had to haul ass to the stage to receive Emmys. It seriously seemed like presenters and award recipients were being herded like cattle on and off the stage. How many years have fans been waiting for Scott Clifton to FINALLY pick up the gold he so truly deserves,only to have him worrying about not having adequate time to say his thank-yous in his acceptance? Two foundational dramatic serials faced “forced retirement” as apathetic host Wayne Brady announced, yet The Emmy telecast did absolutely NOTHING to honor the contributions these shows have made to both the industry and society. Oprah received a special award yet she couldn’t even be bothered to show up in person to accept. This telecast was an utter disgrace and a disappointment, to the hardworking, talented, and generous daytime community of actors, and they deserve FAR better than what fronted as an awards show this past Sunday night. Thanks.


    Laura replied

    I absolutely agree. It didn’t seem to be much about the soaps at all. We hardly saw any of our soap stars.

    And why did Oprah get a, what seemed like a 30 minute tribute for 25 years. ATWT, was on 54 years, AMC and OLTL have also been on much longer than Oprah.

    I will continue to watch the two remaining CBS soaps, for whatever time they are on. The way shows have been cancelled, that may not be long. I will boycott whatever CBS replaces them with and I will continue boycotting the two shows that replaced ATWT AND GL.


    Ann Curry replied

    I agree. It is futile, but I will not watch the Talk, no matter who is on. The game show that replaced GL..would never watch something like that anyway.

    I am trying to stay with YR til the end.

  7. Fiona says:

    The soap stars and daytime television deserved better than what the Emmy’s gave them. SL’s “tribute” was a joke. It was a mockery of everything she and soaps stand for. Their disrespect toward the daytime community is astounding. Just because it is daytime tv doesn’t mean they don’t deserve their hardwork being noticed and appreciated. The only person to get respect was Oprah, and she wasn’t even there. The 38th Daytime Emmy’s broadcast was a travesty.


  8. ethel says:

    well what can i say – it was the most awful daytime emmy show i have ever seen – what in the hell were the producers thinking?!?!?!?!?!
    it was truly a slap in the face to all soap opera performers & salt in the wounds to us soap opera fans.


    ethel replied

    and i for got about that comment from wayne brady about oltl, amc & erica being forced into retirement – that was so uncalled for!!!


  9. Lisa says:

    My guess is that the only way that the producers could get enough money to produce the show is to make it a travelogue of Las Vegas with financial contributions from that City’s businesses. The soap world would have been better off without being part of such a “tribute”. It is a real indication of how the networks and the entertainment community feel about soaps – what a slap in the face.


  10. shawn says:

    it pretty much stunk..the way people came off on that show was fake and was like they didn’t even life to live got shafted and it was mostly bold and the beautiful that got the attention which was was great seeing amc and general hospital get something but it all just seemed fake


  11. Kelly says:

    I submitted a comment yesterday stating pretty much all of the above! I was VERY disappointed and felt so bad for the actors and actresses that work so hard. The fact that there were NO clips of their outstanding work just boggled my mind, plus it seemed like they even rushed thru the nominees in each category. This is such a big night for our soap stars and they should’ve been celebrated!! I was really offended with the winners having to rush thru their acceptance speeches because they took up so much time on everything else. The opening of the show had NOTHING to do with anything daytime! I’ve always loved it in the past when the host puts themselves in soap scenes with our stars and makes us laugh! I really wanted James Scott to win for Lead Actor because he’s AMAZING, so that just made the night even worse!


  12. sus says:

    I didn’t mind the charitable organization angle at all. Daytime in it’s heyday always did a good job of bringing attention to issues that are larger than ourselves. But the show seemed to push what the networks want daytime to be; cheaply made talk shows (the Oprah thing was just too long, and too much) and game shows, and not what the real daytime audience, the core daytime fans wanted to be honored, their daytime dramas. It appears there were tons of stars there that we didn’t even get a glimpse of…. the acceptance speeches were so short, that it seemed disrespectful to these great actors (they seemed so rushed and flustered to get off the stage in 5 seconds). A few tweeters expressed their desire to actually see the clips the actors were nominated for, when we found out they were not available, and we were told that is not what the emmy audience wants to see. Seemed to be pushing the network agenda just when the audience doesn’t want to be swallowing what they are dishing out.


  13. Luke says:

    I agree with every word of the Times review of the Daytime Emmy show -
    it was flat out insulting to Daytime actors and Daytime fans -
    They might as well not have it next year if that is the best they can do -
    it was so embarrassing to watch that I felt bad for the actors who were there, the smart ones skipped it.


  14. Ellen says:

    I agree 100% with the LA Times, and am happy that they took the Daytime Emmys to task on it!!!! I was so looking forward to watching the broadcast and ended up being extremely disappointed, as it seemed more like a live advertisement for Las Vegas, as opposed to a celebration of daytime television. What happened to the days where we (the fans) were able to see snippets of the clips the stars entered, when their names were read during the nominations, as well as the clips from each of the top nominated shows? How do we expect to get more interest back into the soaps if we don’t take advantage of shows, such as the Daytime Emmys to showcase all the talent in our beloved genre? This was a blown opportunity in showcasing our soaps, and a ridiculous ad for Las Vegas!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I think Vegas is great, but this was not the platform to promote it.


  15. Andrea Dawson says:

    It was a horrible insult to daytime and daytime fans!


  16. Judy says:

    It was the worst Daytime Emmy show ever.. We were not interested in Smiles Trains, a Salute of Oprah, honoring game shows hosts , shows in Las Vegas and the rest of the traveloge that make no sense to Daytime. Soap stars work so hard to accomplish these awards and they didnt even have time to speak or show clips of what they submitted to win. Bring the awards back to Radio City in New York.


    Kelly replied



    Judy replied

    Here, here! Radio City Music Hall was THE BEST! It’s been downhill since the award show left New York. First Hollywood then Vegas. It just got progressively worse.

  17. Lily says:

    I agree. Jim Romanovich and ATI need to step away from the Daytime Emmys. This wasn’t a love letter to daytime or its fans. I would have preferred the Emmys were transmitted on the web that didn’t require commercial sponsorship.


  18. Michael Jenkins says:

    It was the worst Emmy`s I ever watched!


  19. Wanda Williams says:

    I have always looked forward to watching the Daytime Emmy Awards…and this year I did at first but as the show went on I began losing interest! What happened to the clips of the actors and shows that were nominated! They use to run clips throughout the entire show until the winners were announced! This year was a real bummer!!


  20. Beach Dreamer says:

    I thought the Emmys were a joke. It was advertised as a celebration of the soap genre and it turned out to be anything but. I’m so tired of the “bait and switch” method. It’s glaringly obvious that ABC isn’t the only entity that feels the soaps aren’t a viable investment anymore. IF there is another Emmy show next year I won’t be watching if it is produced by the same company.


  21. Carol D says:

    What better way to show that the soap genre is a dying breed and not worth keeping than to produce an awards show that sucked? I am a long long time Days watcher and this was a huge slap to the soap opera community. Shame on you CBS.


  22. Iakovos says:

    The LA Times hits a bullseye. It was a disappointing show and presentation. Why Las Vegas anyway? And why ignore the raison d’etre for the whole affair? And I said it in anothe rpost, it was sad the stars — not our soap stars, mind you — could not be nothered to attend and to support their industry, and clips and entertaining packages from the nominated programs were not highlighted. And where were the awards fgor all the children’s programs and such, too?


  23. ario says:

    Totally agree w/ the L A times review, it was simply horrible, i don’t understand who ever produce it can stand behind this horrible production. only one who is probably happy is the city of vegas, and probably Y&R for trying to sell that awful Jabot crap, it was really simply cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesy..


  24. Gmbenet says:

    I was not that enthused about the Daytime Emmy telecast either, primarily for the reasons mentioned above. HOWEVER, I did consider the possibility that budget factors played a major role in how the telecast was presented. There were a lot of soap actors there – at whose expense? Maybe by showcasing acts appearing in Las Vegas, costs for the event space and/or the expenses of having so many daytimers there were reduced. Also I thought most of all about the soap actors who attended the event. They go to work everyday to ENTERTAIN the soap audience. If these actors enjoyed THEIR NIGHT of BEING ENTERTAINED, then it is okay with me. They deserve to have a night of “letting somebody else do the work”.

    I did not mind the tribute to Oprah. I just wish more had been said about Regis Philbin. I also did not see a memorial to deceased members of the Daytime industry. I think there were quite a few deaths during the past year of veteran Daytime actors. A tribute to them would have been nice.

    Keep in mind when reading the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, Hollywood and the State of California do not make money when such entertainment events are held in Las Vegas (or anywhere else). I am sure the people of Las Vegas and the State of Nevade are appreciative of the revenue and I hope they were very hospitable to the Daytime industry.

    In these challenging times, it pays to be flexible and sometimes think about others rather than yourself.


  25. todd says:

    It was the most offensive 2 hours I have ever watched. No clips, no montages from the nominated shows, few presenters, no shots of stars in the audience….except Susan Lucci, and no in memorium (we lost some greats this year). All I got out of it was that I now know I do not want to plan a trip to Vegas. Marie Osmond and Celine are they best they got. I’d rather stay in Brooklyn and go see Billy Magnussen and Tom Degnan’s band Reserved for Rondee.


  26. Kalamaty says:

    I couldn’t agree more…. so glad to see someone really getting the word out there about how preposterous it all was. Did the producers not feel the backlash, or read the negative feedback, about how last year’s show sucked so bad? Was a repeat of the debacle of last year really necessary? Makes you wonder if they read/listen to feedback whatsoever.

    I am so tired of Susan Lucci being the “face” of daytime and getting so much recognition….. for WHAT?! Because she was nominated so many times in a row and always failed to win? That is the notoriety of Lucci….. not because she’s an amazing actress, but because she finally won an Emmy!? Now she is the spokesperson for all things daytime…. totally infuriates me.


  27. Carol says:

    I agree with what you said. I particularly missed seeing clips of the nominated performances. The musical numbers – performed by Vegas acts were (accept for Celine Dion) third rate. The Jabbawockeez (who I love) barely danced. Cirque D and Marie Osman and her group were embarrassing. It was all about Vegas and celebrity charities and not about Daytime TV.


  28. Dan says:

    The LA Times article is spot on. Glad to see someone in the media recognizing what a disgrace that show was. I understand they need to have some entertainment to spice things up, but can’t there be a happy medium somewhere? How much trouble would it be to show some brief clips of the nominees, and a few shots of the crowd, so we can see our favorite soap stars. That’s all we want. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. But apparently it is.

    Instead they treated the awards like a minor annoyance that they wanted to get through as quickly as possible, so that they could get to the next musical act. We soap fans have been getting slapped in the face a lot lately, and this show was just another slap in the face.


  29. Marsha says:

    ICAM with all the comments. When they decided to do a little thing for Susan Lucci, it felt like they were trying to honor AMC by being cute–there is nothing cute about the cancellations of those shows. Shame on you! I felt, last year’s effort was one big ad for Vegas. This year, you can add Universal Orlando and the Bahama’s to the advertisement. I think CBS decided to air the program so they could push their new “jabot” cosmetics and get “free” advertising for Y&R and B&B–two of the four remaining shows.

    When they finally got around to announcing the winners for the daytime dramas, they said the nominees names so quickly, I wondered if anyone really knew who they were. I wonder if they understood who their audience really was…? Otherwise they would have realized the people who watch daytime dramas are the ones who tune into this award show…not the talk show audience. Honestly, if that’s the only audience they are catering to, then good luck with numbers in the future…because no one will be watching.


  30. Mo says:

    I agree. They were really bad. The PSAs DURING the telecast were never-ending. We didn’t even get clips from the best drama nominees. Could have been so much better. Very disappointing. At least those in attendance got to go to a party afterwards, which hopefully was better than the show.


  31. Janice says:

    I was very disappointed and have been for several years! The Daytime Emmys should’ve never left NYC. This year was especially bad because of all the gimmicks, saluting Oprah for what seemed like an eternity, and the charity segment. But the clincher for me this year was having Wayne Brady host the show. He took Guiding Light’s place almost 2 years ago. What an insult to longtime fans!


  32. MEG says:



  33. Joanne Cecere says:

    This was the worst Daytime Emmy show ever…..and I’ve been watching since they actually aired it in the daytime! The ABC actors should have walked out……….and Susan Lucci’s tribute……….what can I say…embarrassing comes to mind among other expletives. Shameful!
    OLTL got snubbed, and Erika Slezak…not even a mention…..and by the way Noprah hasn’t been on TV nearly as long as the soaps , why the 15 minute worship?
    What’s the saying ? What happens in Vegas….stays in Vegas……..well all that glitz needs to stay there, and OUT of the land of soaps!


  34. Derrick says:

    Emmys were a lot better when they were in NY!!!!!!!!!!!! Take it back to NYC!!!!!!!! The only reason the Emmy’s don’t get a F was because of the winners!!!!! C-


  35. Judy says:

    This was no surprise. I noticed the drastic change with last year’s Emmy show. A huge segment of last years’ show was dedicated to a tribute to Dick Clark along with the Vegas “plugs”. The quality of the production has decreased with each passing year. I agree. It was a giant plug for Vegas and although worthy, Marie Osmonds’ charity. I too missed the clips of the nominated actors and shows. Instead of a tribute to two game show hosts, how about a tribute to Agnes Nixon. What about a “farewell” segment to OLTL and AMC? It would have been a nice nod to the fans as well as the talented, dedicated people working on these productions. Gone are the days of the “pre-Emmy” show featuring our beloved daytime stars on the red carpet. Once daytime drama is gone, what will be left to salute? There will be no need for a daytime Emmy show.


  36. Donna Baker says:

    Was at the Emmy’s on the red carpet and was so disapointed. Last year and this year was awful and yes it was a giant ad for Vegas and vacation resorts. It was ABC’s year to host it but that ball-less Brian Frons was too afraid after letting two ABC shows get the ax because he was afraid the fans my ax him. I hope next year whoever host the Emmy’s do it right. It could be the last one.


  37. Jack says:

    I understand that they probably do most of the painful advertisements and Vegas infomercial for budgetary reasons. I honestly wouldn’t mind if the actual purpose and intent of the show wasn’t lost and thrown to the wayside in the process. Can we please find a balance? It’s a travesty and an insult to daytime soap operas, the actors, and their fans. I find it hard pressed to believe the core audience of the telecast sat through that painful train wreck to see who won best talk show or best game show.

    Not to mention the lengthy tribute to Oprah who couldn’t even be bothered to be there? Argh, I am beyond frustrated with the lack of respect shown to such an enormous and long standing part of television history. I’m glad to see that notable publications like the L.A. Times are recognizing and speaking out against this horrible representation of what the daytime emmy’s should entail.

    I realize that everything boils down to money, and they are only attempting to find a means to keep the telecast on the air, but if you can’t provide what people actually tune in for as well your audience is already lost.

    I also agree with many others who’ve mentioned that they missed the ‘in memorium’ montages and clips of the nominees. They used to know how to do this show. I used to look forward to the show, sadly I still do because I enjoy knowing who wins. Maybe you could at least bring back the red carpet so we can see everyone and then you can have your infomercial. I would be just fine with that!

    In addition, I have no problem with Susan Lucci, but why is she the only soap opera actor that anyone seems to pay homage to? Even non-soap opera fans, know far more than they’re given credit for. Susan Lucci is definitely not the face of daytime to me. None of my friends are soap opera fans, they don’t like them at all, but even they know who Erika Slezak is. Not to mention Jeanie Cooper, Michelle Stafford, Eric Braeden, Kim ZImmer, Susan Flannery, Crystal Chappell. The list goes on and on. And we’re all in our twenties. How’s that for demographics daytime? Even if they don’t watch soaps people aren’t as ignorant to daytime as everyone seems to think and it irritates me to no end. Maybe if the networks would all care a little bit more so would everyone else, but that’s just me. This telecast was a pretty accurate portrayal of exactly how the networks feel about soap operas and it sickens me.

    Even non-daytime fans who watched the telecast of the emmy’s with me are insulted and I think that should tell you something. I invited them over to watch because last year was so bad it was funny, and needless to say nobody was disappointed this year. Please stop making a joke of daytime and find a balance between paying tribute and your infomercial. Sorry about my lengthy rant.


  38. marknsprmo says:

    I will keep it short.
    What an awards cerimony is is to celebrate those being awarded.
    Why it is televised is to celebrate the fans.
    Neither of those things happened on the daytime emmy program.
    Instead we got an infomercial/psa with a hunk of Oprah praise thrown in (why did we need commercial breaks for? one doesn’t usually have commercial breaks in an infomercial)
    The part that was about daytime, could have been handled on the Today show or Good Morning America. Take out everything that wasn’t about daytime and it would have been about one segment of either program.


  39. dad.1213 says:

    The show was horrible..The absence of ABC daytime president Brian Frons just goes to show what a guilty conscience he has..OLTL gets passed up for acting every year. Where was the nomination for Trevor St John and Kristen Alderson? OLTL is # 3 in the ratings, how ironic is that?


  40. Kate says:

    Yes… why DID the Daytime Emmys move out of New York / Radio City Music Hall?? Is it strictly due to budgetary reasons? When the show was at Radio City Music Hall in NYC it was truly a celebration of the Daytime Community of ACTORS.


  41. Diane says:

    Given what a piece of crap this year’s award program was, we can only hope the producers see the light and make sure next year’s is an all out, no holds barred love letter to the soap genre. It will be the last year for many of the soaps, and it would be nice to make the award show a tribute to all the pleasure they have given the fans over the years.

    The shows, actors, directors and crews are supposed to be the stars of this show. If the producers are concerned about running over time, then either buy more time or eliminate all the extraneous garbage they filled the show with. And why on earth were primetime stars presenting awards?


  42. kay killgore says:

    Ok, is it just mean or does Susan Lucci really come off in sincere. I quit watching the show in the 80′s and I think she is an awful actress.


    brooke replied

    Its just you.


  43. Paula says:

    I was very disappointed too. Too many commmericals and very little of the Emmy. It was really a waste of time watching it and it wasn’t worth it especially when Crystal Chappell and Kimmy Turrisi didn’t get accept their award. The awards was more for the actors/actress and it should have been more for them.


  44. Doe says:

    I have already stated my views a couple of days ago. But, I agree with everyone who witnessed all the poor judgment of the producers , directors, etc. They don’t really care.because they don’t know how to produce an award telecast. So out of their element! This show was a travesty to all soaps and soap stars. There were so many categories not represented. I didn’t know that the Today show, which is daytime, won an Emmy. Only because I turn the program on for news in the morning. I only state this to prove that obviously a lot of shows no matter what category they were , were given an Emmy we don’t about. What the hay! Personally, if I have to see Susan Lucci one more time with her fake surprise, and her untalented daughter and husband, I will gag! There was so much wrong and offensive, and probably, there will not be an Emmy show next year.. Right now, I don’t care……


  45. Tad says:

    The Emmy’s were a nightmare. Flat, off the mark, hardly relevant. I appreciate we can expect tributes to AMC and OLTL next year but the Emmy’s were so disrespectful to Susan Lucci especially bu the entire genre. Some people wondered if Shemar was drunk or on something. Instead of highlighting and paynig homage to daytime tv they insulted and mocked the daytime genre – especially soaps.

    Yes, sadly Susan Lucci is the face of daytime television. Though there are many more stars she really does shine out and sadly she was the reason to watch the Emmy’s in the past. She is one of the few daytime stars who is known whether she was a star in the daytime or night time. That can’t be said by most.


  46. Mallory says:

    It was a slap in the face to all soap fans inculding myself. I’m a huge fan of all actors. It focused too much on the game shows and the other daytime talk shows but when it came to showing clips for General Hospital, Ally My Children, One Life to Live, Young and the Restless, Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our lives it was like what the heck, this isn’t the show that I used to watch.. I really did hate this years Emmys. But the one thing that I did enjoy was Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough presenting an award together. They have such a great stage presence with each other.


  47. Karen says:

    I agree with everyone – that was the WORST show ever! Notice I didn’t call it the Day Time Emmy’s because the awards were just incidental and rushed through. It was like ‘oh we have to interrupt our current program because we have to present an award now’. It was so frustrating. No mention of what soap the actors were from and no clips from the shows. What happened to a tribute to As The World Turns? This is why interest in soaps is waning. It could be reversed with better producers and much better writing but no one seems interested in saving the soaps. My two soaps are already gone – ATWT and GL. Case in point – the writers for ATWT were begged to give Reid Oliver and Luke Snyder a happy ending. But they chose to ignore the voice of the people and what we wanted to see and instead gave us the ending from hell while everybody else on the show got their happy ending. So what if they had Luke and Reid sleep together – what was going to happen – was the show going to be cancelled? Too late – it already was!
    They should go back and watch earlier Day Time Emmy shows to get ideas on what makes a good show because the producers today don’t have a clue!


  48. Regina says:

    I truly believe that I have just watched the last Daytime Emmy Award show, which was supposed feature our beloved soaps and the people who create them.

    A very sad ending to what should have been a tribute to those who have passed on and shows such as AMC and OLTL who will be ending shortly.

    It does prove to me that the Talk Shows, Game Shows and Reality Shows are the new TV.

    The funny thnig about this is that they are supposed to be geared to a “younger audience”.

    I can not imagine a 19 year old staying home to catch what was said on the “Talk”, or who won on “Let’s Make a Deal”.

    The irony is that the soap opera covers all ages and gender, from the college student, the 9-5 worker.

    Welcome to the dumbing down of television.


  49. Ann Curry says:

    It was terrible; I was floored on just how bad it was…so ironic that Wayne Brady was the host…his stupid game show is in the old GL slot. Homage was paid to “The Talk”, which replaced ATWT. The show . was unprofessional and tacky.

    It would have been nice if they mentioned that Michael Park was appearing (has a major role) in the Broadway hit “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying” as the reason for his non appearance to accept his Emmy for best actor. That says it all…the lack of preparation.

    Just a fluff piece for Las Vegas…and total contempt for soap viewers.


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