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27 April 29th, 2013 DAYTIME EMMYS: Which Soap Will Land a Nomination For The Outstanding Drama Series?


It’s almost that time folks! The 40th annual Daytime Emmy Award nominations will be announced on Wednesday, May 1st on Good Morning America during the 8AM hour!

To get you ready of who might be vying for the all-important Outstanding Drama Series prize, TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan takes a look at, and reveals which two episodes each of the five soap operas eligible for competition (One Life to Live qualifies for its final two week on ABC in 2012), and how that could affect the outcome on nomination day!

It looks like The Bold and the Beautiful just might have the winning tickets with its one-two episode punch of Stephanie’s (Susan Flannery) Goodbye Party where the Forrrester Matriarch reveals she is leaving her family and friends to go die alone and succumb to her lung cancer! Hankies! 

Days of our Lives picked an episode from the fallout of the DAYSaster underground gas explosion with all its special effects and the episode where Daniel (Shawn Christian) tries to talk down Nicole (Arianne Zuker) who becomes unhinged and blaming Jennifer for her miscarriage.

Over at General Hospital they went with the night of the Tea (Florencia Lozano) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) baby-switch and all of its drama and wackiness with Anthony (Bruce Weitz)  and Heather (Robin Mattson) too,  juxtaposed with the hankie-filled episode and moment of John Ingle’s last appearance as Edward Quartermaine when he saves little Emma instead of himself from the deadly water toxin! 

One Life to Live  submitted their final two episodes on ABC, the end of the soap within a soap “Fraternity Row” with Viki’s (Erika Slezak) touching speech on why soap’s matter and what they mean to the audience, and the shocking cliffhanger finale that revealed a very much alive Victor Jr.,  and more revelations!  Finally, The Young and the Restless submitted the two episode funeral of the not-so-dead Victor Newman!

According to TVG Logan’s it’s B&B’s to lose, with Y&R and GH getting nods as perennial shoe-ins, with One Life and DAYS bringing up the rear!  Check out his analysis and then let us know, which shows name you think should be called on nomination day on Wednesday! Now remember, base your picks on the actual episodes they submitted, not the body of work for the year, because that is how the Academy votes.

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  1. James says:

    The clear winner is B&B based on these submissions IMO.


    CHRISSY replied

    Well Y&R has not been good in a few years. I been watching for 35 years now. I hope Sharon Case takes home best actress. Im getting tired of her being everyone’s punching bag!


    su0000 replied

    The awards are not judged by who is the best, not in any category, they are judged on personal preferences of likes and dislikes..

    Derrick replied

    Agree about B&B being the clear winner!


    su0000 replied

    Really? Stephanie’s death was the longest drawn out depressing death watch in TV history..
    Watching someone die daily to end up on slumping off a bench (sorry I had to chuckle over that one) it was goofy and boring..
    but ya never know will like it and not like it..

  2. Carol says:

    I am thrilled to have my All My Children back. I enjoyed the first episode this morning and look forward to many more. Although some of the actors are not back yet, there were enough to make show exciting while bringing new people i n. It was great! Can’t wait to watch the second episode!


  3. Anthony says:

    All I want to know – will OLTL and AMC be considered “daytime” dramas next year? Will both be eligible for the Daytime Emmy Awards next year? Does anyone know? Michael? For this season – General Hospital should win, although B&B may be hard to beat with the Susan Flannery “dying” episodes. I’m guessing she’ll take home the honors for Female Lead.


  4. Derrick says:

    B&B will win Best Drama!!!


    su0000 replied

    Last year GH brought it all home, all the way..
    Not sure if GH can do it 2 yrs in a row, but I would not count GH out as winning..


    Derrick replied

    B&B has submitted two strong reels, matriarch Stephanie Forrester’s death from lung cancer and it was beautifully written and plus Celtic Woman performing ‘Danny Boy’ Can’t get any emotional than that!

  5. Iakovos says:

    B&B did have two strong episodes there and until the Academy changes the rules, and the winner is based on those two episodes alone, then B&B likely wins. Overall, IMHO, it is by far NOT the best drama series in daytime.

    I would prefer to see OLTL take the prize but voters may not really consider a soap tha aired but two weeks in the eligibility period.

    I would give the nod to GH for sustained excellence. GH is your winner, damn the rules.


  6. Paul8148 says:

    B&B out front.

    Base on the Tapes I say GH and OLTL should be the other two nomations. Logan has a good point that since OLTL is back that some of the punch is taken out of those two episodes. I wonder if they should of gone with the Between Heaven and Hell episodes instead?

    Love GH first tape, but they should of gone with the Thanksgiving episode as their second.

    Days went with the best stuff from since Gary/Chris took back over. It has a chance of a nom.

    I hope YnR does not sneak in.


  7. Dan says:

    GH should have submitted the Edward Quartermaine tribute episode that aired the day before Thanksgiving. That was one of the best produced, most emotional episodes that I’ve seen on any TV show in years. If they had submitted that along with the Sam/Tea baby switch episode, I’m pretty sure they would be walking away with their 12th Best Drama Series Emmy.

    Not sure why they picked an episode from the silly water bio-toxin storyline, which Michael Logan referred to as “laughably bad.” Frank and Ron did an awesome job in resurrecting GH last year, but that storyline was a fail, in my opinion.


    Ces replied

    I agree about that dumb Jerry Jacks storyline. It was a big time bomb! Loved the Tea/Sam/Todd storyline minus all the Heather hijinks.


    Christy replied

    maybe they want OLTL to win, so didn’t compete as best they could.

    I can think of several episodes of GH’s that would have been a much better pick, including the t-giving one you mentioned.


  8. Rodd says:

    OLTL should get the nod, not only because it was the best during the time it aired in 2012, but also to stick it those idiots at the network who let a great thing go way too soon.

    GH was great once Frank and Ron took over.

    The rest should sit it out. JMHO.


  9. kim says:

    OLTL was far the better winner here but GH is a close second! Both written by the brilliant RC. RC was originally signed on as OLTL headwriter for the reboot and now ill forever wonder what he would have done differently if he had stayed with it!


  10. Robert says:

    The winner should be either The Bold and Beautiful or One Life to Live. The episodes they summited where the best.


  11. Robert says:

    OLTL the last week was the best any soap could have asked for!


  12. su0000 says:

    I see a surprise coming;;;;

    “Fraternity Row” will bring it home .. :)


  13. Tom says:

    I wonder if Logan has overstated GH getting a bid. After all, as amazing as they were at OLTL, they were TERRIBLE at picking emmy reels. There were so many strong years that they didn’t get nominated because they picked the wrong stuff.


  14. Jeff says:

    GH all the way!!


  15. Dmitri says:

    That episode with Days was great, but the show is horrible, and I don’t think it deserves to win, and I doubt it will.


    cr replied

    It does deserve to win its has episodes better than ghost or yet


  16. Mary SF says:

    Personally, I think it is time for the Daytime Emmys to say bye bye, along with all award shows. The Daytime Emmy is just a platform for the four big networks to promote themselves- it has nothing to do with excellence. Is one talk show really better than another? Is one game show host really better than any other host? As for the soaps- with only 4 left what is the point? It is the same people year in and year out that win. And if the worst soap on TV right now can win best soap because of a couple of weeks of decent content– my first statement stands.


    Kathy replied

    I totally agree. These shows are ridiculous and boring. Who watches these shows anyway? The winners are clearly not chosen based on talent. I never watch B&B but did tune in to watch Stephanie die and she did a wonderful job. So, she won’t win. The winner will be some young, untalented “actor.”


  17. cr says:

    So glad that days and oltl got drama series nods


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