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8 May 19th, 2012 Death Rocks THE BAY and a Gun-Toting Fiona Hutchison! – Watch the Video!

In the brand new installment out this week of Gregori J. Martin’s Daytime Emmy nominated web series, The Bay death rocks Bay City!

Charles Shaughnessy’s Elliot, who has this week’s webisode’s big emotional moment; finds out heartbreaking news about his daughter! Meanwhile back in the motel, a tied-up and half naked Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) is about to get into some kinky  games with the mystery woman played by Fiona Hutchison!  Only she ain’t there for sex folks!  She’s got an agenda and a gun, and a secret!

Now after the jump watch Lane Davies, Tristan Rogers, Mary Beth Evans, Ignachio Serracchio, Martha Madison, and Hutchison and Shaughnessy in The Bay! Then let us know what you think of the building mysterious storylines in this web series!

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  1. Susan M. says:

    Looks like tristan rogers isn’t coming back on GH…The woman he was talking to on the clip was from AMC……I we will not be seeing scorpio any time soon.. Now that he is on The Bay…………………..And gabrielle is on from OLTL………………….Is this show The Bay on ABC??????????????? If so I don’t think I will watch this….I have all the shows I alway’s watch…Don’t need another one…How many series can you watch….I have enough programs to watch…


    Angel replied

    The Bay is a web series (it’s exclusively available online as it was exlplained in the article.) It’s not on any channel. Actors like Matthew Ashford are doing both The Bay and the soaps they are on (in Ashford’s case Days of Our Lives.) So don’t rule out Tristain Rogers not coming back to GH. Give the show a chance. Each episode is only 10 minutes long so it’s not like you are wasting any time (unless you just don’t like it which is based solely on opinion.)


    Carol replied

    The Bay is in independent Emmy-nominated serial drama that, for now, is only available online. Currently, the show is not affiliated with the ABC, NBC, or CBS networks. It boasts an impressive cast of iconic Daytime and Primetime television stars including Tristan Rogers, as well as Mary Beth Evans, Charles Shaughnessy, Matthew Ashford, Lane Davies, Lilly Melgar, Real Andrews, Fiona Hutchinson, Kimberlin Brown, Marie Wilson, Sandra Dee Robinson, Martha Madison, Nicolas Coster, Jed Allen, Ignacio Serricchio, and many other popular daytime stars. The Bay also features cast members outside the soap world including Kristos Andrews, Derrell Whitt, and Camden Toy. The Bay was listed as one of the 2010 ‘Top 10 Show Worth Watching’ by TV Guide. Many agree it is most definitely worth watching. Be prepared to become addicted when you do. :-)


    Susan M. replied

    Makes me think ..This series is on line……………They could put shows like this on line but not OLTL..They can do this for all other shows but not OLTL…They have the money to put these kind of shows on-line but not OLTL…………..They have the money for the sets, clothes ,etc. But not for OLTL…………………………………………………Again this really makes me have second thoughts that they just woudn’t do this for OLTL…But they can do this for everybody else…They are such hypocrites & liars…They have money to put this show on line whoever it is..There weren’t any other interests except Prospect Park…Are they the only ones in town to put shows on line??? Where are all the others besides P.P. ?????????????????????????Did they dissappear from the face of the earth when it came to OLTL????///

  2. Blake says:

    Okay, how is Fiona Hutchinson still as hot as she was as Jenna on Guiding Light and Gabrielle on OLTL? And I love that she still wears the same type of sexy outfits that Jenna Bradshaw wore! She looks the same!!!!

    And that sexy twink she has tied in the bed? YUM!!!


  3. Sherry says:

    The Bay is so good. Right now I’d rather watch it than most of the soaps on Daytime television. Charlie did a great job and Fiona Hutchinson is fabulous in that teddy!


  4. Hilary says:

    Wow. What a powerful installment this episode was. Charlie made me cry. As a mother, you can’t imagine being in this position, and just thinking about it is enough to put you over the edge. I was blown away by him in this. Wonderful job. Talk about making me care!

    Fiona is one scary mother. I do NOT wanna be in the room when she hears the bad news. I love her add, here. What a great casting choice. Gregori really knows how to cast great people in these roles.


  5. Janet Kiley says:

    this is what you call great acting Fiona & charles unbelievable good writing casting everything enjoyed it so much looking for more please!


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