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15 June 2nd, 2014 Debbi Morgan On Passing Of Longtime Co-Star and On-Screen Mom Lee Chamberlin: “I So Enjoyed Working With Her Back In The Day On AMC”


More sad news over the weekend with the reports of the passing of actress and playwright Lee Chamberlin, who for nine years played the role of Angie Hubbard’s (Debbi Morgan) mother, Pat Baxter on ABC’s All My Children.

Chamberlin played the role from 1982-1991 and later reprised the part on ABC’s Loving.  She  passed away on May 25th at the age of 76 after a battle with metastatic cancer.  Debbi Morgan tweeted today: “My heart & prayers go out to the family of Lee Chamberlain. I so enjoyed working w/ her back in the day on AMC.”

Watch some scenes from back in the day of All My Children featuring Debbi, Lee, Darnell Williams (Jesse) and more after the jump!  Then, share your thoughts on the passing of Lee Chamberlin.

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  1. su0000 says:

    An older neighbor lady who once in awhile stops over with cookies for me, watched that with me, she watched AMC from early on..
    She almost cried, she was misty eyed, and said
    ” I was young and as pretty as them (the mothers) at the time now I’m as old as they are, it is hard to realize that, it seems like yesterday”
    It is hard to accept they killed a great soap for a failed ‘revolution’ and all others seemed to have failed since..
    (( I like that clip!! too see them all so young!! that was fun!!!
    Tad!! ohhh my god for handsome hot!!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I seen that clip when it originally aired and i was so young back then…time does fly…now im an old fart…lol


    Hope Martin replied

    but we are all in such good company!! :O)

    Carole replied

    This is so sad!


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    We just lost Billy Clyde and now Pat Baxter…i lost many of my real family members and friends close together and i continue to loose my onscreen family members and friends too…also Ann B. Davis who played Alice on primetimes old Brady Bunch has passed away after a tragic fall in her home…sad!!!


    Laura replied

    I never liked Anne B. Davis, very overated actress, in my opinion she was a spinster. LOL. But very sad? That she passed away.


    Harry replied

    Wait, Laura–how is Anne B Davis an over rated actress? I don’t recall anyone comparing her to Meryl Streep. She played her part well–a funny, self-depreciating maid who lived to serve the Brady Bunch It wasn’t exactly Shakespeare, nor did it pretend to be. She was so good at being Alice, we believed she really was Alice.
    Saying she is overrated as an actress is like saying that Bob Denver from Gilligan’s Island was an overrated actor.

  3. Carole says:

    I miss AMC so much!


  4. M Baptiste says:

    I can still hear her resonant tone, she provided strength and clarity, in many ways being “the voice of reason” was an unsung role, yet her stateliness made it sing. Blessings upon the memory of Ms. Chamberlain and her family, artistic and native as well as her family of fans.


  5. andrew hass says:

    My condolences to her family.Plus i do think it’s sad we are losing so many of the older performers lately.


  6. Tristan says:

    I loved her! She was absolutely a class act on AMC. Very saddened to hear of her passing.


  7. Tony Polar says:

    She was excellent as Angie’s mom on ALL MY CHILDREN, the show that absolutely never should have been cancelled – and the show deserved better than to only have a brief “on-line” rebirth only to be placed on the indefinite status it currently holds.


  8. Harry says:

    I loved her–she was a very good actress. You really believed she was Angie’s mother.
    I miss Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams. It seems a shame that two of the finest actors in daytime drama are not working in soaps anymore. Y& didn’t seem to be able to write for these great actors.


  9. boes says:

    Man, AMC was good back then, and for a long time, too. It was my number one soap, watched from the first day to the last. Lee Chamberlin made Pat Baxter such a real character – as so many were back then. I had no trouble “believing” that she really was Ruth and Joe’s neighbor. Great days…

    When Angie came back to AMC when it was still on ABC I hoped that we might get to see her “mother”, or at least hear about her, but we never did.

    RIP, great actor and it sounds like a wonderful person as well.


  10. Sue says:

    So sad to lose both Lee and Anne. I guess we need to get into the mode of losing more actors on a daily basis, as there has been such a growing media influence since the 1960′s and 1970′s. But that does not mean that their deaths are not sad, just that there will be more of them….


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