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11 October 4th, 2011 Debbi Morgan reveals more on her new role of Harmony on Y&R!


In a brand new interview with TV Guide, Debbi Morgan is finally letting the cat out of the bag, over what most of us have figured out for awhile. That Morgan’s new character of Harmony is Devon’s bio-mom and somehow got mixed up with Tucker McCall many years ago and had his child!   But remember, the whole time everyone was calling Devon’s mom, Yolanda? Well, according to Morgan the character underwent a name change with her signing on to the show, so Yolanda, is Harmony!  For some more interesting excerpts from the interview read below!

Debbi on her decision to come to the number one show in daytime:I have always loved Y&R! [Laughs] I always use to say to Victoria Rowell, “I hate you, Vicky! I wish they’d get rid of you so I could come on that show because you know they’d never have two black divas on at the same time! Or maybe you should go do Angie and I’ll do Drucilla!” We used to laugh about that all the time. Who’d have ever thunk?”

Debbi on Harmony’s substance abuse problem past: I would say she’s been clean for the last year or so and you see her on the phone, checking in with her sponsor. There are always those emotional triggers that are a danger when you’re an addict and the rejection from Devon is a big one. But she’s holding on and keeping strong. When you feel you’re alone and have no love in your life you can so easily relapse, so this is harder than she could ever imagine. But she’s determined to stay and keep fighting in hopes her son will someday accept her.”

Debbi on if the show would pair her eventually with Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott) which was something AMC toyed with back in the day: “Who knows? [Laughs] Maybe Harmony will turn out to be the black Erica Kane! People have already been connecting the dots and are assuming that Harmony will wind up with Neil [Kristoff St. John]. It’d be really great if we went somewhere unexpected. That was such a thing with Peter back in the day! AMC was getting all that hate mail and we knew they’d have to break up Cliff and Angie and that one of us would be out of a job. I just assumed it would be me, but it was Peter! He had just bought an apartment in New York. His wife was pregnant. I was so shocked they did that to him. But then one day Peter calls me from Los Angeles and says he’s going to an audition to be Terry Lester’s replacement on Y&R and I said, “Peter, do not walk to that audition. F–king run! It will be the role of a lifetime!” [Laughs] He tells that story to this day!”

Can’t wait for Morgan’s debut later this week on Friday, October 7th? Let us know!

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  1. Brian Greene says:

    Go, Debbi, Go–Yay! :)


  2. Lori Mauldin says:

    I hope that Debbi will be allowed and want to return to All My Children in some capacity in the future. I have never watched Y & R, sure it is a wonderful soap but won’t be tuning into as some substatute for AMC.

    I wish Debbi the very best in all she does.

    Thank you,
    Lori M


  3. Ellen says:

    I for one would of rather of seen her stay on AMC. Loved the whole Jessie/Angie reunion stuff. Wonder what would of become of them and Mya and baby Lucy.
    It would be nice if she could at lease be recurring on AMC, since they will on online I dont feel it would be a conflict of interest.


  4. Cathy says:

    Love Debbi, but would prefer to see her stay with AMC.


  5. ethel says:

    debbie morgan is going to be so awesome in the role of harmony – i can not wait to see her sink her teeth into this role!!


  6. Jane says:

    Debbi, I hope you are happy on Y&R, but sure hope that you have the option to do AMC online as well. AMC will just not be the same without you.


  7. Ella says:

    I agree with the other posters- I would love to see her continue on as Angie on AMC. Y&R doesn’t know what to do with good talent and she will be spit out at some point like many other talented actors that have been on before her. We all know Maria Bell has ADD when it comes to character development so as soon as she gets bored Debbi will be out the door.


  8. kymba says:

    To be honest, I dont want to see her as anyone but Angie on AMC, for 25 years she has been Angie and now that the show is going online I would hope she would agree to at least recurring status if nothing else on AMC online. Now I am not saying I am not grateful that she was able to succure a job else where when AMC was cancelled, nor do I blame her, just want her to keep in mind all the fans who have kept her in this role and would love it if she would continue on as Angie :)


  9. J. A. Rech says:

    I loved Debbi on AMC and I am hoping that Young & the Restless will allow Debbi to have some role on AMC when it moves online. Many actors do both Network TV and online project. I hope Debbi Morgan will be one as well. All of the AMC fans will miss her playing Angie every day.


  10. Gretchen says:

    I echo the other comments. I’d rather have her stay on All My Children- I think what she does with the character Angie is very needed. We need someone of good character and morals on our shows. It saddens me to think how her decision to leave will impact other actors, most specifically Darnell who plays Jesse. I love the idea of her doing both shows. I know other soap actors do other online shows so maybe that would be a good solution.


  11. D'Ann Linscott-Dunham says:

    Breaks my heart to see Angie leave AMC, but wishing Debbie all the best on the Y&R.


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