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17 August 25th, 2012 Deidre Hall Celebrates 4,000th Episode Milestone on Days of our Lives! What Is Your Fave Marlena Moment?


In another incredible milestone this week in daytime soaps, Days of our Lives superstar, Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans Black) celebrated her history making 4,000 episode with the series!

TV Line has the exclusive emotional and wonderful images from the on set celebration where Hall was surrounded on set Thursday by countless castmates — including Alison Sweeney (Sami) and Eileen Davidson (Kristen) — crew members, and five giant cakes to commemorate her unparallelled achievement (which aired on Aug. 21).

After you have perused the images, let us know of the 4,000 episodes of Deidre as heroine Marlena Evans Black, which one sticks out in your mind as your favorite?  Marlena seeing John, er was it Roman, for the first time after she was presumed dead on the pier?  A moment in the possession storyline?  DJ’s crib death?  Let us know,  and send your congrats Dee’s way here too!


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Too many favorite moments to choose from, but one I just re-watched recently that stuck with me is her therapy session with “Dr. Tony Stone” (circa early ’80′s) when she role-played and talked to her mom and Samantha. Love everything she does, though. Great lady, and very deserving of the recognition!


  2. Ric says:

    Yes Marlena returning on the pier and the whole possession story!


  3. Karen says:

    Too many to list, an early scene that stands out is when Marlena found out that Samantha was dead. Another is when John told her all of the horrible things that she had done during the Possession story. Very classy lady, very deserving of this honor..Love her!


  4. Alison K says:

    There are too many favorite moments to pick from. I think the ones that stand out most to me are: the one where Marlena lost her son, DJ to SIDS (early 80′s) and the storyline where Marlena was possessed by the devil.


  5. Claud says:

    Too many for me to choose just one. Marlena realizing that ‘John’ was really ‘Roman’ at the top of the hill and their hug. DJ crib scene is heartbreaking. ‘The Plane’…especially the moment she realizes she can’t leave. Belle’s birth ‘he’s a girl?’ loved those moments between Marlena and John. Their first wedding in 1986 (well basically all of 1986) and also their wedding in 1999. When John tells Marlena what she has done, during possession while she is in the hospital. The scenes in ‘The Pit’ with John and their scenes on Jennifer’s show afterwards. Some of the scenes last year with John at the jail, made me cry. And when John ‘died’ very powerful. Her scenes with her children, and all the younger actors..she brings out the best in them. She is the best. Love her!


  6. Heather says:

    When she shot Stephano!!!


  7. Heather says:



  8. Anitra says:

    There are so many but I would have to say the 1991 Pier Scene or when she woke up to John in Aremid.


  9. Laurie says:

    Marlena’s return scene on the pier with John, and the possession storyline. Also the affair on the plane.


  10. CC says:

    Too hard to choose just one, which speaks to what an incredible actress Deidre is. The scenes that stand out for me are when John tells Marlena that she was The Desecrator during The Possession storyline and when Marlena returns home alone after John’s funeral.


  11. Janie says:

    It is so difficult to choose a favorite because Marlena has had such great moments through the years. She has always been my favorite since the day Deidre brought the character to Salem all those years ago. She has never disappointed in any of her storylines. But I think I will select the 1991 pier reunion with John as my favorite. The emotions were so real and what made it extra special was knowing Deidre was back on the show once again. And seeing her in Drake’s arms once again was icing on the cake. What a great couple. I ever tire of watching them together.


  12. Janey says:

    So hard to choose since I’ve watched them all, but I guess I’ll say Da Plane. (real fans will know)


  13. R.P Johnson says:

    The Salem Strangler storyline, the pier with John and all of her scenes with Wayne Northrup.


  14. Gmbenet says:

    My favorite Marlena episode was in September 2011 when Marlena and John returned to Salem during the dedication of Horton Square. Deidre, as Marlena, did not have to say one word. Her graceful entrance with Drake (as John Black) and the smile on her face said it all!


  15. Tammy says:

    Marlena -Act 1—–1976-1982 Any scene.

    LOVED Deidre’s early years.. The chemistry she had with Jed Allan was never to be duplicated. IMO- not even with “Roman or John”


  16. Rhonda says:

    So many wonderful “Marlena” moments & scenes over the decades. Can’t believe I’ve been watching Ms Hall as Marlena since the late 1970s. Wow. So happy that she returned to DOOL last year which prompted me to tune back in to the show. Hope she is around for another 4000 episodes.


  17. NeeNee says:

    Loved the early days when she was first introduced to Salem as Mickey Horton’s therapist when he was institutionalized. Then when her sister Samantha came on the scene, jealous of “Doc” and switched identities with her, leaving Marlena in the same institution as Mickey. Samantha became a poor imitation of Dr. Evans, while Marlena spent months in the looney bin as Samantha. As I recall, Don Craig finally figured it out.

    Another was when patient Stella lured Doc to a warehouse where she had prepared a pit. Unsuspecting Marlena tip-toed into the darkened warehouse looking for Stella, and then fell into the deep pit. Whack-o Stella kept her there for weeks, even tossing down a roasted turkey for Doc to celebrate Thanksgiving in captivity.


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