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5 September 7th, 2010 Deidre Hall’s ex-Fan Club President tells her allegations on Hall to NY Post!

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The face-off and eventual smackdown has begun between former, Days of our Lives star, Deidre Hall, and her former fan club president Cathleen Paradis.  As previously reported, Radar Online broke the news that of Hall was suing Paradis for the rights to the URL’s and In addition, Hall is allegedly looking to recover damages, claiming Paradis used her likeness to raise money for herself.

Late last week, Paradis wasn’t having it, and wanted to tell her side of the story and spoke with the New York Post to bring her allegations on Hall to light.

Just a few of note included: Paradis says she served as Hall’s “defacto personal assistant” for months. Allegedly, when Paradis asked Deidre Hall to pay her for her time, she said Hall refusd. Then, Paradis alleges she scanned over 6,000 photos into a computer database for Hall and created video presentations for managers and agents, and that she purchased the domain names prior to moving to LA—with Hall’s permission.  Also thrown into the mix of her claim is that she moved from Connecticut to L.A. to be closer in proxmity to Hall.

So now you have heard both sides to this story as we know it so far.   What are your thoughs on Hall and Paradis’s claims?

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  1. Rita says:

    Whatever about the claims, the idea that DH wanted her child looking thinner in a Christmas photo is what is most distressing. Having worked on a voluntary basis for an american actress for about a year, I can tell you that I’ve done some of the things CP had to do…i.e. retouching photos, sorting out various websites, uploading videos etc and it is a thankless job. I think the lessons from this is a) have a contract in place, and b) never meet your idol, the reality rarely matches up to the fantasy! I guess it will all come out in the wash as to what went on!


    LB replied

    I’ve worked for a soap actress and she was unbearable. Her expectation of preferential treatment just because she was on TV was insufferable, and that wasn’t just from me, it extended to everyone from baristas at Starbucks to lawyers to state code inspectors. The wealthiest person I worked for and also the cheapest. Once big in Daytime, she expected to be treated like royalty forever, yet in private spoke with great disdain about the fans who put her where she was. I have no doubt everything Cathleen says is true and much much more.


  2. JO VANHORN says:

    I first met Pradis in 2003 when she was working for Hall… her work was longer than just a few months.


    LB replied

    Hall must be very, very afraid of what Pradis could expose about her.


  3. Markus says:

    It’s very sad. Yes, good contracts keep decent relationships. In fairness to Hall she hasn’t worked in a while. Deidre had / has an awesome fan base. So whatever the truth is, Deidre benefitted much from an organized and vocal fan base. Much more vocal and organized than say Susan Lucci’s who does not seem to seek the limelight as much (though it sort of follows her for whatever reason – look at Dancing with the Stars – everyone wanted Erica Kane not boring Lucci). I have no idea why is an issue. That’s an NBC soap personality; not Hall’s.


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