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3 July 11th, 2011 Deidre Hall’s return to DAYS! First airdate September 26th!

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Soap icon, Deidre Hall ( Marlena) confirmed over the weekend to TV Guide Channel’s Hollywood 411 that she is indeed coming back to Days of our Lives and her first airdate is September 26th!

“It’s not the same show I left.  This is a brand new show…it’s a brand new Days of Our Lives,” Hall told 411 host Audrey Cleo.  Hall then went on to say, “”We are turning back the clock to the days when you used to love the show. There’s a place for daytime drama in our lives. We are your family. We’re there when you are sick, when you are lonely, when your own family didn’t show up…we are there in your home with you. There’s a hunger for that.”

The savvy Salem fan also knew something big was in the works for the  September 26th airdate, if they follow new DAYS co-head writer, Marlene McPherson’s Twitter account, where the scribe teased, “Huge party with many surprises the week of 9/26!  You are all invited!  We promise you won’t be disappointed!”

So now that “DOC” is on her way back, what will Marlena’s story be? Thoughts?

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  1. Leigh Schinaia says:

    It’s the most wonderful news evvvvvvvvverrrrrrrrrrrr! But its Drake coming back too? Why do people keep forgetting that?

    Days has been floundering without her, and most of the vets. These teens or younger cast (besides Eric, Ari, and a few others) do not have the talent or stamina to hold an audience.

    Nothing beats a good vet! I mean Days has some great cast members, but they waste them by giving all the plots to other un-deserved actors, that haven’t been on the show long, have not got the talent, and hog the spotlight. I think all Days fans know whom I am talking about.

    It’s just great to see some familiar faces back on the set. Maybe now we can get some better stories.


  2. kay killgore says:

    I may tune in again!!


  3. Brian T says:

    This is certainly fantastic news and yes of course Drake (John) is coming back as well. They will have a huge storyline but I have no idea what it is going to be but am excited to see who will all be involved. I am assuming Carrie and Austin will play into it as well. I hope John is back to himself and all healthy again.


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