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33 August 12th, 2015 Dena Higley Takes Leave Of Absence From Days of our Lives Co-Head Scribe Duties!

Wednesday Daytime Confidential reported that they are hearing from multiple sources that Dena Higley has taken a leave of absence from Days of our Lives citing personal reasons.

Higley along with Josh Griffith were named the co-head writing team that would restore DAYS to prominence during its critical upcoming 50th year anniversary season.

Their stories are said to kick-off on air next week on August 19th.

Apparently, there is no date set for an imminent return of Higley, and that Sony may shift a scribe from The Young and the Restless to assist Griffith with writing the Salem canvas.

What do you think of the news that reportedly Higley had left the building for the time being?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    I think all head writers are living on the constant edge of being let go..
    It is a good thing to get a ”leave of absence” it is much better than being let go..
    It gives a good writer time to get a second breath and new perspectives..
    writing a soap is quite stressful, it is highly demanding..

    All writers after a demanding run should get 2-3 months off every 2 years..
    when they return they will be ready to go!


  2. janet says:



    Patrick replied

    “angered” is the first thing that came to mind

    I realize their are “people” behind the scenes

    this does not bode well for the gala premiere ?

    so much has been written; said, about the 50th plus anniversary

    “not happy” is putting it mildly

    OK this duo have written past November, 2015… just saying

    all the excitement of waiting… has put an asterisk or question mark?


    Laurie replied

    Boy oh boy oh boy Patrick. What a hot mess daytime soaps are in! Sighhhhh!!

    davlestev1 replied

    I agree Patrick but after some googling and conscious thought I think DH decided that to take away the autistic characteristic of Theo after aging him just didn’t sit well with the fact that she has an autistic child and understands the ups and downs from chilhood to adult. Theo is now written as a highly functioning autistic teen which more or less means that need never be mentioned again and it had to heartbreaking for her..on that note I am sad of that development and on another i’m sort of ok with her leave..Days has a mountain to climb..and writers who can only write for hill climbers don’t need to be there..get what i mean. I know you of all people do.

    Patrick replied


    Hello… double on the sigh

    yeah, it’s a little deflating isn’t it

    especially when their are only 4 left… and all the drama “behind the scenes” is happening on “my” (our) shows… General Hospital and Days of OUR Lives

    ie: General Hospital

    Michael Easton: geez louise! this actor did not deserve this… but It clearly came to mind that he was being let go to make way for Rebecca Buddig’ Hayden. who gets a 4 year contract?

    here’s my feel down time… for all the glorious actors who have graced our screens… damned TPTB… I”m allowed to feel this!

    Ron Carliovati: changing of the guard… new head writers ! oye! fan outcries… as I’ve always done in the past…. focus on the quality of actors who share screen time.. till better scripts come along…. collectively , I still say.. DAYS of OUR Lives has the best cast as a whole.

    Michael Easton: I really thought he generated intrigue with Maura West… but, could easily see why Rebecca Buddig snowballed… I have never seen a character REEL so much energies… she makes me MAD… livid.. that she lords over Nikolas and Liz… I hope these two find a way to work with her. what a threesome this could be.

    - DAYS of OUR Lives -

    1. New Writing Team STARTS “showing” August 20, 2015

    1a. Dena Higley takes time off for personal reasons…. I am selfish enough to state that I hope … with all the hoopla going around… with the resurgence of DAYS… that she gets back in good health and the team of Higley and Pratt… carry

    2. Freddie Smith. Guy Wilson simply has to go… be killed off or recast … I hope that this couple remains on the canvas… or DAYS production gets a new character for Paul.

    anyway… all the summer heat, vacation, baseball… have left, my soaps in shambles… i’ve managed to keep up with GH… but… DAYS is a mess… therein… i’m going to start anew August 20th… !!!!

    “Dena Higley” please come back to DAYS SOON

    Patrick replied

    ie: Higley / Pratt

    should be Higley / Griffith… DAYS new headwriting team

  3. Mark says:

    I just hope everything is okay and she returns back soon!


  4. mike says:

    Josh Griffith is more than capable of writing the show alone.


    su0000 replied


    What would have blown the soap away would have been the teaming of;

    Pratt & Griffith — Y&R
    Griffith & Carlivati — GH


    Jimmy replied

    I totally agree. I was sad to see him go at Y&R because he was never really given the chance to shine, thanks to JFP. Maybe he’ll get that chance on DAYS.


    Aden replied

    He wrote a full year of mind numbingly boring stories at Y and R. What he wrote had nothing to do with JFP. One of his Friday cliffhangers had Avery baking cupcakes!! Real enthralling drama there!! I hope everything is okay and Dena can return to work soon.

    su0000 replied

    those stories, Ava cupcake queen was written by GH’s new writers Jean and Shelly not Griffith..

  5. Stephanie says:

    Why not just have one of the other writers from Days move up in to fill in.. Melissa Salmons or the Cullitons.


    Jimmy replied

    That was my thinking too. Isn’t Lorraine Broderick still part of the writing team? She and Josh could do a stellar job as co-head writers.


    blake replied

    I thought the same thing. Wasn’t Lorraine Broderick head writer for Guiding Light during it’s hey day and also head writer All My Children.

  6. davlestev1 says:

    Are you seriously kidding me? She should have never been brought back and i’m sure her way of telling story..along with her ideas for her shown the door again before her material even hits the air..poor DAYS cast and fans…this is going to be a total bust for the 50th and it hasn’t even started yet.


    4ever DAYS replied

    No…Poor competition!


    TRAIVS THOMAS replied

    You better preach. Not sure how a TWICE fired writer is gonna bring anything diff to the table. Thats why Ken Corday drives me crazy. The fired EP, a few years later becomes a HW. This is just bananas. I dont get Corday. He tosses people out trashes what they’ve done, then rehires them a few years later. Not sure why people keep going back.

    As much as I love Matthew Ashford, I dont want to see him back cause they always end up doing wrong by him, and he clearly has no real support from Corday.


  7. Rose says:

    Best wishes to her, hopefully everything is okay.


  8. Belle says:

    Bring in Ron!


  9. Eileen Hargis says:

    Something is fishy here. Why is Ron C. Rumored to be coming in? Dana out while they try him on for size???


    Michael (not Fairman) replied

    Rumors always fly when things like this happen. I’m not saying there’s nothing to them, but they might be founded on absolutely nothing, too. Carlivati was part of the writing team when Griffith was headwriter at OLTL; that alone is enough to start the rumor mill cranking.


  10. nicholas says:

    Maria Arena Bell would be perfect for Days as head writer , i would have added Kay Alden and Claire Labine too and of course i would keep Josh Griffith. Don’t know why but i feel Days needs to get back to its Bell roots . Don’t forget that the late William J Bell wrote many of Days ‘s stories in the 60′s and 70′s .


  11. isabelle says:

    the story is a mess anyway, they hardly are keeping ratings up, they are bringing old faces to make it up to the fans who are really pissed off with the whole story line nd the marvellous actors let go for no reasons, so good Riddance Days, i dont think the soap will be renewed , its already sinking


  12. Alan says:

    They should just hire Ron Carlivati as head writer.

    THAT would bring me back to DOOL.


    Adam replied

    No no Ron will Kill Days Of our Lives, Ron needs to go away and move to an island. Let him stay there. lol


    Michael (not Fairman) replied

    I do hope Ron will end up somewhere, but his style is wrong for Days.

    Actually, I think his best chance for working in soaps again may be that his replacements at GH will crash as badly as my instincts (and their past performance, or at least, Passanante’s past performance) tell me they will, and GH hires him back in a year or two. I think he’s wrong stylistically for Y&R and wrong for Days, and though I’ll bet he could write B&B very successfully, I don’t see Bradley Bell going anywhere.


  13. Gmbenet says:

    I wish Dena well and hope whatever personal issues she is dealing with are resolved quickly so that she can resume her duties on Days.


  14. LUMILY says:

    why do they keep bringing in new actors when they don’t use the ones they have a lot more with awesome stores? we don’t see Lucas John and afew other vets Days has had for years.Now we have to deal with writers coming and going :(


  15. blake says:

    I hope Dena is okay but I wouldn’t be upset if she’s no longer the head writer since the show wasn’t great when she was HW before.

    Why not make Lorraine Broderick head writer? She was on GL and AMC and did great work on those.


  16. Michael says:

    For the love of God- get Ron C ASAP. Gh was dumber than dirt to lose him- but his style could be just what Sakem needs right now. His style is very similar to James E Reillly- campy but with appreciation for vet actors. I loved Ron on GH and One Life. I’m starting to think that Corday just doesn’t care about his show anymore.


  17. Brett says:

    Ron – please!!


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