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12 September 26th, 2010 Denver Post: “OLTL soon to announce deal to live for two more years”

This weekend The Denver Post’s, Joanne Ostrow has an article about the state of daytime titled: It’s a New Dawn for Daytime as Sun Sets on Oprah, 2 Soaps.” In it, she discusses the current cost-cutting measures soaps and other daytime programming are going through to endure, and how As the World Turns and Guiding Light recently faded to black.

However, there was one very  interesting quote that Ostrow reported: “ABC owns its soaps, unlike the CBS relationship with P&G.  ABC’s One Life to Live is soon to announce a deal to live two more years.”

Ostroff also interviewed TV Guide’s Michael Logan, who offered up this interesting comparison in how networks and advertisers view the soaps, when in fact even soaps are higher in ratings then some Emmy Award winning primetime television dramas.  Logan stated, “Mad Men, draws some 2 million viewers a week on AMC while As the World Turns was canceled with 2.5 million watching five days a week.”

The Post goes on to say,  “The industry is in flux, scrambling for new economic models, determined to find less expensive ways to draw audiences. Network executives don’t talk about creating mass hits; they talk about efficiently filling airtime.”

So let’s hope this One Life to Live deal will give the struggling soap a chance to climb the ladder in the daytime ratings , so that it can live more lives.

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  1. deb says:

    As long as they keep hiring talent like the Ford brothers will not help them. After Friday’s show I have my doubts that it should. Some how drivers ED isn’t my idea of a soap. Nor is watching the texting for almost an hour! Sorry if they want to use the kids like this send them to the Disney channel.

    A nice six pack abs only gets you so far.


    brian replied

    here’s a quote from Nelson Branco’s “The Soapgeist” for Sept 27, 2010 about the Driver’s Ed scene…

    “whether it’s Todd and Téa sailing around New York City or Darren taking a driver’s lesson (which was hilarious, btw). On this show, looks are just as important as what’s script deep.”

    I thought it was pretty funny as well.


  2. Charles says:

    Why would they be signing a two year deal? ABC owns all three of their soaps. This soonds suspect to me.


  3. Brian says:

    Why do so many people dislike the Ford family? I have watched this show since 1984, and i quite like them. I can’t wait for the father to appear. I think people should give them a little more time and see where things go. I think we were meant to dislike Robert Ford, and since so many people do, haven’t the producer done their job?


    Charles replied

    I do not necessarily dislike the Ford family, I just think there are too many of them brought on and way too soon. I like Ford and James, Nate is okay, but Inez is totally miscast. Had they stuck to just James and Ford, it may have been okay. Heck, they could have stuck with Inez and Nate and left the reveal of their ties to her other two sons til MUCH later…..after we had more of a chance to get invested in any of these characters. Too much, too soon, bad casting with Inez, and what appears to be vets pushed aside in favor of this new family. I think those are some reasons The Fords are not going over as well with the most viewers.

    I think they will find redemption if they pull back on their airtime for a while, re-cast an age appropriate actress to play Inez, explain more of the backstory in terms of INEZ as top why she left her two boys in favor of saving herself and Nate. So far Inez has been presented as a likeable enough character, but that is hard to believe when you think of her having left her two oldest sons with an abusive father. Why? Why didn;t she take them? Get them out of the situation? Getting fans to like her is going to be an uphill climb. She left two kids in a n abusive situation while she escaped with only one of her sons. Mother of the year she is not!


  4. semaj says:

    happy to see oltl renewed for two more years


  5. Val says:

    So, TPTB are “scrambling for new economic models, determined to find less expensive ways to draw audiences”…Really? Why not try this…cater to your loyal, long-time fan base (you know who we are, the ones who have stood by the show through thick and thin) and GET RID OF THE DEAD WOOD!…all the new characters, like the shirtless brothers and their “oh, woe is me” mother, and the newest heroine of the show, Dani. (maybe just less airtime for her). Get back to the veterans, ES, RSW, HBS, RS, KD and JvD (even though he hasn’t been on OLTL as long). They are the absolute heart and soul of the show and the reason OLTL has lasted 40+ years, and brought the show to where it is today. They are excellent, talented actors who are still at the top of their games and absolutley more than capable of carrying major storylines of their own. Oh, and the only reason I and many, many others still watch the show. This will keep your loyal fans, maybe draw new ones and save money at the same time. This is just a thought though.


  6. michael says:

    MIchael Logan’s comment comparing the ratings of ATWT to Mad Men is narrow-minded and doesn’t tell the full story. Yes the ratings are slightly higher, but ATWT has absolutely no resale value – Mad Men gets revenue from DVDs, foreign rights, and will be packaged for syndication at a whopping cost for the network. Also, what are the production costs? Soaps costs lots of money to make them look good, I’m sure Mad Men costs more, but again the costs are offset by other forms of revenue than just network advertising.

    I love soaps and have been watching since the late 70s, I tape Y&R every day and will not miss an episode so I’m not a soap-hater, but I’m a realist. A lot of the soaps simply don’t know how to tell good stories any more and that’s why they’re going off the air.


    Torrey replied

    I think one of the biggest problems with the soap industry is that the writers are not staying true to the characters on the show, and they aren’t listening to their audiences anymore. They spend way too much time focusing in on the younger demographic, and are neglecting their hard core, long-time fan base. Look at AMC for the biggest example of this…..the writers have completely desimated this once glorious show, and it is completely unwatchable. Although, I don’t understand why OLTL is always the show that people are under fire for….it’s one of the better soaps on ABC. It’s the Y&R of the ABC network, in my opinion. I do believe they need to spend more time focusing on their veterans and less time with the younger actors, but it’s still a great show. Teen stories are for the summer time…..It’s time to wrap all this Ford Family and Dani drama up. Let’s focus on Vicki, Dorian, Bo, Clint, Nora, Marty, John, Blair & Tea….Oh, and bring back Lindsey. I think she and Clint could raise a lot of hell together.


    Val replied

    I agree with you Torrey. That is exactly what I was talking about in my post above. STOP THE INSANITY already with the teen stories. I DO NOT care about Destiny and Darren and Dani and Nate and their drivers ed. class. These scenes were absolutely ridiculous and a waste of time. I FF through all the teen-scenes. Starr, Cole, Langston and Markko were enough, all the newbies are OVERKILL!

  7. O says:

    OLTL will get some of the viewers who used to watch “The World Turns” and I will watch it when Reva (Kim Zimmer) debuts this week on it.


    Michelle replied

    OLTL may get some of the viewers who used to watch ATWT, but I sure as hell won’t be one of them. For me as well as other’s, there is no other soap that can replace ATWT.


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