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5 March 14th, 2012 Desperate Housewives Drama! Judge Throws Out Battery Charge in Nicollette Sheridan case against Marc Cherry!

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Nicollette Sheridan did not get her way with this part of her legal case against Desperate Housewives, creator, Marc Cherry! Sheridan, a former co-star on the ABC drama, filed a wrongful termination and battery lawsuit against Cherry and Touchstone Productions.  Sheridan alleged Cherry hit her on the head during a 2008 rehearsal and is suing for $6 million.  However, L.A. Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Allen White issued a directed verdict dismissing the battery claim in the case, meaning Cherry — whom Sheridan says struck her in the head on the set of the show in September 2008 — is no longer a defendant.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Sheridan’s attorneys clearly were unhappy about the judge’s action, but lead lawyer Mark Baute said the move doesn’t really matter. The jury still will be asked to rule on the question of whether ABC’s decision to kill off Sheridan’s Edie Britt character was retaliation that rises to the level of wrongful termination.
The judge said Sheridan’s claims did not meet the standard to proof for battery. Cherry hit Sheridan during a rehearsal on Sept. 24, 2008, in an altercation that was described by both parties during testimony in the two-week trial.

Cherry appeared in the hall outside the courtroom after the ruling and spoke to the media for the first time, making only a brief statement: “Obviously I’m thrilled by the judge’s decision. But I’m going to withhold further comment until this matter is resolved completely.”

So what do you think of the charges being dropped against Cherry? Let us know!

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  1. barbara t says:

    Ive been keeping track of this case with nicollette sherdan and marc slap face cherry,Hope he does not hit ericka cane that way lol,oops I meant susan lucci,anyway to make a long story short,Dont think we will ever know the truth if she got smacked or not ,lets face it no guy is going to hit a woman where there will be witnesses or the other way around,so this is a he said she said situation, case over ,and I like nicollette sherdan ,but without any proof as I said its done,I could be wrong should still go to a jury everyone should have there day in court .so in judge judys words , you dont talk back and get the hell out of my court room and this case seems to be going that way,unless we get a last minute perry mason moment and have another surprise witness.I love these court room things.


  2. Debi says:

    I am confused. WHY would the judge do this when Marc Cherry already admitted to hitting her?


    barbara t replied

    according to him he was showing her how to hit someone else and he hardly hit her ,classic he said she said ,we will never know what really happened.


  3. ethel says:

    i am surprised this mess got as far as it did – what a waste of tax payers money and for what??? a lot of free publicity…………….smh


  4. barbara t says:

    I cannot believe the jury is still out on this case.


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