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9 November 7th, 2014 Details And First Look Pics Of THE BAY New Arrivals: Eric Martsolf, Lindsay Hartley & A Martinez!


The hit web series, The Bay has been busy adding some power-hitters to their already jam-packed soap star line-up for their eight new episodes!

The series creator, Gregory J. Martin informed On-Air On-Soaps of a little bit more background on the new casting arrivals to Bay City which include; Daytime Emmy winners, Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS) and A Martinez (Ex-Cruz, Santa Barbara), as well former All My Children favorite, and current cast member of the upcoming new docu-soap on POP Queens of Drama, Lindsay Hartley(Ex-Cara)!

Here is what we know about the roles that this talented trio will play in The Bay: Eric Martsolf is playing a young Lee Nelson formerly played by both Paul Satterfield (Ex-GH & OLTL) and Joe Lando (Ex-OLTL)!

Plans are in the works to tell the story of a young Sara Garrett (the adult version – Mary Beth Evans) and Lee, and how they met! Martsolf’s scenes will be through the use of flashbacks.  Fans of the series will begin to see that unfold in December!  Martin informed On-Air On-Soaps that working with Daytime Emmy winner, Eric Martsolf was, “amazing, and I am looking forward to working with him in future episodes!”


Lindsay Hartley is appearing in three of the eight new episodes.  She plays bitch-on-wheels Sammie Sullivan.  Sammie is the new fiancee’ of Tony Foster (Gavin Houston).  And, she is supposedly one of Marly’s (Martha Madison) old high school friends.  Sammie, and Tony come to Bay City with some important information that is sure to shake up the Garretts!

As far as previously announced fan favorite and Daytime Emmy winner A Martinez, word is that he guest stars in an upcoming episode, and in fact, he will shares scenes with former Santa Barbara alum, Lane Davies (Detective Mackenzie Johnson).  Martinez character will be connected to a key Bay City resident!


Watch for the new installments of The Bay starting December 4th on ROKU via Blip TV.  In addition, the The Bay is in talks with other distribution platforms at this time.  On-Air On-Soaps will keep you updated as the series continues to move forward.

What do you think of the casting additions of Eric Martsolf, Lindsay Hartley, and A Martinez to The Bay? Let us know!

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  1. B&B Fan says:

    I watch a few shows and I feel it isn’t done as well as the soaps are done for TV. Lighting & Coloring, etc. are off. Bad acting from a few too.


    Robert replied

    I agree with your assessment but I also see the potential it has because of all the experience of the people behind it, so to me it is a about the budgets because there are web series with less money and star power then they have and yet they look like high end tv productions.


    Nik replied

    Have you watched the recent episodes, or did you only watch the first episodes. For me the production (i.e. lighting, coloring) started out odd. You could tell they were working on tight budget. However, the production has gotten so much better in the later seasons. I honestly think it’s worth sticking with.


  2. Tammy Kreiss says:

    I love the fact he got my hubby Eric on the show!!! I’m only his other wife, but guess he couldn’t announce the news yet! So happy!


  3. Robert says:

    I been fascinated by the character Sarah’s past on this show because there is so much we have yet to understand and see, so I would love to see that played out on air. I hope they give us more info Sarah’srelationship with her mother and her mother’s family, since you can say all of this begin with her mother’s choices. I would love to see Mary Beth play her own character’s mother in the flashbacks, with the style and look of that era.


  4. Mar says:

    I have been a fan since before the series first aired. Gregory, cast and crew you have come a long way baby. I am so proud of all of you. Great cast and now with the new actors on board it will be even better. Each chapter we see is better than the last. For the nay sayers, I would like to see you do what Gregori has done on his limited budget!!
    Onward and Upward The Bay, The Series.


  5. LCC says:

    I’ve been a big fan of The Bay since the first episode and feel like it just keeps getting better and better all the way around. Really looking forward to the next episodes and am excited to hear that Sara and Lee’s story is in the works. Eric Martsolf will be the perfect fit.


  6. JENNY says:

    i miss eric martfolf working w/lindsay hartley let them work together again maybe days can bring her back


  7. MissM says:

    Nice! Really excited about these new additions. I love The Bay — it’s gotten steadily better in production values and when you couple that with the outstanding cast, it’s better than anything daytime has going. Now, if only we could get more and get it more often.

    Looking forward to learning more Sara and what is up wth her past, as well as her current marriage to Steve. Definitely want more of her with Lex!


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