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10 February 6th, 2013 Detective Alex Chavez Relationship With Adriana Revealed To Noah On Y&R!


On today’s episode of The Young and the Restless look for the Noah/Adriana case of the missing money storyline to get even more complicated when in a key scene, Detective Alex Chavez (Ignacio Serricchio) reveals to Noah (Robert Adamson) just what his relationship is to Adriana (Jhonna Flores), the girl that Noah is stuck on, no matter what scam she seems to pull!

But the bigger question to us …. is Alex really telling the truth?  Is he a good guy?  What do you think is really going on here?

Watch the teaser between Alex and Noah after the jump and let us know what you think of the reveal!

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  1. cr says:

    Very interesting story surprise, adriana stringing two guys alone or she really in love with noah or they both scaming him. Suspense?


  2. robert says:

    I hate the money storyline, but this may make it interesting.


  3. Derrick says:

    Very interesting………….


  4. Mary SF says:

    Oh please this was not a surprise I figured out Chavez was her brother the minute she came on the show. I even made reference to it in posts here. But is her real name Adriana or the one found on the bank statement? And the name on the bank statement wasn’t Chavez either- so there is still a mystery here. As for Alex- don’t think he will be dirty- GC needs a new cop now that Ronan is gone- so if they are planning on keeping him- he will be a good guy- just don’t quite have the full story yet.


  5. vbeachtime says:

    Captivating twist !! Can’t wait to see what happens!


  6. mo says:

    I’m SO OVER this whole storyline. Give him the money and then he and Adriana can skip town together. Yawnsville.


  7. Christine says:

    I believe it. It is a way to get both Adriana and Chavez to stay in Genoa City, if that is what they are going for.


    Mary SF replied

    Exactly- new characters have to start somewhere, although would like this stolen money story line to wrap up already. If it is drug money- where are the drug dealers? Surely they would have followed Chavez to GC if they thought he knew where the money was. I just like to see the story do something other than Chavez asking Noah where A is- they need to bring in more regulars into this story line to make it interesting, like Paul or have the drug dealers kidnap Sharon to force Noah will tell them where A is- just do something with it already. Not on topic but do you think Nikki will have MS , Parkinsons or ALS? I was leaning towards MS but if JFP has plans to get rid of Nikki it could ALS–


    Christine replied

    I have been thinking Nikki has MS as well, but other than thinking I had it myself post partum a year ago, I don’t know what symptoms Nikki is supposed to have. I know when I thought I had it, all I wanted to know was that I didn’t have it, but all symptoms (from back numbness, to pain in my shins, and in my hands, etc.) pointed to MS.

    Luckily I did not have MS, but radiating back pain that is much improved. Anyway, I really hope they are not getting rid of Nikki. Whatever she has will probably be treatable. I don’t know why they don’t just have Nikki experience Melody’s back troubles. That would be in her wheelhouse for sure.

    As for Adriana and her “brother,” yeah the story needs to move on to something more. And I can’t believe that we have to endure Kevin’s stupidity some more. I keep thinking they are going to do something decent with this character, but it is more of the same. Now Chloe is just as dimwitted as he is. I say sell the stupid house and move into a nice apartment. At least Delia would have a roof over her head and her mother would not be in jail. :-)

  8. Alan says:

    Hard to work up much interest in a story involving two new characters and a recast — especially when most of the “action” (Chloe steals the money from the tack house, Adriana steals the money back from Kevin and Chloe’s house) happens off camera and the characters just talk about it.


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