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11 August 13th, 2013 DEVIOUS MAIDS Renewed For Second Season!


Score on for Lifetime, who picked up on the pilot of Desperate Housewives’ Marc Cherry of Devious Maids after ABC Television Network eventually decided not to move forward with it!

Today, the cable network renewed Devious Maids from ABC Studios for a second season and 13 all-new episodes in 2014, meaning All My Children’s former star, Susan Lucci will be back filming another season of this soapy dramedy! Current AMC star, Paula Garces has played the killed-off devious maid in season one!

Since its premiere on June 23, nearly 23 million viewers have watched Devious Maids on Lifetime. It is the network’s fastest-growing drama ever, and has catapulted Lifetime to cable’s number one network in the Sunday 10:00pm ET/PT time slot among Women. Its 18% Hispanic composition nearly doubles Lifetime’s primetime average.

“One of the most daring series on television, Devious Maids has quickly become a hit,” Lifetime exec vp and GM Rob Sharenow said of the drama, from ABC Studios, Televisa USA and exec producers Eva Longoria and Sabrina Wind. “ABC Studios has had a great partnership with Lifetime and Televisa and we’re looking forward to another terrific season with Marc Cherry and his talented cast and crew,” said Stephanie Leifer, Senior Vice President, Current Programming, ABC Studios.

Devious Maids revolves around a group of maids (Ana Ortiz, Dania Ramirez, Roselyn Sanchez, Edy Ganem and Judy Reyes) who are bonded by their jobs, struggles and employers’ “upstairs-downstairs” universe.

So what do you think of the renewal of Devious Maids?  Is it one of your favorite new shows? Do you think now that Maids’ will be back in action, Susan Lucci is less apt to join All My Children and reprise her role of Erica Kane? Or, do you think she will still work something out to return?  Weigh-in!

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  1. KatieK says:

    Great news, love this show. But, this tells me that Client List is NOT coming back. If they have already renewed DM, & still no word about Client List, & one of the main actors got another show, does not look good.. JLH must really be sticking to her guns about having her baby daddy deep into the show.


    Paul replied

    I wouldn’t give up hope for The Client List. Since Jennifer Love Hewitt is pregnant; the show won’t be able to resume production in the immediate future. They may be waiting to hear how much involvement she’ll want to have after having the baby.


  2. ricardo says:

    I love the show. susan lucci is a very busy lady. good for her. she is a wonderful actress. hopefully susan can make guest appearences on all my children.


  3. brian says:

    love this show ! so glad it’s coming back for a second season.


  4. Rodd says:

    I am very happy about this! It’s a great show with great actors and storylines.


  5. Diane Dunn says:

    Very glad to see it has been renewed – still think SL will show up, even if only for an episode or two at a time, on AMC


  6. Yvonne says:

    I am totally hooked and happy it will be back again. Love these ladies!


  7. Tracey C says:

    Devious Maids is Awesome and I love it! I DVR it and watch it as soon as I can. Susan Lucci is brillant! If you haven’t tuned in, you’re missing a treasure. I am very excited for the season finale and season two! Go Girls!


  8. bc says:

    This is truly horrid bec this is probably 1 of the most racist dramas. Telenovela remake only cast latin american actresses as the help. While majority white actors were cast as their rich employers. Yet telenovela had the help and their employers portrayed by latin american actors. Of course hollywood kept all of the help as latin americans but made the rich chars majority white bec tolerant hollywood obviously wouldn’t be comfortable w/ a white maid cast member serving a racial minority char. Shows like this only encourage more racism towards latin americans. What makes devious worse is that its run by cherry who is openly gay. Would cherry portray offensive gay chars the same way he portrays all of the help as latin american women? Highly doubtful bec hollywood and entertainment press would scream homophobia. Renewal of devious only encourages more tv shows to create racist portrayals of latin american chars.


  9. Jedi says:

    This is a fun show that let’s you forget the stresses of every day life. It isn’t meant to be a political statement good or bad or some revolutionary show that will solve world peace. The issues of racism and stereotypes is not necessary. It is entertainment. Sadly, the public – not just Latinos may not be supporting it enough. It looks like it may be cancelled but I am hoping that someone can save it. It is so much fun. Guilty pleasure. As for Susan Lucci, All My Children is gone yet again. I do think she would have done AMC but she seems to be a pretty classy person and not only was Prospect Park not dealing with her in good faith; they were not dealing with the whole production in good faith and top stars usually don’t get involved in second or third rate productions. Prospect Park wasn’t upfront about everything or realistic. Lucci wasn’t too thrilled about the swearing and such on the show. Also, she is like 67 and had (and hopefully will still have) Devious Maids as well as another prime time show called Deadly Affairs. Personally I would like to see Devious Maids saved and have Lucci do DM as well as Hot in Cleveland full time – that would be fun. SL is a hoot on Hot in Cleveland and Genevieve may not be Erica Kane but she is someone you cheer for. Maybe there will be a hail mary and DM can be saved for Season 3. Maybe focus on the core families, the maids of course and add Executive Producer Eva Longoria as an actress.


  10. Rose Ann Garza says:

    I love the show. Can’t wait for it to start again. Why do we have to wait so long tosee the show. What about the Client List? Any news on that???


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