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8 July 30th, 2013 Did Brooks Breaking Des’ Heart On The Bachelorette Provide More Drama Than Soap Break-Ups?


On last night’s two hour edition of ABC’s The Bachelorette, the show finally perked up and brought the drama, when Brooks Forester (we love that name too, B&B take note!) broke the heart of this season’s bachelorette, Des Hartstock, setting the stage for an awkward second part season finale next week!

What made this so compelling is that this showed the realistic side, or as realistic as a reality show can get, when the competition is about dating, love, and commitment!  It was apparent that during the moments where Brooke tried to explain himself to Des that this was going to be very sad, especially when Des admitted that Brooks was the guy she was in love with from the others two guys still in contention! She even came forth with the words, “I love you” to him!

Couple this with the fact that Des had to keep her feelings for Brooks under wraps till the finale, or it would be game over for the season, if she had declared it any earlier!   But when all it said and done, we had Brooks in tears, Des in tears walking away from him and going to sit by herself on the docks, while he got driven away in a limo!  Des always seems to never get the man of her dreams.  It was very dramatic and touching.

Now that begs the question, where does the show go now, since Des later fessed up to the camera that she now wanted to go home?  But what about the two men still left in the running, Chris and Drew, who have no idea what just happened? According to an interview today on GMA with The Bachelorette host, Chris Harrison, the other two gents were secluded from each other during the final romantic getaway dates, and have no idea what transpired!

So if you caught last night’s The Bachelorette, were you moved to tears by Brooks breaking Des heart? Was it better than a soap opera break-up? What do you think will happen next week on the second part of the finale? Will Brooks return with an ephiphany? Will Des choose Chris or Drew? Or will she just say none of the above and go on with her life without a reality show beau?  Share your thoughts!

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  1. solveig simonsen says:

    It would be great if Brooks comes back and she chooses one of the other guys and sends Brooks home. I wouldn’t trust him!!!!


  2. Robert says:

    Shows like these need to be cancelled. People wonder why relationships are in the state of disfunction, just watch crap TV like the Bachelor and Bachelorette to see why. No one falls in love anymore, they just want to make a mockery of it on “live” TV. Reality shows like this need to go away!!


    su0000 replied

    the bachelorette and bachelor are terrible,,
    I can not understand why people can whore themselves out to the public with their intimate self looking for love, it is so stupid to hang your laundry and heart out to the public..
    Those people need to check their mental health..

    It is whoring ones self out to the media..


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Much of these shows arent even real…some come with scripts. Two people from my hometown appeared on reality shows and one admitted that some stuff you see is real and some is added by the producers. My nephews ex wife and her current husband went to one of those pawn shops featured on tv and said they were handing out scripts to those appearing on the shows.


    su0000 replied

    Goes to show how gullible some people are.
    The reality shows are not actually reality, they are simply phony trash …

  3. SZima says:

    I can’t believe there are still people out there that give a shit about shows like this. What a colossal waste of time! It’s faker than a $3 bill and people are still gullible enough to watch and care???


  4. Tracey C says:

    watched all these years. How can you expect to find love after dating a few times and it being a contest to begin with. I’m over it this season. Des gets what she deserves.


  5. tom says:

    I think that Brooks would be insane not to return to Des. He probably was insecure about not knowing that she really was in love with him and couldn’t admit to himself
    that he really was in love with her thinking that he may not be the one. Des is heartbroken but Brooks is too. His family loves Des and he is realizing that he can’t live without her and will return to the show next week. He will be so sure that it is Des that he really loves.


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