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48 June 13th, 2012 Did Peter Reckell’s Wife, Kelly Moneymaker Confirm His Exit from DAYS?


The soap world is all a twitter today, and that’s an understatement!  It seems that tweets late last night from the very talented Kelly Moneymaker, wife of Days of our Lives star, Peter Reckell confirmed his exit from the series.  As fans know, Reckell has been in contract negotiations and had already told many of his co-stars he was planning on leaving the series.

During some twitter conversation with fans Kelly wrote, “Hard to say goodbye to characters who’ve been on 4ever!! Hard 2 believe Bo will be one of those shortly!  I hope the Bope fans will follow his new adventures & works! He always inspires me!!!”

So if this is the end of the line for Reckell’s Bo Brady, how do you soapers feel about that?  Would you recast the role?   Or, let Bo be written off the canvas?  Let us know!



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  1. NeeNee says:

    Considering that he is half of the Bope couple, and also the age of the actors I could see it going either way.

    Hope & Bo have had marital issues SO many times, and viewers were led to think that finally they had it straightened out. So recasting could have Bope sailing on smooth seas, taking on a Tom & Alice Horton personna. Or if they have a split, Bo could relocate with the ISA, off-screen. Any recast should include seeing if Robert Kelker-Kelly is available since he played Bo the last time Reckell left.

    Or they could kill off the Bo Brady character, freeing up Hope to find new love. Or maybe this is a case of Reckell needing time off for another venture, and TPTB will write him out as “dead” or “missing” for awhile.

    Nothing lasts forever, and I give kudos to the actors like Deidre Hall, Suzanne Rogers, James Reynolds, Drake Hogestyn, Peggy McKay and others who spent most of their working careers becoming the characters of Salem USA. I’ve watched since 1967 and I really hope Days can make it to the 50-year mark.


    Patrick replied

    NeeNee… I like this… Bo… sailing off in to the sunset on fancyface… and is MIA. the horror of this… the heartbreak. the finality of Hope moving on.

    Robert Kelker-Kelly would be so good for this… for two reasons… a fresh perspective… he had chemistry with Victor and Billie…. he could return… and renegade… leave the “safe” haven that fans want….. “bope”.

    geez! this is too fresh… to even consider another veteran dying… it’s staring us in the face… what’s happeing… our soaps are embering… simmering… exploding futility.

    I couldn’t bear… watching Hope and Ciara…. and Shawn D. without… but, if it’s a must… oh days… the potential.


    Nyla replied

    I agree. Why split them up when Robert Kelker-Kelly would be great to have back? I don’t think it is a good time to be losing another popular character. Bo is a favorite. At the very least I hope its a “soap ending” so they can bring in another actor later, or Peter, if he decides to return.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I am so bummed! Love Peter and Bo, but honestly, they did successfully recast Bo before with Robert Kelker-Kelly. I would hate to see the character be gone from Salem, so I wish Peter well, but please don’t let Bo go!


    jo replied

    I still have the Playgirl with RKK on the cover, tucked away in a drawer. He was drop dead handsome while he was on both NBC shows. Days and Another World. I understand he now has a good job and would probably not be interesrted in another go around in the soap world, but I thank him for the memories.


  3. Shelly says:

    We all know big soap stars never REALLY leave. They just disappear, get kidnapped, go to Europe on business, locked away in a dungeon, go to rehab, the loony bin, or end up in some remote location with amnesia.


  4. JustMe says:

    I support his decision and say congrats to moving on! I do hope to see him in other things. I really enjoy watching him on Venice. He really shines!

    As for recasting, no one else can be Bo Brady. Look at RKK’s run as Bo. Fail. Just write Bo off the canvas, but please, Days, don’t kill him!


    car replied

    Guess what this is not the first time peter left the show. Rkk run as bo was soild and he had smokin chemistry with lisa rinna and he won soap opera digest award for lead actor and favorite couple with lisa rinna. He is not peter, but he is next best thing.


    JustMe replied

    Obviously, since I mentioned RKK, I already know this is not the first time Peter’s left the show. RKK worked well ONLY with Lisa. He worked with 3 women: Crystal, Lisa, & Kristian. To only do well with 1 out of the 3 is a fail. And it would fail again to have him come back as Bo now when he doesn’t work well with Kristian. I admit it might be interesting to have him come back and do another Bo/Billie hookup since Lisa is back, but still, there is no next best thing to Peter. None!

    brenda replied

    It did not fail he wanted to come back so they fired Robert


  5. Pam says:

    I will not follow him I am a Bo fan. Peter is a nice guy but nothing he has done had my interest other than Bo, I hope they kill him off and give Hope a life, it is a sad day for us long-time Days fans who have little or no interest in who these producers want to shove down our throat. Days days are numbered!


    car replied

    You are not true days fan or soap opera fan are you? Because true fans stick with their show through the good and the bad.


    jo replied

    If Bo is killed off that would leave the door open for new blood. After a short time in morning Hope could find new love. I can think of several men that would fit the bill, they are not soap opera performers so we really would have NEW faces. Also if they are going to keep Billie on the show she needs something to do.

  6. maria says:

    this has just ruin my day all I can say.


  7. barbara t says:

    Seriously, her name is Kelly moneymaker? I have to find out how she got that name. I hope that bo is staying, don’t want to see him leave, What is poor Hope going to do?


    gloria replied

    Barbara T you are so FUNNY. I always thought Moneymaker was a bizarre last name but I have noticed that just about every day I come across a last name I have NEVER heard. Weird, huh? I mean, how many last names are in the world?


    barbara t replied

    Gloria, it is a weird name isn’t it? I can understand a last name of money, still weird, or maker, but moneymaker made me scratch my head thinking if that was my last name as soon as I would have turned 18 the name would be changed, Its like you said bizarre, she had to make it up.

  8. Cindy says:

    Where’s Dr. Baker when you need him??? LOL


    Patrick replied

    Oh, Doc’ Baker…. Smellin’ Salt – Vapors – consumption!

    Reverand Alden… pillar of Sanctity….

    it’s all we needed….

    I just adored this show. imagine selling eggs to Mrs. Oleson.


    Patrick replied


    LOL. OK… i’m stuck. kick me to the curb. surely, you can’t fault me too much… we’re talkin’ “Little house of the Prairie” right?

    Dr. Baker…. Reverand Alden… Nellie Olsen.

    I just thought about this… and realized… you meant…. the hot about town… kinda still sexy….”john Callahan”. ’nuff said. He’s got enuf fuzzies for me.

  9. Tanya says:

    Does anyone else not find it bizarre that Kelly gave that information out and the way in which she gave it?? She was not asked via a tweet about Peter leaving, she just volunteered the information. For me, after being a fan for 30 years I would have preferred it came from Peter or NBC but for Kelly to do it like that has sealed the deal for me on both of them, I am no longer a fan of either.


    Pam replied

    I agree it should have come from Peter or NBC and if Peter and Days agreed to wait why did Kelly take it upon herself to speak about it. I am still waiting for Peter to step up from what I have gathered from comments he made, he wanted to stay and hoped his fans would campaign for his staying. Well, Kelly put an end to that. I am not a fan of actors it is the character that keeps me tuning in. So I want him dead, Days really did Bo in a couple of years ago they just have to bury him now!


  10. toscanti says:

    This show changes writers and execs so much I can hardly keep up. I tried to to tune in to be supportive of the last soaps alive, I can’t do it anymore. DOOL is no longer on my radar. Will continue to support Y&R, B&B and GH.


  11. kay/kay says:

    The story going around is Sony asked him to take another salary cut and he refused, they say the same thing happened with Eileen Davidson at Y&R. If they would cut the fat like all these extra characters that are not known to the fans they could afford the stars who are! And they wonder why viewership is down. Bo has been a mainstay since the 80′s just like Ashley on Y&R. Stupid!


  12. Patrick says:

    OK. I’m crying now… and it’s not even so much for Bo & Hope. it’s the Genre. I love so many of the actors… we’ve “witnessed”. if this is true…. A stalwart brady… a stronghold… of DAYS. (a vigil – a lighting of the candle) if this is what it takes… oye! my glass is still half full…. all i can think of is Caroline… and her beloved Son… w/Victor.

    Hope…. his eternal light… Billie… Carly…

    Chelsea/Shawn/Ciara…. I can’t type any more.

    Salute to Bo.


  13. BTripp says:

    I honestly hope that they recast like they did before with Robert Kelker Kelly. Bo and Hope are too important to the show. If they do not recast then I hope that he goes missing and presumed dead and let Hope have some storyline with out Bo and maybe fall for someone new.


  14. MBmomof3 says:

    Not usually a fan of recasts, but we know it can be done. Weird his wife broke the news, but I wish him well. I enjoyed his portrayal of Bo.


  15. Phil says:

    I say recast….RKK is fine with me, but not sure who else…I want the character to stay put though…time for DAYS to focus on the Brady and Horton clans!


  16. Michael says:

    I have enjoyed Peter’s work over the years. However, and how do I put this nicely??!- While it’s “comfortable” to view his presence on the show from time to time, he just no longer has the charisma and vitality he once had. While Kristian has remained interesting, Bo’s scenes are just, well, kind of a snore fest. I hate to admit it, but guys just do not “age” well in the soaps. (Kristian and the very hot Deidre Hall are still amazing, beautiful, and fun to watch- alas, the same cannot be said of their male counterparts, Peter and Drake put me to sleep.) Hmmmm, I wonder how Robert Kelker Kelley looks these days. Back in the day he was HOT, and he had great chemistry with Lisa Rinna. (They need to give Rinna a storyline pronto.)


  17. Melanie says:

    Good for Peter! Days was wasting him! I’ll follow him wherever he goes next. Maybe Bo can go off and find his true love, Carly Manning.


    Patrick replied

    I’ve always thought this. Bo is more alive with Carly. imagine… him… just, up and leaving… on his motorcycle… to be with carly as she’s rehabbing… her addiction. What a knife to the heart of Hope… the finality of the supercouple. this would be true to form… of the single mother… moving forward, without the love of her “being”. LOVE’less.


    Jessi replied

    i love your idea Patrick lol

    Melanie replied

    I also love this idea! :)

  18. Patrick says:

    What can I say? I’m Heartsick. The demise. OK… if RKK was brought back…. this would lessen the anxiety. This would create story and tensions for Billie and Hope. The stance of “supercouple”… pigeonholes… stifles… leaves few choices? to react to every one else’s play? This would be cutting to the quick… the role of supercouples…
    Aside, from the obvious bope. I’ll miss his scenes with his Mother… and his sisters…Kayla and Kimberly. He was so good with Carly Manning.

    wow… now that i’m thinking of it…. Bo’s had opportunities… with carly and billie… I can’t even think of who Hope… ??? John, as Gina…. remember Larry? so, this could be tough… to link her romantically with someone new. or… beg to differ… and make easing out of the supercouple mode… an easier transition. it’s wait and see mode.

    my hat’s off to Peter Reckell…. Thank you.

    taking another pay cut… is his personal decision. I can’t champion DAYS enough.

    His impact of DAYS legacy… is stellar.


  19. mo says:

    Good grief. Why can’t she just wait until an official announcement is made? I’m so over all these Twit-reveals.


  20. Jessi says:

    Its always hard to know what rumors are true and not but I can’t see why Kelly would say that if it wasn’t true, ya know? I think Bo should be written off. I don’t see anyone else playing Bo EXCEPT Peter. If he feels this is a right move for him, that I applaud him and I will love to see his new adventures. I personally don’t think Days did Peter justice. Clearly BOPE was not the couple people wanted to see, nor the old vet characters/couples. Ratings are not improving. Now I think I heard KA already signed her contract? I dunno but who knows what is gonna happen. I say Bo leaves to Europe to find Carly LOL cause that is when the Ratings were high when they got together… but i doubt it cause Days hates us LOL… I can dream my own exit and be happy ;)


  21. Dmitri says:

    Glad he is leaving. I like Bo and Peter, but their storylines are SO UNBELIEVEABLY BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope needs to leave with him. I would like to see Roman, Caroline, Doug and Julie leave as well.


  22. car says:

    I hate that peter reckell is leaving days, but is not the first time. I would not kill off a popular character, I would write him out of town or recast him with aomost equally popular. Robert kelker kelly. He played bo 1992-1995 and he has smokin hot chemistry with lisa rinna (billie reed).


  23. anna says:

    Kristian/Hope,she did not like to work with RKK,some thing about the way he kissed her and his hands all over her,she did not like him years ago,and I never cared for him .
    how ever Billie and RKK was HOT together as Bo and Billie years ago.
    but Peter/Bo is all most 60 now,I think he wants off the show.
    RJ/Lexie wants off the show and so do the charecter Melanie.
    I hope Days is on the air to see its 50th ann: too
    to see Allie Johnny and Sydeny and Will Horton,to see Lucas and Sami a :FAMILY” again. that would make all these years worth it all,to see LUMILY together forever.


    Patrick replied

    I seem to recall, heard, read, the same thing… course the same thing happened with Jason Brooks and Melissa Reeves… Oye!

    it’s a funny thing… watching a cast of so many good looking people. behind the scenes drama.

    anyway, wish list’ing – robert kelker-kelly for Billie.
    how about – Jason Brooks – for Hope… and/or if Jennifer can stand him. Let/s see adults of our age group… have romance.

    and Eileen Davidson – Kristen – for John and Marlena.

    How about Shane? for hope? i’ts not officially announced about Peter Reckell…


  24. car says:

    I hate that peter. Reckell is leaving, but it is not first time. I would not kill off the popular character, I would recast him with robert kelker kelly he played bo 1992-1995 , he has smokin chemistry with lisa rinna (billie reed).


  25. Tanya says:

    Interesting that Kelly hasn’t been back on twitter since revealing the news. I still think it should have been an official statement.


  26. cindy says:

    There is no replacing (this) Bo and Hope. Just work things out so he can stay!


  27. Tina M. Hickson says:

    I have been watching Days all of my life as it started the year after I was born. I love Peter Reckell as Bo and love the Bo & Hope love story…….how can you put an end to that………This has been a family affair as my Grandmother, Mother and I have always watched and after Tom and Alice there is Bo & Hope. Please don’t leave Peter……the Bo and Hope story gives me hope even day!


  28. L.Gomez says:

    I am shocked that the executives are not willing to do whatever it takes to keep Peter Reckell on the show. Does it not matter what the public wants? If he is being replaced, please don’t. There is no one in this world who can replace him and do as good of a job as Peter has done for years. If we the public is not being heard then all I can say is that I wish Peter the best and pray that God will Bless him in whatever he decides to do.


  29. kathymiller says:

    I think they should have worked something out with Peter on his contract because Days is losing fans because of the storylines they are not as interesting as they have been in recent years these writers are going to have to do some changing on these new storylines they have already got rid of another great character Steve (Patch) Johnson and now Peter come on now you writers are going to have to do better on these storylines and get rid of some of these other characters that have no impact on the viewers or you won’t have to worry about having any fans of the show cause you won’t have any so writers of Days shape up or you might be off the air for good it has happened to other soaps that have been on for years just like Days so be careful of your storylines and get some interesting storylines.


    kathymiller replied

    Writers of Days please do some good storylines bring Peter back and also bring Steve “Patch” Johnson back offer these actors a good storyline and salary so they can give their fans what they deserve and not these boring stories of these hopeless actors that are getting all the attention.


  30. elizabeth minor says:

    I have been watching Days of Our Lives since I was 18 years old. I am now 76 and still watch or tape it daily. I am so disappointed that “Bo” has exited the show. I can remember him from way back. I sincerely hope he will return soon and if not, my best wishes for his future endeavors. He has really come along way since I was 18 years old. Thank you Peter for years of great entertainment. A huge mistake was made when you exited the cast of DOOL.


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