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19 October 11th, 2011 DIRTY SOAP ratings up! Sunday timeslot switch shows strong gains!


Good news for E! Entertainment’s first reality with daytime soap stars!  Dirty Soap which this past Sunday moved to the 10:30 p.m. ET time slot following lead-in Kendra, saw a strong showing and boost in their ratings!

Both reality series did get a nice assist from,  Kim Kardashian and her wedding special, which was the highest event in the history of E! drawing 10.4 million viewers.  But according to TVByTheNumbers,  “On Sunday following Part 1 of the wedding, Kendra in its new 10pm time slot benefited from the strong Wedding lead-in, and posted its highest rated and most-watched telecast ever with a 2.15 HHLD rating and over 2.7 million Total Viewers.  Immediately following at 10:30pm Dirty Soap, in its new time slot also delivered its highest rated and most-watched telecast of the season with a .95 HHLD rating and over 1.1 million Total Viewers.”

Now the question is, which story from Sunday’s episode kept you tuned-in the most?  Kelly’s GH wedding dress and relationship drama? Farah and Kirsten’s sour reunion?  Brandon and Nadia and Galen and Jenna’s trip to Napa?  Or, something else?  Let us know!

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  1. Eire says:

    The cast of Dirty Soap should purchase Kim and Kris a nice wedding gift since The Kardashian wedding extravaganza are the ONLY reason the ratings went up for Dirty Soap! The ratings bump won’t last. The ratings for Dirty Soap will drop and taper off next week and onwards.


    MFB replied

    Why are commenting on a show you probably don’t even watch. What does one show have to do with another. I think dirty soap is great and will continue to have good ratings.


    jahre replied

    @Eire i agree with you! the shows crap not being a hater or anything but its just another MTV hills :/


    Janet replied

    MFB– I agree with you. This is a great show if you are a lover of soaps. Haters– please don’t ruin it for us all.

  2. Sound says:

    Nadia and Brandon are my favorites. Gaylen and Jenna not so much. Why would they even go anywhere together? It seemed forced and they don’t seem to really be friends. Plus Gaylen is as boring on Dirty Soap as he is on Days. By next week I’ll be fast forwarding when he’s on the screen.


    trish replied

    I’m a Mom so I relate the most to Jenna. But I like the other cast members. Farah is hilarious and so is JP…and I don’t think Galen is boring AT ALL…I love Dirty Soap and I hope it continues!!!


    Avelina replied

    I agree about Galen being boring as he is on DAYS. My favourites are JP and Farah. They are so cute but I agree that the ratings will go down again.


  3. Elhu says:

    I enjoyed this week’s episode, as I have all thus far. My favorites are Farah and J.P. and Kelly and Kristen, but I do enjoy all the storylines. It is nice to see a different perspective of their lives, and I wish all of them and the show much success. I will certainly continue to watch!!!!


  4. Ann says:

    My favorites on Dirty Soap are Galen & Jenna, then Nadia & Brandon so I very much enjoyed the Napa trip that featured these couples.

    Thanks, Michael, for keeping us up to date on Dirty Soap. I hope you will be able to do more interviews with the actors about their experiences on DS.


  5. Gmbenet says:

    My favorite persons on Dirty Soap are not the soap stars, but some of the supporting cast memners: Fary (Nadia’s mother), the Gering boys (sons of Galen & Jenna Gering) and coming in 3rd, JP’s mom (she is a hoot)!

    However in general, I do enjoy a behind the scenes look at soap operas. I hope to see more cast members from Days and also more hehind the scenes shots there.


  6. Beth says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! So fun to see some of my favorite soap actors being themselves! Very entertaining.


  7. MFB says:

    I love the show. I hope it continues to do well. My favorite is Kelly Monaco. I love seeing her in eveyday life.


  8. Casey says:

    I watch the show to see Kelly Monaco, unfortunately they don’t show her much. All the time is spent on Nadia and Brandon and JP and Farah constantly telling us how beautiful they are. Wish we could see more Kelly, she’s cool, down to earth and my fave.


  9. gail says:

    I love this show! My favorites are Kelly Monaco & Kirsten Storm I like to see the real life friendship between them. I would like to see more of the two…I love JP. Farah not so much. She is to pushy. I hope we get to see a few of my other favorites in time. I never miss the show. I make sure I don’t. I dvd it. I love,love this show!!!!


  10. pam says:

    i love kelly monaco i watch for her


  11. samjase says:

    Kelly Monaco is the ONLY reason I watch DS. I find her to be extremely real and down to earth. I realize a lot of DS is planned…but, Kelly has the ability to make it look spontaneous. In fact, her portion is the MOST REAL of all of the show. The GH behind the scenes stuff is the BEST part of DS for me. I love GH and Kelly…so, it’s a win/win for me. The last episode was the best so far…Kelly in Pocono’s with her mom was awesome. Great relationship.


  12. Lauren Wells says:

    DS is good. I LOVE LOVE watching Nadia, Brandon and Fary. I also like Farah. But Galen and Jenna are so boring I have to FF, and Kelly is a narsicist and looks like she should belong in a trailer somewhere.

    But they need to reboot for next season. Get rid of Jenna and Galen. Maybe get Kyle Lowder and Arianne. Kirsten should be back after her 90 day treatment and should resume her fights with Miss Farah.

    But I could watch the show if only Nadia, Brandon, Fary and Farah were on. They carry the show.


  13. sean says:

    Lets not get it twisted. This show is only being put together for one reason and one reason only. KELLY MONACO.. THE E Network would not have signed off on it unless Kelly was involved. Do I think Kelly and Kirsten are just work friends? Yes. Kirsten’s endometriosis spotlighted that clearly..


  14. PJ Thomas says:

    I Aboslutely LOVE ‘Dirty Soap’. I have been a faithful ‘Days’ watcher since its’ start 45 years ago – I’m 54 now – and love the characters (past and present), so the stars included in this show couldn’t have been better choices. I didn’t know Kelly Monaco, but have enjoyed following her here. It doesn’t matter which episode airs; I watch the show regardless. Please continue with this entertaining series. It is so nice to see our favorite soap stars out of character and in their own ‘soaps’!


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