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12 April 5th, 2013 Do You Have The “IT” Factor To Get A Role On GH? Casting Director Mark Teschner Fills Us In!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

General Hospital Casting Director and Daytime Emmy winner, Mark Teschner gives soap fans inside look, and actors who aspire to get a role on the iconic soap, a rundown of what he looks for when casting a role in Port Charles in a portion of his segment which will be seen on tomorrow’s night’s ABC News 20/20 special edition - General Hospital – The Real Soap Dish (9PMEST) with host Katie Couric!

Teschner says you have to have the “It” factor to be cast on General Hospital, and it’s more than just being sexy, beautiful and talented!

The casting wizard’s advice to those who want to get into daytime acting is , “You have to be prepared to bring it, and you better be the best actor you can be, because hundred and hundreds of actors audition for every role.  And it’s not enough just to have a great look, or somebody told you should be on soaps …  I don’t even know what that means!”

Watch the segment with Mark after the jump, then let us know if you think the cast of GH has the “IT” factor? And if you were auditioning for a role on GH, could you bring it?  Plus, was it interesting to listen to Teschner’s advice for that inside perspective?  Weigh-in!

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  1. Lisa says:

    So…us “ugly” ppl don’t have a chance.


  2. jimh says:

    Youd have to put an s&h in front of ‘it’ to describe my looks and no talent…if only Felix could do a makeover on me! Then he’d be forever known as a miracle worker! LMAO!!!


  3. Patrick says:

    it’s more than “JUST” being…. “sexy” beautiful… Talented”…


    read my lips… my oscar is within’ reach…..

    i’m a show unto myself.

    dare say… who deigns to exist with me.

    east coast, central…. and Pacific…. shout out….

    WRITERS… ????? WTF… ???


  4. Robbyrob says:

    I hate to be snarky but I guess Mark was on vacation when they recast Kristina? A very rare casting misfire. You could tell they knew because the actress was hardly airing even when Trey was alive. The actors who play both Rafe & TJ are very good.


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    She was hardly airing because there was no story for her. They brought her back for the sake of bringing the character on. Waste of Lindsey’s talents.


  5. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    The soap medium pisses me off with their looks. I’m tired of seeing these unrealistic men and women on my TV screen. Not everyone loves it. He seems so snide to me.


  6. Phyllis says:

    I wish they didn’t recast kids just because they were growing up a little awkward, loved Jake on Two and a Half Men, he was so relatable and funny.


  7. dee bianchini says:

    Can someone please direct me… I saw the poster of gh 50th anniversary framed of the georgous “Sonny Corenthois” hope not misspelled. Anyway can not find again evev goggle. I want to purchase. And while I have u wonderful ppl. To talk to is there anyway someone can convience ” sonny to go on dancing with the stars as one of the new cast maybe next yr.!!!! Plz. I am one of his biggest fans can’t go one day without my sonny fix!!! Plx. Convience him! Tks. Wish jason was still there too…. :-(


  8. Michael says:

    Please, how ignorant can one be? He’s hardly a wizard, just got lucky that’s all.


  9. bonnie says:



    gg ilovedzjb replied

    I am LMAO!! She irks me and agree no talent at all..


  10. bc says:

    Casting directors really need to hire more actors of color for leading roles. There is still a serious lack of racial minority actors who portray lead chars. gh’s fictional town is ny based. There really should be more actors of color on gh. These chars of color should be lead roles. My opinion is that most of casting really has to do w/ an actor having the “right look”. Tons of hollywood actors used to model. An athletic scout can’t discover an athlete by going to a mall. While tons of actors are plucked from obscurity bec they have the right physical appearance. No acting experience and training is necessary for actors. Actress quevenzhane wallis portrayed a char from black poverty. Of course they cast a black child actress who is very dark skinned. Actress wallis has never had any acting experience. A child actress w/ no acting experience already has an academy award nod w/c is considered the “highest honor” for hollywood. There really is no acting experience necessary for hollywood. Anyone can act. Anyone can get cast if they have the right look for that role.

    My opinion is that a lot of casting has to do w/ preserving the definitions of beauty bec anyone can act if they know their dialogue. The definitions of beauty are being limited by fashion and hollywood. Fashion magazines regularly lighten the skin of women of color. It’s the same w/ promotional pictures from hollywood tv shows. Actors of color are often made to look less like a racial minority when their skin is lightened. Its bec actors of color who are dark skinned and do not have anglo features are often considered ugly for tolerant hollywood’s “beauty standards”. A lot of racial minority actors that are cast tend to appear racially ambiguous and light skinned to conform to hollywood’s white standards of beauty.

    hollywood has a horrid track record of awful casting for racial minority roles. Light skinned actress zoe saldana was hired to portray dark skinned nina simone. They didn’t hire a black actress who is dark skinned. They darkened zoe’s skin bec her skin tone can be manipulated. But her facial feautres conform to white standards of beauty compared to other black actresses.

    It’s even worse for Asian american actors. The film “dragon ball” cast all the Asian american chars w/ white actors. The film “last airbender” whitewashed the lead roles and only cast dark skinned Asian american actors for villainous roles. The film “all you need is kill” cast tom cruise to portray a char who should be a Japanese soldier. The movie 21 is based on Asian american students from MIT. But majority of the cast was whitewashed. The lead char was portrayed by british actor jim sturgess. Tolerant hollywood would rather hire a dialect coach for sturgess than cast an Asian american actor to portray an Asian american char! It’s bec Asian american actors don’t confrom to hollywood’s definition of leading men. There are still no Asian american actors and actresses who are part of hollywood’s a list!

    It really begins w/ the casting and writing for tv shows. There should be more racial minority writers to create racial minority chars. There really should be more racial minority casting directors who cast the right actors of color to portray chars of color.


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