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34 February 25th, 2015 Does B&B’s Drunk Brooke Storyline Set Feminism Back 50 Years? Katherine Kelly Lang Weighs-In!


We have all kinda fallen in love with Drunk Brooke on CBS The Bold and the Beautiful!  The now tipsy long-standing character of the series is having to deal with the fact that all the men in her life have chosen to be with other women!

Dollar Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) remarried Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) sis, Katie (Heather Tom). Meanwhile, longtime love, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) has fallen for the charms of the younger Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey).  Brooke is now the odd woman out … and she is not dealing with it very well.  The bottle seems to now be her only friend and comfort. In a new interview with Michael Logan at TV Insider, Katherine Kelly Lang discusses her juicy new storyline.

As always in soapland, there is a little controversy with this tale, because to many women who watch the series this story may feel like it takes feminism a hundred steps backward!  Lang weighed-in on that, and how Brooke will plummet from here!  Below are a few interesting excerpts from the interview.

Katherine on if this storyline takes feminism back 50 years:  “It’s hard, because it’s a good soap plot, and I’m having a blast with it. But yeah, in this modern age, there are other places to go with this character. She needs to wake up and grow up and realize she can be a strong woman without having a man at her side.”

Katherine on Brooke being headed towards a 12-step program, but does she and the audience really want that to work, because everyone is enjoying seeing a boozy Brooke:  “I have no idea how far (exec producer-head writer) Brad Bell will take this but Brooke needs to hit bottom, and she will. There’s an episode (airing March 10) where she is rejected by Deacon (Sean Kanan) again and she’s drinking so much she falls and hits her head. It’s her idea to seek help. Whether it works or not, I can’t say. But it’ll definitely be tough for her. She’s traded one addiction for another.”

What do you think of the Drunk Brooke storyline?  Do you think it sends the wrong message that a woman can’t be strong and hold herself together without a man by her side … 0r, is it fantastic soap at it’s best – getting to see the talents of Katherine Kelly Lang – as Brooke drinks her way through life …  or, is it both?  Comment below!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    All soap stories sending feminism back 50 years…lol


  2. Jeffery says:

    I think B&B alone sets all women back 50 years.


    mfarris70 replied

    You took the words right out of my mouth! Every female character has humiliated herself in the name of love more than once.


    su0000 replied

    nowadays they smoke weed, not drink … lol


    Michael (not Fairman) replied

    That’s my take too. I find this whole kerfuffle hilarious. Two beautiful and intelligent women (Brooke and Taylor) fight over that worthless POS Ridge (who preens and poses and basically basks in the glory of having two women fighting over him and milks it for all it’s worth) for a quarter of a century (and Hope and Steffi fight over the even more worthless Liam for half a decade), and nobody says a word about the implications, but Brooke descends into drunkenness because she’s alone and without a man, and suddenly THAT’S setting feminism back 50 years? Crack me up. B&B is a feminist nightmare and has been for years! (The lone exception was, perhaps, Stephanie.)


  3. GB says:

    i don’t believe that soaps’ first duty is to be socially acceptable. we’re looking at characters, and it is interesting to see brooke being weak, which is something she’s hardly ever been. it makes for an interesting story to see brooke dig herself out of it. does it say something slightly unsavoury about women in the 21st century? of course it does. but then it’s not brooke’s duty to be a post-feminist icon, but to be a well-rounded character, with multiple facets and – yes! – contradictions (people always obsess about consistency. well, i don’t know a single person whose behaviour is always consistent. in fact, people’s behaviours contradict themselves all the time. it’s what makes them people as opposed to “written characters”). do i feel uncomfortable about the message it sends? hell yeah. am i interested in seeing brooke being vulnerable and a “loser” (i use the term loosely here) for a change: you bet!


  4. Chrystie Delancey says:

    “WE have all …”

    You must have a mouse in your pocket, because I think it is stupid.

    We already have Melody Thomas Scott who is superb at it. Now we have Anne on DOOL who is miles better than Brooke.

    Brooke needs to put on her BIG GIRL PANTIES and spend some time with her children, especially that one, what’s his name, oh yeah, RJ! Stop defending the son who fired a gun at a room with people in it. Learn to live without a man for more than a month. If Bell wants to make Brooke the next Stephanie, this is NOT the way to go about it. It is just sick and pathetic.


  5. Mo says:

    Brooke should get a dog.


    Jimmy replied

    Or pay more attention to her kids! It’s funny how they use the convenient excuse of R.J. being in boarding school, because that seems to be the “out” for soaps when their youth is MIA and they aren’t ready to age the character. What about Jack? Where is he? And she makes such little mention of Bridget, whom Brooke should be in contact with letting her know that her brother is running rampant at Forrester! But no, it seems the only children Brooke cares about are Rick and Hope.


    Mo replied

    I was thinking about Jack too. Where is he? With Nick? Where is Nick? I think they should age RJ to teenage and bring him back and he can be all grossed out about his dad’s romance with young Caroline and refusing to be with his mom. Then in a few years, Caroline can leave Ridge for RJ. LOL

    Nikki replied

    I agree. She should be watching Rick & stop being so selfish. Go back to work at Forrester. I’m also disappointed in Eric. Unless he’s going to retire (in real life) their making him look like an idiot supporting Rick & moving into the guest house. Although I think Rick is up for an award for his great acting, I actually turn it off until someone brings him down & kicks that Myia back to the coffee shop.

    k/kay replied

    Oh yes Jack who was suppose to be Taylor’s baby until they did another rewrite so Brooke could stick her nose in somebody else’s business. She has not matured in twenty seven years and to pair her again with Ridge as played by TK is stupid these actors have Zero chemistry. How about a storyline for Brooke concerning menopause and her having to deal with not being a young sex kitten anymore. The reason we never hear about Bridget is because Brooke is a grandma and we can’t have that can we?

    Eliza replied

    Ridge came back to LA because he wanted Brooke back, not because she chased after him. TK has no chemistry with anyone. He and Katie were so dull that, to drum up some interest, Batie was resurrected. Batie is as dull as Kridge was. Ridge is the one who chased Brooke around the world to stop her wedding to Bill. Katie is the one who fainted to stop Ridge from marrying Brooke. Katie and Ridge are the ones who allowed RJ to skip school so he could play with Will while they read poems and danced in the park. Katie is also the one who didn’t want Brooke involved in Jack’s life. Getting miffed when Nick and Brooke had their picture taken with Jack at his first birthday party.

    You don’t hear about Bridget because she moved away with her son. Remember Owen Knight? He was Nick’s step-father. Bridget slept with Owen when he was married to Jackie, Nick’s mother and Bridget was still married to Nick. Got pregnant, by Owen, with her son Logan. She and Logan moved away with Owen and Jackie. They all lived happily ever after in New York.

  6. Chrystie Delancey says:

    To answer the question regarding feminism, well, I just do not see how one should look up to the character of Brooke Logan as a role model in any way, shape or form.

    I will admit I am different from today’s woman. I live the city life now, but I grew up in the country so I have a different perspective. I never wanted for anything yet I was never spoiled and things given to me. I had a job in a department store when I started my freshman year that lasted through my college years. My first car was not given to me – I bought it from my grandmother with money I saved.

    I have never liked the word “feminism” or what it tends to represent these days. I prefer to say I am a woman who has earned certain rights yet I still prefer the old-fashioned Lucy/Ricky kind of relationship wherein my husband is my rock and the bread winner. I let him wear the long pants and I do not emasculate him and he does not patronize me. We each have our specific roles in the family. I stay at home with our youngest and my husband works out side the home. I will probably get a part-time job once my youngest starts school to supplement the income. I cook and clean. My husband takes out the garbage for me on the weekends to give me a break from doing it the rest of the week. I also get weekends off from the bedtime routine with the kids.

    I have seen the marriage my brother entered into where he takes a back seat to his wife. She does emasculate him. He knows how to work on cars so he does have qualities of a man, but he is not treated as the man of the family.

    I love my life this way. I am glad I married a MAN and not a male. I know so many women on my street who married plain males who do not know how to fix things on their cars (just an example). I am one of the rare women on my street who actually does her own landscaping. Most of the women do not even know how to plant flowers. I grew up in the 70s/80s and I am glad I did. I got to see women work outside the home, but because I grew up in the country, I got to see the value of doing things yourself. Especially helping others and not just because you got something out of it.

    If my husband were to die today I would most likely pack up my kids and move back east as soon as possible to be near family, but I would not, I repeat, I would NOT be like “Brooke Logan” and be on the hunt for “A MAN.”

    As a mother your first priority is your children – not your libido. Where the heck is her beloved RJ? The child she has with her so-called soul mate? It makes me sick that soaps in general (Y&R is really bad at this too) promote the mothers as wanting a child more than anything but once they are born, tossing it to the wolves so they can get back to work or do some self-absorbed thing for “themselves.”

    Brooke Logan is just all kinds of wrong for a myriad of reasons. She emulates the self-absorbed and spoiled woman of today. Heck Stephanie Vanderkellen on NEWHART back in the 80s was more of a role model than Brooke Logan could ever be. Stephanie was rich and incredibly spoiled but she still took a demeaning job (to herself) and lived in an inn. :-) I think Quinn is more of a role model than Brooke. Quinn may be a little crazy, but at least she thinks of her child first unlike Brooke.


    Nikki replied

    All I can say is (good grief) I love my husband & children but I sure don’t want to be dominated nor do I want to be known as “Susie Homemaker”, I think I’d rather be Brooke.


    Chrystie Delancey replied

    To each her own, Nikki.

    I am not saying I am “dominated.” It is just I look to him for our safety and financial needs. He does NOT boss me around nor do I boss him around. That was not what I was trying to say.

    Furthermore, I am not anyone’s “Susie Homemaker.” I stay at home because I WANT TO. Forgive me (no forget that), because I want to stay home and watch the milestones of my children instead of shipping them off to boarding school like the sainted “Brooke” character. I had children because I WANTED to have children, not because that was what society dictated I do. I stay home because I want them to have a loving home to return to at the end of their day.

    I am not knocking working parents either. My mom was a divorced working parent for a while and me and my brother attended daycare. However, she ALWAYS was home to make a home-cooked meal for her family. She ALWAYS was there for her kids unlike “Brooke.”

    “Brooke” is nothing but a narcissist like Mary SF stated below. I am glad I was not brought up to be like that and I am glad that I do have good values to pass on to my children.

    My children will KNOW that they are loved. My children will KNOW that I am proud of them. My children will KNOW that I am always there for them. Can “Brooke’s” children say the same?

    Eh, I am sick of defending myself to people who do not understand what I am saying nor comparing myself to a stupid character on a soap opera. If the character of “Brooke” is what people find amusing (which I suppose they do because nothing else can explain the fascination the world has with the stupid Kardashians and their antics) then I am just sad for this world.

    Nikki replied

    In a previous reply “Put on her big girl panties”. “don’t need a man”?? I guess we have to agree to disagree. If children are non school age yes yes yes Mom’s need to be at home with them but when their in school full time there is no need for Mom to sit around at home eating bon- bon’s, watching soap’s & computer chat’s. They could be working part time adding to the family income or saving for the children’s collage/university. One does not miss milestones by going to work part time while their children are in school. IMO and only IMO I feel that staying home for no reason & having a dependency on a husband to feed & cloth a wife when she can work is called LAZINESS. Again we’ll agree to disagree this is just my opinion

    Eliza replied

    Quinn is a more of a role model than Brooke? A little crazy? Thinks of her child first? The only reply to that is that you are simply a Brooke hater, nothing more.


  7. Sheila says:

    This just makes me laugh loudly and shake my head. To even put feminism and soap opera in the same sentence is absurd. There is not a hint of feminism in any soap whether you have a drunk character or a sober one. To imply that being a key part of a corp makes one a feminist is naive to say the least.


  8. Mary SF says:

    I don’t care if it is 2015 or 1965– this is exactly in keeping with Brooke’s character. It isn’t about feminism or not having a man,because there are plenty housewives with children who hit the sauce. This is about Brooke– she is a narcissist who no longer has anyone to tell her how wonderful she is. So if she can’t their attention through her sex appeal anymore, she will get it through pity–plain and simple– this is who Brooke was, is and always will be.


    Laurie replied

    You pretty much nailed it Mary SF. You always do. LOL
    This soap is the worst w/women that don’t know what to do or who to be w/o a man.
    My mom went through both phases. She was married a few times & w/my day, everyone’s schedule was around dad’s. Dad chose the home & vehicles. Mom cleaned & cooked. Mom packed our lunches & got us off to school. But about age 40 & w/older kids, she was D-O-N-E. She did see a few guys after her & my dad divorced, but that faded over the years & before you knew it, years passed & they had been filled with visits w/children, grandchildren, old friends, furnishing her own home to her taste, hobbies she loved. She was the 1 w/her favorite lazy-boy chair in the tv room. She told me often she was happy as a pig in poo & it was obvious. I took after the new & improved mom-Was happily single many times w/no immediate need to get married. 3 yrs ago in my late 30′s I came across the man I wanted to marry & did, not 1 I thought I needed to marry for wrong reasons.


  9. Jimmy says:

    I’m enjoying drunk Brooke, but this can’t last forever. Yes, she does need to hit rock bottom, and I would like to see it play out where she does something really bad, even criminal, and then wakes up and realizes she needs to get her life in order. I thought that when Brooke came back, they were going to give her a story to showcase how strong she is WITHOUT a man in her life, but I guess that idea is kaput. I just hope this doesn’t stick for a long time, but in the meantime, watching KKL play drunk is fun. No, she’s not Melody Thomas Scott, but it’s still entertaining.


    Eliza replied

    I was expecting something different for Brooke when she came back. A strong Brooke. This whole drunk Brooke storyline is one of the dumbest ideas and they have had more than a few. KKL is entertaining as always. I too hope this story ends soon but without Brooke doing a Taylor and Macy and causing physical harm to someone else. Taylor hit and killed Darla, Macy hit a truck and the driver was killed when the truck exploded. Taylor was drunk, hallucinating that Jack was Brooke and throwing liquor bottles around. I don’t want that for Brooke. I hope this ends soon but have no desire to see Brooke grovel at the knees of people she supposedly wronged as in step 10 of 12. She owes none of these people an apology.


  10. Mateo says:

    Man or woman this storyline has nothing to do with feminism. So what people are saying is that alcoholism as an illness sets a social cause back some number of years? Not only is that insane but it is stupid. When people suffer with addiction they don’t sit back and grapple with how it will affect the social causes of women when they take their drinks or drugs. Brooke, as a human being, is having a problem dealing with the cards life has dealt her. She is coping. Now the way she is coping is wrong but it is not her responsibility to go and grab a woman’s lib Tshirt and go out and support Betty Friedan. She has to deal with her life as she is living it. Period. All these people bashing it need to recognize it, this isn’t about promoting women’s liberation it is about a woman who can’t handle her life. This causes all of us male or female to do stupid things. So the feminists want Brooke to do what exactly? Go out and picket for equal rights for women instead of dealing with her pain? The argument is stupid. I applaud Bold & The Beautiful for exploring drama. That is what this show is about — DRAMA. If you want a feminist march then I suggest you contact the National Organization For Women and volunteer.


  11. GMFBest says:

    I don’t love the Brooke is a drunk storyline. I wanted her to have to deal with her dependence on men and reflect on her bad choices because she can’t be alone. Have her become the woman Stephanie thought she could be and I will applaud her.


  12. clh says:

    All Bell’s women are written as weak or victims. Name one strong female character that remains that way. Even as strong as Stephanie was she was always a victim of her husband constantly cheating.

    Look at Maya, she started as a strong woman that didn’t need anyone to help her and now she’s portrayed as money hungry and couldn’t make it without Rick.


  13. Sondra says:

    I cannot stand the character of Brooke. I was always a Taylor fan. She makes me sick with her whining and using RJ for her own purposes. Ridge, RJ needs his family. BS. Where has her motherly concern been all the years that kid has been in boarding school or while she was in Paris. Put her on the backburner and let the cast that’s been shinning in her absence continue to do so. Who needs Brooke when we have Steffy.


    Nikki replied

    WOW Someone has said exactly how I feel. Go Steffy go.


  14. Elite Advisors says:

    Brooke needs to go back to Italy. Did not miss her for one moment .I also do not miss Hope…I LOVE having Steffy back though…

    Here’s another soap that seems to be off its meds! eric comes back, understands the behavios of crazy Rick…is ok living in the guest house/garage…lol lets his kid sleep in his bed with his new tramp. hmmmmmm.Sure sounds nuts to me,

    The writing is nuts! nothing makes sense. Liam, an ex computer hacker/ advertising guy that daddy own wants to do a hostile takeover and run FC…oh ok that makes as much sense as the rest of the plots right now!


  15. sylvieg says:

    I don’t care what they have Brooke do on the show as long as it earns Katherine a well-deserved Emmy that she really, really wants & it’s about time.


  16. Giovanna says:

    IMO, this show set feminism back fifty years when Ridge raped Brooke and she didn’t press charges.

    And I am NOT enjoying “Drunk Brooke.” KKL is a kick-butt actress, but I am fed up with her being the show’s whipping girl. I would rather see her take control of the company.


  17. Eliza says:

    I don’t see this as a misogynistic or a feminist problem. Brooke has never needed a man in her life to function but there are certainly enough female characters who can’t have sexual relations with their boyfriends or spouses without having to discuss Brooke first as foreplay. Taylor had to talk about Brooke first, Katie has to talk about Brooke first.

    The constant physical abuse of Brooke is what bothers me the most. It says it’s okay to attack the other woman instead of confronting their own “man” for being unsatisfied with what they have at home. A cheating man will cheat with someone like Stephanie if their little egos are bruised.

    As for Brooke being drunk, it is a stupid storyline. Brooke has never been that much of a drinker and now all of sudden she is a drunk. As for kids, Taylor almost killed Thomas when she lit candles in the cabin, took off with Ridge for more wine and sex in the ocean and the cabin caught fire. She had Phoebe lie to cover for her when she ran down and killed Darla until Phoebe had a nervous breakdown. She slept with Rick when she knew that Phoebe was still in love with him and Steffy had had her turn with him as well. Crazy Quinn isn’t thinking of her son first, she’s just like Stephanie and Ridge. Too much interest in making sure her little sonny boy has what he wants at the expense of whoever is standing in the way. It is supposedly for entertainment but I see no entertainment value in trying to kill someone, attack someone or stalk someone supposedly in the name of her little boy’s love. Had Quinn put Wyatt first, she would have told him to run every time Hope looked his way. Talk about a disgusting storyline. But seriously, that’s Bradley Bell’s favorite thing. Keep it in the family.

    It’s a soap opera and there isn’t one single woman on that show that hasn’t done something unpopular. The men are just as bad but Ridge, being the most despicable next to Stephanie, has been white washed more than anyone else. Brooke haters can go on hating. Brooke is the ONLY character that keeps this show going. She is put in the middle to drum up interest in boring couples who lack chemistry. Were it not for Brooke, who would these woman talk about as foreplay?


    Giovanna replied

    ITA, Brooke seems to get abused, bashed, belittled, etc. more than anyone else on this show. She has been raped twice, and I lost count of how many times she has been called ugly names and slapped for good measure.

    And yes, the idea of Brooke being a drunk is stupid. In the entire history of this show, the character, no matter what her faults are, has NEVER hit the bottle. Well, she did when they had her talking to Stephanie’s picture, but resorting to alcohol as a crutch? Sorry, no sale.


  18. lizzy says:

    I would think the fact that she has slept with every man in town except her own kids would be doing more to set women back. Let’s see we can weigh the larger aspects of Brooke’s problem. Sleeping around or Drunk.
    Oh, that’s right the reason she is a drunk is because she has no one to sleep with. Maybe she’ll run into someone at AA. We were doing well when she was away.


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