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7 September 15th, 2013 Does One Life to Live’s Corbin Bleu Have A Leg Up On His DWTS Competition?


One Life to Live and High School Musical fans get ready as Corbin Bleu (Jeffrey King)  is set to make his debut in the new season of Dancing with the Stars which kicks-off tomorrow night, Monday September 16th at 8PMEST on ABC!

It’s a dream dance duo come true for Corbin and his partner, Karina Smirnoff.  During a chat with EOnline!, Karina revealed, “We’ve talked about Corbin doing the show for the last four years at least.  They would say, ‘Who would be your dream partner?’ and I’d say Corbin Bleu and explain why. The dream has come true!”  To which Bleu replied, “I always said I didn’t want to do it unless I got her as a partner.  There’s such connection with dance and you have to be able to understand each other’s body and listen and she listens so well.”

Corbin told PEOPLE about the first day of rehearsal.”The first day my thumb kinda popped in and out of its socket and it was swollen. And Karina’s back is all scraped up from me dragging her on the floor on a move.”  Bleu says that Smirnoff “is quite the whip-cracker” and that the pair have a team nickname that reflects how hard they’re been working. “We’ve decided that our team middle name is gonna be ‘One more time,’ ” he says. “Because every single time we finish (the routine), one of us says, ‘No, no, no, one more time!’ ”

As far as sizing up his chance on winning the Mirror Ball Trophy, “I’m athletic, and I know how to move and I understand music. I understand the timing, that’s definitely a battle won already.”

So will you be watching Corbin’s  journey that starts tomorrow? Do you think he stands a good shot at winning the Mirror Ball with Karina Smirnoff?  Weigh-in!

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  1. su0000 says:

    DWS winners depends on how many fans they have lol
    The dancing needs to be very good but more than one couple is great, so it still ends up ”who is the most liked with the most fans who will win, even if the couple is not as good as their competition they will win..
    So, he has a very good chance of winning on both counts, he is good :) ..


  2. Fran says:

    I will be watching but I doubt that ABC will mention OLTL or let CB Mention OLTL due to the issues at hand they will probably be pimping AMC/ GH


    su0000 replied

    Of course Corbin will be announced/mention he’s with OLTL the same as the others will be announced/mentioned as to what they do..

    LOL no way are going to not tell of Corbin what and where he is and Corbin has a voice too LOL


  3. Mark in FLA says:

    Yes, I will be rooting for Corbin. Also for Valerie Harper, the actress from GLEE and Bill the Science Guy. Looking forward to seeing Corbin’s moves. Love that they are having a Broadway actor on the show, hope he gets to dance to Broadway music. I believe he was in Godspell and In The Heights in recent years.


  4. Fran says:

    he did great


  5. Joshua says:

    Of all the people that could have represented “One Life to Live” over the years — Kassie DePaiva, David Fumero, Bree Williamson …

    They choose HIM?!?


  6. Nikki says:

    He was excellent dancing on DWTS BUT he was SO obnoxious afterwards quoting lines from his 2006 movie HS Musical & egging his fans/friends on from the audience. A big overblown showoff. I mean, so what, Chris Brown is a great dancer too but still a total jerk!
    My props go out to Valerie Harper for being 70 & a cancer survivor & also Jack Osbourne.


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