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8 May 28th, 2015 Donna Does Marilyn & So Do THE QUEENS OF DRAMA!

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On Thursday night, cast members from Pop’s docu-series, The Queens of Drama stepped out taking on the look of Hollywood golden gal and a queen of drama herself … Marilyn Monroe!  The event was held at the Hollywood Museum in honor of the unveiling of never before seen photos of Hollywood icon, Monroe!

Donna Mills, Chrystee Pharris, Lindsay Hartley and Crystal Hunt appeared on the red carpemt and at the event wearing Monroe-esque inspired outfits:  Lindsay was in one of Marilyn’s favorite every day looks.  Donna Mills was wearing the reproduction of the famous ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President’ dress worn by the actress who played Marilyn Monroe in “The Women of Camelot”. Crystal is wearing a dress from the movie “Let’s Make Love.”   Chrystee is wearing Marilyn Monroe’s famous USO down that she wore to visit the troops.

About the night:  Donelle Dadigan (Founder and President of The Hollywood Museum and owner of the Max Factor building) has purchased and secured the copyrights to hundreds of never before seen rare photos of Marilyn Monroe, uncovered by the son of Monroe photographer, Milton Greene.

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The images include promotional photo shoots as well as candid images taken with friends and colleagues such as Milton Berle, Maurice Chevalier, Sammy Davis, Jr., Marlene Dietrich, Louella Parsons, Billy Wilder, Frank Sinatra.

What do you think about The Queens of Drama saluting Marilyn Monroe? Are you enjoying the series on Pop? Comment below!

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  1. Mo says:

    I’m enjoying QOD.


  2. su0000 says:

    I do not get POP ….
    and- it’s not online ..


    Harry replied

    Su00, it’s okay. There is so much terrific stuff out there already that you don’t need to worry about watching this crap.


  3. Kalle says:

    Maura West (Ava Jerome on GH) would be a terrific Marylin’s impersonator.


  4. Rivka says:

    QOD is wonderful. It drew me in quickly. Donna Mills is a jewel. To me there is no difference between daytime and nighttime dramas. It’s great to see daytime actors proving this.


    Shay replied

    And nighttime’s Donna Mills is proving likewise on GH! She is fabulous, Rivka! I was so glad to see her return this past Monday, delivering her lines with her trademark dose of derision….the priceless “mamacita” crack was served up with dripping disdain! I’m anxiously awaiting Maddie’s release from the hoosegow so that she can get those obviously overgrown dark roots touched up and slip back into her designer finery. This lady is too magnificent to kept behind bars in drab prison wear and away from the movers and shakers of Port Charles! (Besides which, she needs to dispense with her new snake-in-law, Ric….if looks could kill, Mr. Lansing would already be dead after his unforgettable jail visit with Madeline!)


  5. Charday says:

    Enjoying the show, but it’s about the furthest thing from a docu-series—-it’s a totally scripted show! They bring in Lance Cumson, er Lorenzon Lamas, Joan Collins, etc. Who’s next….someone from DALLAS (let’s hope!!)?


  6. Tom Jenkins says:

    I love Marilyn but this looks really idiotic and unnecessary -


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