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10 August 3rd, 2015 Downton Abbey Executive Producer Gareth Neame Teases Final Season Will Be “Reflective Of All Six Seasons. Deceased Characters Continue To Be Referenced.”


While the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey will not air in the U.S till January 3rd of 2016, cast members and the executive producers were in Los Angeles this past weekend for the annual TCA (Television Critics Association) Summer Press Tour.

Downton Abbey has just two more weeks left of production back in the U.K, before everyone has to say their goodbyes to one another.  However, the actors have shot their last scene already at Highclere Castle, the backdrop for the Crawley family.

Series star Laura Carmichael (Edith) related via the Los Angeles Times: “It was strange saying goodbye to Highclere Castle because it felt like in a split second it wasn’t our home anymore.”

When asked what souvenir she would like to take with her from the series when it wraps, Emmy-winning star Joanna Froggatt (Anna) said: “The only souvenir I want to take home is Lady Mary, really — and Mr. Bates.”  While Elizabeth McGovern (Cora) chimed in: “I’ll miss the peace of it. In today’s world, we’re so inundated with information.  Oh, and I’ll miss being on a hit TV show.”

The series EP Gareth Neame said on what to expect for the show’s final season, that it will be: “Reflective of all six seasons. Deceased characters continue to be referenced.”

So, are you ready to say farewell to Downton Abbey? Hoping that the final season is filled with tears, angst, and romance? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. k/kay says:

    Never watched the show the first time not interested yawn


    Mark Y replied

    If you never watched it how can you be bored by it?


  2. Llanviewer717 says:

    I am so looking forward to the return of Downton Abbey. I will be so sorry to see this wonderful program come to an end. It is entertainment excellence at every level.


  3. abeeson01 says:

    I will definitely miss Downton Abbey… Have watch all seasons. I am really enjoying other shows that are part of Masterpiece Theater….


  4. Michael Smith says:

    The show is wonderful, witty and heart-tugging. It has elevated sophisticated serial storytelling and I will miss it terribly.


    carol replied

    Me too! It was by far my favorite tv show of all time. So sorry it can’t continue.


  5. Shay says:

    The Downton Abbey phenomenon was one of those most rare of instances where lightning simply struck and viewers were left mesmerized….it shall be near impossible to replace or replicate its success. This show’s departure from the PBS schedule shall definitely leave an abyss that no other program can possibly fill, and that includes Poldark, despite the rave reviews!


  6. Rodd says:

    I absolutely adore this show! I will miss it terribly and will cherish every episode in its final season.

    We could use more excellent programs like this one.

    I think our daytime head writers and the network suits could learn a thing or two from such shows.


    maddiehayes replied

    I just said something to that effect in another comment section .. DA has multi-generational stories, and their most popular character is an octagenarian! It has romance for young and old. And it is popular in 18-49. With nothing offensive. Younger viewers still love old-fashioned romance. It’s time the soaps took note.


    Shay replied

    Absolument, maddiehayes!!!!!! Everything you state is right on the mark, and may I also add that every Downton character seems to have a place on the canvas….there is very little waste of space or time on the unnecessary or simply decorative. That is an example that the GH folks sorely need to take note of and follow suit!!!!!! (Their “more” has certainly not made for the “merrier!”) As for Dame Maggie’s Dowager Countess, her portrayal is a glittering jewel of colossal wit and wisdom….she really should stage a one-woman show based upon Violet’s memoirs….’twould be a treat and a laugh riot!

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