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10 October 17th, 2012 Downton Abbey Gay Kiss Banned On Greek Television! Network Execs Blasted For Extreme Act Of Homophobia!


Add Downton Abbey to the list of  shows that have been edited by network execs due to a same-sex kiss in the history of television!  According to The Huffington Post, “Network bosses at Greece’s state television network have come under fire from politicians and gay rights groups for editing a same sex kiss out of the local broadcast of period drama Downton Abbey earlier this week.”

NET channel executives opted not to show the gay kiss between a visiting duke and Rob James-Collier’s scheming footman character, Thomas, citing parental guidance viewing rules.  But leading politicians for the country’s opposition party have lashed out at the decision, insisting the scene was unnecessarily censored.

A statement from SYRZIA party officials reads: “As incredible as it may seem for a democratic country in the 21st century, officials of the NET television channel censored the scene of a kiss between men from the TV drama Downton Abbey. This is of course an obvious case of censorship, an extreme act of homophobia and discrimination.”

Greek state television bosses insist the kiss was not censored, but edited out of the broadcast to comply with rules regarding the primetime slot. They planned to re-air the episode, unedited, on Tuesday at a later time.

So what do you think of this latest television ban that has a scene with a kiss between two men?  Weigh-in!


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  1. Christy says:

    I haven’t seen this show, and I’m not gay, but if Greece is citing parental guidance viewing rules, then are any kisses allowed? I mean, kids have gay parents too, so what is the big deal? Do they allow women kissing each other? What about people that are, what’s that word, that are born with both sexes… are they shown kissing on tv?


  2. Mary says:

    Yeah? And how many gay kisses have we seen on Y&R? Zero. Zilch. Nada.

    What happened to OLTL’s gay couple? Fired supposedly because of viewer backlash.

    There has never been a gay character in a relationship on General Hospital.


    Brian replied

    very true !! sadly.


  3. Mickey says:

    The same thing happened in my country (Italy) with gay kisses on “Dawson’s Creek” and other tv series (movies too, like “Brokeback Mountain” on tv). Sadly, no surprise at all.


  4. Christy says:

    I think they should show a black screen and tell people what they’re missing and why!

    and a number to contact the network to protest! :-D Hey protesting works for us daytime soap watchers!


  5. RLeternal says:

    We live in the 21 st century but I guess shows on this entire planet forever will remain backward when it comes to gay/lesbian characters or couples. Out and out homophobia is prevalent in almost every show/movie even though TPTB say their intent is never homophobic; they conveniently lie through their teeth. Gay/lesbain characters are killed, left sad/alone, banned from kissing or PDA throughout history. Nothing new. This issue is likely never to see the light of the day. After going through the ATWT gay SL debacle, it is better not to watch any gay/lesbain SL on any show or movie; the end result is going to be the same always: Total diaster and horrendous endings. I don’t see why the Greeks are being pointed out at when North American shows are many more times worse when it comes to gay/lesbain SLs or characters.


  6. bc says:

    how come the extreme racism of the network execs of the us version of queer as folk season 1 wasn’t blasted by “liberal and progressive” hollywood? gale harold portrayed the lead character and they showed all of his sexual encounters w/ other white characters. but the only instance he was w/ a black character and their kiss was not shown. it was only implied. where were the screams of racism from hollywood? as usual the priorities are w/ gay portrayals but not w/ racial minority representations.


  7. Callie says:

    I am from Greece. There have been plenty of gay kisses shown on greek tv (from Dawson’s Creek, Grey’s Anatomy to name a few) so I don’t understand why the censors thought that a gay kiss on Downtown Abbey shouldn’t be shown.

    Downtown Abbey is on a channel that is more conservative than the rest (something like PBS I believe) so maybe that’s why it happened. Anyway, the powers that be from that channel issued a statement that the rating for DA and the time it was being broadcasted (10 pm) didn’t allow for that scene to air but they did show it on a midnight rerun.


  8. Iakovos says:

    I am of Greek descent and often consider my ancient people as ones who accepted and promoted love between males. Regardless, gay people are part of our world and I am surprised a forward country as Greece is having issues. Heck, I am troubled by the continued bias in our United States!!!

    And I agree with the poster who noted how gay characters are slow to daytime drama and serials. Really? Why is not possible for Y&R to develop a gay storyline or integrate gay characters into the mix without making it a big deal. OLTL was froced to terminate KISH and that was disappointing. I thought other shows did it well: AMC with Bianca; ATWT with Luke and Noah (though their love was so chaste!); and DOOL with its well-acted Will story.

    Get with the program, Greece!


  9. ashlee says:

    I wish American censors were more like the Greeks!!


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