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8 February 4th, 2013 Downton Abbey Has Super Ratings On Super Bowl Sunday! – Watch The Super-Proper Bowl!


Even after the lights out in the Superdome, Beyonce’s half-time performance, the battling Harbaugh brothers, and the Ravens thwarting the 49ers last ditch effort to stage the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, British soap Downton Abbey scored fantastic ratings for Sunday night, besting all the primetime television competition in the U.S on PBS’ Masterpiece Classic!

According to, last night’s continuing drama of season three of Downton Abbey was the second-highest-rated and -viewed show of primetime Sunday.  Deadline related, “The 4.4 household rating for Sunday’s 9 PM one-hour broadcast of Masterpiece Classic‘s aristocratic British soap soundly thrashed anything else on in primetime except the Super Bowl, according to Nielsen.  The series also pulled in 6.6 million viewers; the second-most-watched show on the Big Four last night after the Super Bowl was the 8 PM America’s Funniest Home Videos repeat on ABC, which drew 2.59 million viewers.”

And now to celebrate ‘Downton’s’ victory, we present one of the most hilarious parodies yet on Downton – “The Super-Proper Bow”! Watch as the Crawleys and company watch last year’s Super Bowl featuring the New York Giants after the jump! Next, let us know what you thought of it!  And, if you are loving this season of ‘Downton’ is much as we are?

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  1. Sal Piscioneri says:

    you go Britts :>)


  2. bc says:

    downton abbey is abt upstairs and downstairs. upstairs lady sybil is married to downstairs tom and now they have an upstairs and downstairs baby. upstairs and downstairs are essentially the 2 core families on this soap. abbey is now a melodrama after all of that awful acting during sybil’s death. o’brien’s scheming against thomas has dramatic potential especially bec it seems like she’ll be using his orientation against him. maggie smith is the only 1 keeping this saop afloat. it’s great that shirley’s char isn’t on the show anymore. horrid acting from an academy award winner.


  3. bc says:

    abbey needs to stop w/ the new chars. who cares abt the new maid that’s being bossed around by daisy? that whole underling dynamic works w/ mrs. patmore and daisy. there’s no need for that retread. it’s bec media’s priority is to talk abt same gender marriage and gay bullying. espn is pro gay marriage bec its owned by disney. speaking of retread even the superbowl had to be abt lgbt issues. obviously 49ers culliver was going to offend the lgbt loving media and hollywood w/ how he phrased his thoughts. but he must be bashed by the media and hollywood repeatedly bec yet a new discussion must be created regarding lgbt issues. that’s how manhattan mainstream media operates. yet there was no outrage on the racist question he was asked “how many white women are you
    going to sleep w/ this week?” w/c was degrading to racial minorities. hollywood and the media has brainwashed the culture to making whites as the “ideal” and “prize” of society as a way to degrade racial minorities. there are majorty white representations from hollywood and the media precisely bec of this kind of brainwashing. no complaints for racism but all complaints for homophobia. media and hollywood bash homophobic athletes but they question athlete’s claims of racism. the mainstream media and enetertainment press questioned gabby douglas’ claims of racism. but would the media doubt the discrimination gabby had undergone if she was a lesbian and she spoke abt being discriminated against for being a lesbian? of course not. typical biased media. the mainstream media and hollywood are now attacking the black community by saying gays are the new blacks w/c is ridiculous. notice how media says gays and not lgbt bec white gay men are the priority and there’s a patriarchy even among the lgbt community bec there’s lots of white privilege and prioritizing of white gay males among lgbt community.
    hello? look at hollywood’s skewed representation of lgbt chars.
    they’re majority white males w/c reflects that white privilege. but now the media and hollywood are saying the black community must fight for lgbt causes bec gay is the new black? lgbt media is trying to tell ppl that racism is done and therefore all minorities must prioritize lgbt issues? lgbt were not brought to america to be bought and enslaved. but that’s how hollywood and the media operate. everything has to be politicized. tv and films and even sports have to be politicized by them. it’s great that abbey did well ratings wise especially when the superbowl was really hyped bec of all this discussion on lgbt issues.


    brian replied

    hmmm that’s a lot of stuff going on that I wasn’t aware of.

    Being from Canada, “a British Commonwealth” country, and a country that has had same sex marriage since July 20, 2005, and being a gay man myself, I just really enjoy Downton Abbey.


    maddie hayes replied

    yeah, I’m pretty sick of hearing about lgbt issues all the time on TV, it’s overkill


  4. david says:

    DA is better than anything produced in America for years–the historic sets (genuine castle, paintings, and antiques), the costumes, the ensemble acting (2013 SAG award), the literate scripts. This is television entertainment at its finest.


  5. mo says:

    I was watching DA. Sunday’s ep wasn’t as heart wrenching as last week, but still quite good.


  6. Denise says:

    I love the british soap ! The costumes are awesome, i love the proper english and speech. I love the head butler and i love Maggie Smith !! I will be sad to see it end so quickly, already missing it.


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