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4 November 26th, 2012 Downton Abbey Renewed For Fourth Season! But Will Dan Stevens Be With the Series?


Great news!  Britain’s ITV has announced that Downton Abbey has been renewed for a fourth season.  Season three of the award-winning drama will premiere in the United States on January 6th, but has aired in the UK and garnered its highest ever.  Apparently, season four will start shooting in February and will bow in the UK in the fall. also reported that, “According to ITV, the fourth season will continue the story of the Crawley family and their servants in the early 1920s, with feature-length episodes for the premiere and finale. “Viewers can look forward to more drama, comedy, love, hatred, jealousy, rivalry, ambition, despair and romance,” the network promised in a release.”

However there are multiple reports that actor Dan Stevens, who plays Matthew Crawley, is not returning to the show for a  fourth season. Although it has not been officially confirmed by ITV,  Stevens is currently on Broadway in The Heiress with Jessica Chastain, where Stevens was recently quoted as saying he might not return to the show. 

So what do you think of more Downton?  Would you be sad to see Dan Stevens gone from the hit British soap?  Let us know!

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  1. D Hewitt says:

    Yes. I look forward to season 4. I hope Dan Stevens stays with the show.


  2. bc says:

    How annoying that downton abbey didn’t employ the casting practices of Merlin and hire racial minorities. Merlin had a racial minority portraying Guinevere and a number of racial minority cast members. Abbey could have have used more diversity and it would have been a modern take on casting for a period piece. Merlin was successful w/ 6 seasons. But Abbey went w/ the typical white establishment casting. Utter disappointment.


  3. janet says:

    What a shame. I am looking forward to Matthew and Lady Mary getting together. I want to see them together. well guess actors like diversity in the roles they play. best to him anyway.


  4. Barbara Pereira says:

    I definitely want to see Dan Stevens back. Too much tragedy!!


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