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10 August 6th, 2013 Downton Abbey Season Four Confirmed to Debut On January 5th On PBS!

Is it January yet? We want our Downton Abbey, please! However, at today’s TCA’s (Television Critics Association) with PBS,  the network president and CEO Paula Kerger announced that the hit British period soap opera will return to the United States on Sunday night, January 5th, 2014! So once again, the U.K. will have seen the entire season in the fall and we will have to try to avoid spoilers!

According to USA Today, Kerger related to the press that the public service’s ratings are up 5% in prime time year over year, and up 26% on Sunday alone, driven on that night by PBS’s biggest hit in decades, Downton Abbey. And she’s looking forward to another good year, with ‘Downton’ returning Jan. 5, and being joined by such returning favorites as Call the Midwife, Mr. Selfridge and Sherlock.

“We are living in a golden era of drama in television,” says Kerger. “There is some very rich content and we have found that Sunday night on public television has become a great night for drama.”

As for why she won’t move ‘Downton’  to air closer to the U.K’s programming schedule for the Emmy winning drama series, she said what she had last year at this time, the fall is too competitive, and PBS feels it actually benefits from the word-of-mouth coming out of Britain.  After all, last January, ‘Downton’ gave PBS its biggest audiences since The Civil War.   “We kind of don’t want to mess with that if it’s working so well.”  Though, she adds, for other series, PBS is not opposed to running them closer to the British airdates.

So what do you think Downton Abbey fans? Are you upset that we have to wait till January for all-new episodes to air in the U.S.? Do you think Kerger is making the wrong call? Or, are you OK with it?  Comment below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    i do not do well with interpreting the British accent..
    It sould like they are talking with marbles in their mouth .. lol
    At times, I actually do need to use closed captioning/CC to read what they are saying..
    ((I know, sad isn’t it, but I just can not ”get” that accent)

    Outside of that.. It is a very good soap!!!! :)


    Shay replied

    I find it amusing that you say that…as a longtime viewer of British programming, I tend to love the actors command and pronunciations of the English language….it’s a real treat to listen to them! So much so in fact, that I feel it jarring to have to suffer the poor verbal skills and usage found in most of today’s stateside shows….as a country we have truly entered the abyss when it comes to such matters. Thank the U.S. education system for that one…..P.S. Obviously, certain UK dialects are very difficult to understand…but those tend to be found in the grittier dramas and certain “Britcoms,” not the mainstream programs.


    su0000 replied

    We speak American in the USA not the Queens English :)
    Yes, there is difference..
    Anyways, it is nothing to do with speaking the English language it is the horrible ‘accent’ I can not make out half of they are saying LOL ..

  2. Rose says:

    Can’t wait to see how they tie up last years craziness.


  3. Shay says:

    Cannot wait! These fine programs put American shows to shame….(Revenge and The Mentalist excepted!) PBS is rerunning the first “Downtons” right now, and they never get old….with each successive viewing, you continue to come away impressed, amazed and awed by the excellence!!! Same with “Sherlock”…the second season was also repeated earlier this summer. Would love to see these shows broadcast in concurrence with the British schedule, but it is what it is….definitely worth the wait!!!!!


    Don replied

    I wonder if I call the White House, I could get Michelle Obama to order 2 DVD’s of the show from PBS, and send 1 to me. She gets her’s early before the season ends.


    Shay replied

    Good luck with that one, Don! I prefer to just wait, although I have read that some in the states watch the new episodes online immediately after they air in the UK….not sure which website they use, maybe

  4. SZima says:

    I understand the reasoning…the fall is crowded, but with the majority of viewers having some sort of recording device, the show would get watched, just maybe not in a timely fashion for ratings. I’m very careful to not read spoilers, so having it on in January is OK with me.


    Shay replied

    Honestly, reading the spoilers doesn’t bother me in the least!!!! As a fan of British websites, I do everything I can to zero-in on my favorite shows and actors, and I find it actually enhances my viewing experience. Even if you know the plot, it still isn’t the same as watching it unfold, particularly with all the lush costumes, scenery and other exquisite details of these programs. And in a way, it is nice to have such beautiful shows to look forward to the in new year, after all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season….


  5. Patrick says:

    I don’t think its a question of right or wrong – I just bloody well anxious to see the new season begin.


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