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9 March 6th, 2016 Downton Abbey Series Finale: Which Characters Will Live Happily Ever After?


Tonight, we say goodbye to the beloved British soap opera, Downton Abbey, when the two hour series finale airs on PBS Masterpiece beginning at 9PMEST/PT.   The series finale comes on the heels off the penultimate episode of the Emmy-award winning drama that aired two weeks ago.

In that, Mary (Michelle Dockery) finally remarried and to Henry Talbot (Matthew Goode), Edith (Laura Carmichael) finally layed the smackdown on her bitchy sister for ruining her happiness with Bertie,  Mr. Barrow (Rob James-Collier) tried to commit suicide, Mr. Bates (Brendan Coyle) and Anna (Joanne Froggatt) are awaiting their baby, and hopefully putting their crime ridden past behind them, Isobel Crawley (Penelope Wilton)  made it very clear that she intends on marrying if she is asked by Lord Merton.  Meanwhile, Mr. Moseley (Kevin Doyle) found happinees in his success as a school teacher, and none other than Spratt (Jeremy Swift) was revealed to be advice columnist, Miss Jones!

But where does that leave everyone as we prepare to grab our hankies and say goodbye?  In the forefront of everyone’s mind is, will Edith find happiness?  Will she be left alone with her child, Marigold?  Will Bertie forgive Edith? What’s next for Mary and Henry?  Will Thomas find a new beginning?  As Mary rode off to start her new life as Mrs. Talbot, her father, Robert the Earl of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) stated, and could have previewed the finale:  “Of all my children, Edith has given me the most surprises … and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last one yet.”

Look for the residents of ‘Downton’, both upstairs and downstairs to prepare for their futures, some facing a brighter one than others.    The series executive producer, Gareth Naeme previewed to Variety on the series finale, “It will have some real, tear-jerking moments.”

So, are you ready to say goodbye to Downton Abbey? What do you think the future holds for Edith, Mary, Lord Grantham and Cora (Elizabeth McGovern), Bates and Anna, Isobel and the Dowager Countess (Dame Maggie Smith), Branson (Allen Leech), Mr and Mrs. Carson (Jim Carter and Phyllis Logan) and more?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Mark in FLA says:

    I actually was hoping for one more season. Looking forward to the feature film they announced with the same cast. I bet they do a stage musical version some day!


    davlestev1 replied

    SHEESH..I love the show too but really lol


  2. Llanviewer717 says:

    No, I am not ready to say goodbye to this wonderful program and all of these compelling characters. But, I do understand why the powers that be decided to end it now. Downton Abbey is the finest program I have seen in a very long time. I will miss it terribly.

    I hope there can be a happy ending for Edith. She’s been treated like the redheaded step child throughout most of the series. She needs to end on a high note for a change. Mr. and Mrs. Bates have also been through the mill. I hope Anna doesn’t loss the baby. Barrow needs to find peace as well. Maybe he can be the new butler for the Dowager Countess.

    Whatever happens, I’m sure the finale will be riveting. I have a new box of tissues on the sofa which I will open at the stroke of 9PM.


  3. rcraig says:

    Thank goodness for DVDs . I have watched and rewached this whole series so many times I can almost repeat the dialog verbatim . This was one of my all time favorite shows. I already miss it


  4. Rodd says:

    This is such a superb show in every way. I am always left wanting more and tonight’s finale will undoubtedly leave me the same. I have my tissues at the ready and am sure I’ll replay the finale over and over again in my mind as I drift to sleep. Good on you, cast and crew of “Downton Abbey”!


  5. Rapids says:

    The finale was sensational, emotional, retrospective and satisfying. I loved it.
    It conveyed great hope for the future of all family members, upstairs and downstairs.
    What a joy this show has been.


  6. Rose says:

    The finale seemed a little thrown together, and maybe not realistic in lieu of how things were changeling, , but I’m all for what ends well for everyone for a change.


  7. Lin says:

    I’m not ready to say goodbye. Even though last night was wonderful I am deeply sad. I will miss it so much.I have all six seasons on DVD, but let’s face it, with only 2 months x 6 seasons, it’s hardly more than 2 years of an American series. I am so upset that Julian Fellowes chose to end it now. I doubt he’ll ever have as big a success. It’s not often something this huge comes again. I was told by a British friend that the British are known for ending very successful series in their prime. “Big mistake, big!” as Julia Roberts said in “Pretty Woman.” I am so grateful for the wonderful Sunday evenings with this marvelous series. I will miss the characters. This season the only one I didn’t love was Denker, (though I didn’t care about Andy one way or the other). I feel like good friends have moved away and I may never see them again- or maybe just once more for an hour. I’m not at all ready to lose Downton . I also will miss the beauty that it brought into my life. The clothing, the beautiful Highclere Castle, the sumptuous table settings, etc. I would watch each episode at least 3 times. The second time I would look more closely at the surroundings. I will also miss our Sunday ritual of friends getting together and eating scones with clotted cream and jam with tea and eating on beautiful dishes. For last night I sort of wrangled an invitation for the other 3 of us to the home of the one with the 70 inch TV! Though I hide my small tv in a cabinet, watching Downton on a 70 inch TV was grand. I was thinking of getting a larger one myself as I rode home- til I realized there is nothing else on TV that I care about seeing enough to get a larger TV.


  8. Tivette says:

    Just one word: AMAZING!

    If it’s true about the movie, I’ll buy my ticket now! LOVE a happy ending for all and so very satisfying.


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