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14 September 28th, 2016 Drake Hogestyn Returns To Work At Days of our Lives!

Photo: DHogestynTwitter

Fan favorite Drake Hogestyn (John Black) is apparently back on set at Days of our Lives.  This is following the reports that the actor been seriously injured and sidelined from the series since back in May.

DAYS co-head writer, Dena Higley announced Drake’s return via her Twitter account yesterday.  Higley expressed: “Drake in studio today. Great that he’s back.”

Several of Hogestyn’s longtime fans replied to Higley’s tweet ecstatic to hear Drake was back taping new episodes.

As to what will happen in story with the character of John Black, and his lady love Marlena (Deidre Hall) in new airshows will be interesting to see.

So, excited about the news that Drake is back at DAYS? Comment below!



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  1. Iakovos says:

    I am glad as this is a legacy DAYS character (although admittedly not my favorite). I do hope John Black returns with less mystery and more purpose, commitment, and stability. I like John and Marlena a lot, and want to see mroe of them, but not in stories they had 20 or 25 years ago. I want John to bond more with his sons and get involved in the fabric of Salem more.


  2. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Was he really gone…hadnt noticed???


    elm1951 replied

    we wouldn’t notice it yet – they tape 6 months ahead……………


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    i keep forgetting that…

  3. Linda says:

    OMG, this is the best news ever! It looks like Christmas came early for Drake fans! My hope is that the cast and crew gave Drake lots of big hugs and showered him with love, because what a horrific ordeal this man went through and it was in no way, shape or form his fault. He is such a fabulous actor that is so loved by his fans.

    Michael, there has been a lot of fans questioning if Dena means he is actually taping new shows again at DAYS or was he just visiting the set? Could you confirm, please?


  4. mark says:



  5. Rj says:

    Glad he is back, and has recovered. What can I say, I am nostalgic – I like having all the vets on the show. There is something about seeing them on that provides continuity from the Golden Days of soaps. Connects the past to present day.


  6. blake says:

    Glad he’s better and back at Days.


  7. Rodd says:

    Happy to hear he’s back at work and healthy enough to do so. Wishing him continued good health and looking forward to seeing him in story.


  8. Carol says:

    Glad he is doing well and happy to know he is back.


  9. 4ever DAYS says:

    I’m happy Drake is back to work at DAYS! It was scary not knowing if he was OK.


  10. dante williams says:

    Glad to hear Drake’s all right, what a wild occurrence. That’s a nice picture up top, still looking good I see:)


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