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12 April 5th, 2010 Drew Garrett on thoughts after firing and fan groundswell of support!

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Drew Garrett, General Hospital’s dismissed Michael Corinthos, hails from the Palm Beach Gardens area of Florida.  And, their local news station just did a piece on their local hero’s plight; from the efforts of fans in facebook to get him back on GH , to Drew’s outlook since being let-go.  Here are some excerpts:

Drew Garrett on his thoughts on being let-go:  “Whether I stayed on the show one year or four years or two years, it was a great experience regardless and a great tool for my career.”

Drew Garrett on the efforts by fans to bring him back to GH: “I’m trying to stay 100 percent confident, because you got to in this kind of business. But it’s hard not to when you have so many people providing you so much support.” 

LeAnn Skeen on her facebook efforts: It’s not silly. Fans get really upset about TV shows. And the executive producers really need to respect what the viewers want.”

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  1. Doe says:

    What is the reasoning for letting this very good actor go? I just don’t get it! Why do they take the best actors who get them to the crux of the best story and then fire them? Just give me a damn good reason! He has done a wonderful job for GH……


  2. Melanee Stringer says:

    Drew, I’m really hoping that the people that made this decision about your role on the show will reconsider. There has been a tremdous outpouring of support and encouragement by your fans and we are all ready to rally around you and do what it takes to keep you on as Michael. You are so talented and in demand. I don’t understand why they would do this. We have all connected to you in some way and that is why the fans are having such a hard time letting go. It takes someone special to make a person feel something, and you do that. You make us feel and want to see what you’ll do next. You are a rare find in daytime anymore. My best wishes to you in all you endeavor. I am forever a fan!


  3. Christian says:

    I am not pleased at all that Drew was let go, and agree that the powers that be for ONCE need to listen to what the fans want. Drew is not the first actor to be treated like disposable waste, Tamara, Ted, Greg, Stuart to name a few were treated horribly after having given years to their characters. Love the mob character, but have grown incredibly tired of mob centered GH. Was looking forward to seeing DG’s character Michael getting a love interest, getting mixed into the crowd, and the Quartermaines for a change. Drew G more than proved that he was capable, and has terrific chemistry with everyone. Another dumb move IMO.


  4. Mary says:

    Like everyone else, I was totally stunned hearing this news. I reserved judgment and kept up-to-date with the GH cast on twitter and other sites. From what I’ve learned, Drew worked with Ingo on Friday, March 19, then worked on the 22nd and was told not to come back on the 23rd. Chad Duell on Facebook reported on the night of the 22nd that he got a lead on GH and then reported to the set on the 23rd. I’d like to know when he auditioned for the role and who with. Lexi Ainsworth was one of three up for the role of Kristina and had a final audition with SB. It took months for Dominic to be cast, with a final audition and approval from MB. It’s obvious Chad is someone’s pet or GH just wanted a “pretty boy.” MB stated he would put personal feelings aside and do his job, but I doubt the cast can have much respect for CD. Did DG cause problems and not get along with the women on set? I don’t think MB, SB, NLG, LW, DC, etc. would have been so upset to see him go, nor would Lexi have cried herself to sleep if they weren’t so close. What ABC/GH did was wrong, unfair and callous. CD may not have known what went on behind the scenes, but now he does. I’m angry but mostly outraged at ABC/GH’s disrespectful and shabby treatment of Drew Garrett. He deserves a huge apology and a welcome back to GH in the role he so masterfully created.


  5. Laurie says:

    I am bummed about Drew Garrett being let go. He brings an edge to the character of Michael and I think they may are making a mistake in recasting him. But what do I know, I’m only a loyal GH fan since the 70′s. I believe most of these recastings are based on “office politics” just like anywhere else, not on the merits or talent or popularity of the actors they so readily dismiss and replace. Unfortunately the powers that be don’t really listen to the fans/viewers until the ratings take a big drop. Yep, I am not happy about this.


  6. Lizette says:

    I am so disappointed that they recasted the character of Michael. Drew Garrett made that part is own. He took over the part that Dylan Cash had for so long. He trully reacted like a kid that was angry and confused at times, due to his TBJ. I felt that he did hold his own with Maurice, Laura and Steve. And his interaction with Kristina, Morgan, Jax and even Dante was excellent. I feel that the higher ups at General Hospital drop the ball on this recast. I have been a loyal fan for 38 years, and I will no longer care what goes on GH. For years GH has had stroylines that were up and then went down, and I stuck with them, even when the stories were a little off, but I’m so disguised with the way this situtation was handled, why should I care to continue watching. The ratings for GH, haven’t been all that great, and then to pull a stunt like this, is not going to help, in my opinion.


  7. Brenda says:

    Drew was doing an excellent job. He was perfectly cast. Why the change? We want him to continue playing Michael on GH. I wish him all the best.


  8. Kelly says:

    I was so upset when I heard Drew was let go, I was so use to seeing him on the show and he was doing a great job.


  9. Edith Kropp says:

    Drew Garrett has done a wonderful job. I can’t imagine why he is being replaced.


  10. Dave says:

    I gave the “new Michael” Chad Duell a chance, but I’m not impressed. Drew Garrett was excellent in the role of Michael Corinthos and this has to be one of the worst recasting mistakes in daytime history. I think Duell the Disney Boy had some connections, and someone at ABC cashed in a favor to someone. Either way, I’m done with watching General Hospital. Best of luck to Drew Garrett!


    ariel replied

    I agree 100% this new micheal ( well not so new anymore) just isn’t doing it for me.


  11. Ty says:

    Drew is a grerat actor, who cares what the viewers want, they can’t tell between a good actor or actress, they always take some of the best ones of there, don’t make sense, just like they did Ugly Betty that was a great show, always want to put these other crapy shows, like drew he is sexy, nice looking, and he had a great personality, and i know he will do good in the near future, and most of all he is a great actor i love you drew man, i wish you the best of luck and im looking forward of seeing you i n movies or other soaps take it easy buddy.


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