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4 August 17th, 2010 Drew Tyler Bell out! Adam Gregory in! B&B recasts Thomas!

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Well here’s some real irony for you.  Drew Tyler Bell who just won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor at the end of June is out of job.  The Bold and the Beautiful  has decided to make a switcheroo in the role of Thomas Forrester, and has hired Adam Gregory, former star of 90210.

Drew Tyler Bell’s last airdate is August 27, and according to TV Guide, “Gregory starts shooting within the next few days and will hit the air September 22, and will arrive on B&B at a highly dramatic time for the character. Thomas is furious with his folks — but particularly his mother, Taylor — for giving his sister, Steffy, all those shares of Forrester Creations and not giving him anything. This will cause the young man to become quite a force of his own and we’ll see Thomas take sides with Brooke Logan in the ongoing battle between the Logans and Forresters. Also, look for Thomas to take an interest in Brooke’s daughter, Hope.”

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  1. Coffee says:

    Bring back Drew Tyler Bell!!!! adam Gregory doesn’t fit this role AT ALL!


  2. Valence May says:

    I would like to know why Drew Bell left the Bold and Beautiful? Why was Adam Georgry hired?


    Valence May replied

    Coffee what happen to Drew Bell?


    Valence May replied

    Coffee Adam Gregory really doesm’t fit the part.

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