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17 October 30th, 2012 DWTS ALL-STARS: GH’s Kelly Monaco & Val Chmerkovskiy At Bottom Of Leaderboard! Will They Be “Saved” Tonight?


Tonight is a pivotal night for our soap gal, Kelly Monaco (Sam) of General Hospital and her dance partner, Val Chermkovskiy!  After three nights of ballroom dancing competition, including two group dances and two individual routines, Kelly and Val were at the bottom of the leaderboard amongst the eight remaining couples vying for the Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Mirror Ball Trophy!

With a score of 78.5 out of  a possible 90 points, Kelly and Val fell off the pace, even though they seemed to redeem themselves with a tango last night where Monaco looked beautiful and channeled her inner Scarlet O-Hara in a routine that had to be danced to a Country-inspired tune and theme.

Most noticeably of the night for Kelly and Val, was the kiss that has been talked about when Val planted it on Kelly just as they completed their dance.   Judge Carrie Ann Inaba said, “Nice comeback!” of the routine.  However, the question on everyone’s mind is, did Kelly and Val get enough viewers votes at home to stay alive in the competition?

One other wrinkle was that “Sandy” which was engulfing the east coast, and shutting down power in homes all across the eastern states and seaboard, made ABC expand the time for viewers to vote which had a cut off this morning as of 11AM EST.  Will that have helped or hurt Kelly and Val?  Did soap fans and GH fans call in and support the couple?  

Let us know if you think Kelly and Val will be saved? Or God forbid, the sexy duo will be sent home tonight on the Results Show?


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  1. Jim says:

    Wow I hope that she will not get voted off. i was unable to watch last night. lost power. At work now didn’t realize that I could have voted. Darn it!!! lol


  2. margie says:

    Kelly needs to be saved! She gives 110% in everything she does. GH fans unite & save our gal!!! God bless.


  3. CTwildheart says:

    I certainly hope they will be safe. Kelly definitely deserves to be there. At least from last night’s dance – she was NOT the worst, or even in the bottom.


  4. Jules says:

    Kirsty did NOT deserve those 2 extra points! She was SO off! Watch the group dance from the beginning, she is so out of sync. And her individual time with Maks was NOT the most entertaining.

    I have no qualms with Kirsty, but I think it’s unfair that because her reputation of being the “entertaining” one, plus being the oldest and being the “worst” amongst the remaining dancers, she was awarded the points. I bet they knew they were going to give them to her before she even danced.

    As for Kelly, I’m rooting for her, though I do have 2 other favs. Her tango wasn’t her best and deserved the points she was given, but for the group number, she was the standout IMO. I’m not even talking from a place of bias….as a dancer and from the angles and shots I saw, she nailed it.

    Hope she doesn’t leave. Hope it’s Emmitt.


    Mary SF replied

    I agree I did not think Kirsty deserve those 2 extra points. I thought the whole concept of awarding anyone extra points for a group dance was lame. In previous years it was all for fun. Plus I agree Kirsty is not entertaining unless you just like watching to see how awful she can really be. If this show was about merit, then Kelly will be staying and Kristy will be going, but that might not happen. Also, I’m not a GH viewer, so I don’t know Kelly other than what I have seen on Dancing, but why does she always look so mad? Is she always like that or is she just taking the Dancing thing really seriously? Either way I fear her lack of smiling might not win her the hearts of DWTS’s GA. I hope her soap fans were able to pull up her numbers and she will be staying, because I like her dancing and the chemistry she has with Val.


    SelmaJMCS replied

    I watched last night and I have to say that Kelly and Val had the best individual dance when doing all the couples dance for country. I was extremely disappointed on whom they picked to win the extra 2 points. I have watched the show from day one and have to say if Kelly and Val go home before any of these couples, I may watch a different show other than DWTS on Monday and Tuesday nights. Kelly was the first winner for dancing with the stars! She does the technique of the dance absolutely gorgeous as if she’s been dancing since a child. She doesn’t have to add gymnastics or be funny through a routine to win the audiences pick. She dances with great passion and since the judges have been horrible to her last week and this week, it almost makes me wonder are they not voting for her because she does have one of the best call in votes and they feel bad for the others or are they just being unfair. I’m a middle aged 50 year old woman and did go for dance to college (as I stated before when I first made my comments), I did not get my degree and one of my biggest misstakes in my life but I know one thing I know when a dancer is really what the word means dancer is through their passion (feeling from the heart and looking into the partners eyes and feeling their beat natually, is what the passion of the dance is and Kelly and Val both have this), technique, grace, style and staying into the character that the dance you are performing at the time. Last nights dance go back and watch it, it was absolutely beautiful.


    su0000 replied

    Kelly is good, but fact is; there are some better than her.. and her being at the bottom of the leaderboard is proof ..

    The storm will have much to do with the votes as there is no way to watch or vote for the east coast..

    Jules replied

    MarySF: I’m not a GH fan (any longer) nor am I a particular Kelly fan, but I know she isn’t sour in real life. I know exactly what you’re saying though about not looking happy. To me, I see it as humility. She’s not trying to get too excited when she does amazing (as she did in her contemporary dance), and she’s not trying to be too down when she isn’t (like the past two weeks). But in real life, from what I’ve seen and heard, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and has a personable personality.

    Selma: Interesting, I actually do agree with the judges remarks on their performances the past two weeks. Last week in particular was not good and it really deserved last. This week her tango wasn’t stellar either, but I think the length and fluff at the end of her dress impeded on how she danced and how we viewed it (through leg and footwork). But I do agree with you in that the judges picked the wrong duo to award extra points to. I believe that was agenda driven as well.

  5. SelmaJMCS says:

    Kelly and Val deserve to be there until the end and win!!! No other couple has as much passion and presentation as they do. Their chemistry together is as if they have been dancing together since childhood. It doens’t take a judge who has a degree in dance or just has dance professionally to see just that and if they don’t see that, well then what a shame. They share one great passion together and that is the word called, DANCE!!! They have technique, grace, showmanship, presentation and passion! They feel from the heart down to their feet each others next move and step and that is dancing. Go team Kelly and Val!!! All us PA., are cheering you on!!! Hopefully, all of your fans were able to vote for you for the judges weren’t on your side the past two week and look when Paula was a judge, listen to their comments that evening. Hopefully, Hurricane Sandy didn’t effect your fans voting!!! Good luck!!!


  6. Sal Piscioneri says:

    If Kelly is voted off I will not watch DWTS again. The judges put her in this position. It is a popularity contest with the judges too. I was so sad that her dance last week was considered rounchy for Len, Last night Carrie Ann said Kelly and Val were one of the best at the end of the star line and what do they do? they give the extra two points to Kristy who did nothing spectacular for the country group number. I cannot express how hard they have been on Apolo and Kelly. It is so obvious. I noticed also that if you cry enough the judges will give a good score to the cry babies. AFTER this season I am gone, I had enough. I did it with Americian Idol when Chris Daughtry was voted off. I’m tired of the phoniness and the fake judge knowledge of dance…..Goodbye ABC you sure do have a way to get rid of viewers. ABC should pass this knowledge to other networks, they seem to be the best at getting rid of viewers.


  7. Missy says:

    I hope and pray she will be safe tonight I am on the east coast where the storm luckily we kept power and I got my votes in from and texts.i had a hard time with the Facebook votes but I got thm through this morning around 9:30 am before going back to sleep for a bit.


  8. su0000 says:

    Kelly is not as good as those who are voted higher on the learderbpoard ..
    she is good and worked hard so have the others and some have been better than Kelly,,
    she is getting fan votes not talent votes, that is not right..

    But, anyways, what will be will be,,
    Kelly gave her all and did a good job.. :)


  9. Sharon says:

    I voted every way I could for Kelly and Val this week and last week!!! Their Tango was one of the best dances of the night and they were not given the scores they deserved!!! And the worst dancer was given better scores than Kelly! Ridiculous!!! And Kelly and Val’s solo in the group dance was the best of all the couples and yet the judges gave the extra two points to the worst dancer in the group! Ridiculous!!!


  10. Elhu says:

    I am happy that Kelly and Val will dance another week, as they truly deserve the opportunity to do so. They work together so well. Good Luck to both of you with the “fusion dance”, I am sure you will do well. As for who did leave, I am not a fan of Sabrina, and I really do not know why, she is sweet and nice and a heck of a dancer, but I just cannot take to her for some reason, yet I do like Louie. Putting all of that aside, they did not deserve to leave this week.


  11. SZima says:

    Thank god we found out right away that Kelly was safe. It was a shock to have someone who got all 10s go home. I guess the viewer voting really does work! Hope Kelly wins, but if not, is at least in the top three.

    I’m still not sure who Kirstie’s fan base is. Hard to believe she’s still there. Maybe the senior citizens are keeping her on…and DON’T get on me for that remark…I’M a senior citizen!! Nothing against her personally…I like her…but her dancing does NOT deserve the scores the judges are giving her.


    Winona replied

    “I’m still not sure who Kirstie’s fan base is.”

    I am presuming it is the Church of Scientology. Michelle Stafford always votes for her and promotes her via Twitter and Kelly Preston usually is there in the audience.


    SZima replied

    How could I have forgotten? Of course it’s the Church!

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