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10 October 8th, 2012 DWTS ALL-STARS: GH’s Kelly Monaco & Val Chmerkovskiy Paso Doble Lands Them Tied At The Top Of The Leaderboard!


It was fantastic night of dancing for General Hospital favorite and former Dancing with the Stars season one champ, Kelly Monaco (Sam)!

On tonight’s Dancing with the Stars All-Stars competition, Kelly and her dance partner, Val Chmerkovskiy wowed the audience and the judges with their sizzling Paso Doble!   For tonight’s episode the celebrities got to be the creative director’s of their own routine, and the routine had to be chosen from an iconic dance from a previous season of Dancing with the Stars.

For Kelly and Val’s Paso Doble performance, the judges comments ranged from: “I’m tingling with pleasure,” from Bruno, to Carrie Ann Inaba stating,  “You’re the couple to watch.”   And Len Goodman topped it off with a comment to Kelly of, “Where did that come from?”   Soap fans will have noticed also that Kelly’s on-screen mom, Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, GH) was cheering Kelly on from the audience and was all smiles after Kelly’s performance.

After the judges scores, and a rousing night of competition that saw some of the best dances ever in the history of DWTS, Kelly and Val scored a 27 landing them at the top of the leaderboard tied with Melissa Rycroft and her dance partner Tony Dovolani!

Bristol Palin, who last week was saved from the bottom three, had a meltdown earlier in the week during rehearsals with her partner, Mark Ballas, which was documented and shown during the broadcast.  Palin and Ballas ended up once again with the lowest score from the judges this week with a 22.5.   Many thought that the best performance of the night belonged to Olympic Champion, Shawn Johnson, and her partner, Derek Hough!  The duo performed a quickstep with flips, jumps, and that’s putting it mildly.  While the couple did break the rules, they did not suffer to much in the scoring as they are still in the number two position in the leaderboard.  Bruno exclaimed, “It’s one of the best dances, if not the best in all 15 seasons.”

After the jump, watch Kelly and Val’s Paso Doble, then let us know what you thought of their performance? And, who do you think will go home tomorrow night in the double elimination?  Let us know!


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  1. Connie says:

    loved, loved, loved it! almost as excited by it as Nancy Grahn! lol. Her gorgeous face fit the dance perfectly.


  2. Betty says:

    If Kelly is eliminated tonight and Palin winds up staying…..I think…. I…. will have a meltdown.


  3. Ellen says:

    Val and Kelly certainly earned that shared top spot last night. She was so very poised and did a stunning job with Val. They do make a great team. If you feel the same, please vote to keep them in the competition. Sometimes with this show, when someone does so well, people tend to not vote for them thinking that they will be fine, but as many of us know, that is not always the case, so vote for Kelly and Val if you enjoyed their top-ranked performance!!!! Kudos to Kelly and Val, great job, and whether it is real or not, that chemistry is most definitely there!!!!!


  4. lou says:

    I thought the performance that Kelly Monaco did with Val was ab-solutely Sam-sational.. it well paid off after taking off from GH to create this truly grand Paso Doble Dance. Kelly, my girl you go now.. bravo bravo Sam..


    1loveabcsoaps replied

    No Kelly hasn’t taken off GH. She said she is working while rehearsal and would have just one week of vacation. That weeks vacation maybe ths week. I heard her say she would be on vacation for a week, last week. Anyway, that was about the BEST Paso Dobla dance I have ever seen on the show. I love to see Kelly made up, accentating her Italian heritaage.


  5. BOnnie says:

    Bravo, Ole’ they were great!


  6. Nikki says:

    I was SO proud of Kelly last night! She danced like a pro and totally showed the audience (and her competiters!) that she deserves her spot in this all-star season! Her and Val’s chemistry was on fire, she played the role in the paso perfectly, her footwork and lines were incredible- I was so impressed! Loved every second and can’t wait to see her dance again next week!


  7. 1loveabcsoaps says:

    Kelly was FANTASTIC. My honey saw her dance , along with Melissa’s, Shawn’s and Derryck”s, Emitts, and Bristols….. and he said Kelly’s was BEST.

    NOW, as for ABCD-dumb network. SHAME SHAME SHAME on the network for inviting Bristol Palin on for the All-Star Reunion. Why? Here you have former OUTSTANDING winner’s being VOTED off, because of the strong following as the Tea-Party. I thought this was a Dance, yes Dance competition, NOT A POPULARITY competiton. ABC knew this was an All-Star cast and many of them were 1st and 2nd place CHAMPIONS. Therefore, they take this competiton seriously; they have an EGO and PRIDE of being a former winner. Why would ABC invite Bristol knowing the strong following of the Tea-party? This is (what happened tonight) the reason DWTS has lost some of it’s momentum. There are GOOD dancer’s that get voted off because they aren’t popular. People get TIRED of seeing people (crushed) knowing they did a better job than someone else. And if there were any season, THIS (should not) have been the season for ANY POPULARITY contest! These champions and 1st place contestants take the time to SERIOUSLY come back, work hard, perform and entertain us, ONLY to be voted off by a lesser competitor and the Tea- Party. : ( This is F**ked up. ABC owes Drew and Elio an apology, and (whoever else) goes out before Bristol Palin. This is like the scam that went on with Marie and Donny Osmond. Marie used the audience/ and her fans to stay on-while giving out ” lack luster ” performances, week after week, staying on until 3rd place, of which SHE did not derserve. THEN, Donny showed up the next season (and while he did FAR BETTER than Marie- yes he worked hard) he WAS NOT the BEST dancer and (should not) have won.This takes the fun out of it for everyone. Again, this is suppose to be a ” dance” competition, not a ” popularity ” competition. One of my best friends STOPPED watching for this reason. She would throw DWTS viewing parties. All of that stopped when she consistenly saw WELL DESERVED competitors go home before others. And none of the 16 to 24 people that came to her viewing party, even watch the show anymore. Furthermore, if this was TRUELY All-Star: Bristol, Pam A. and Kristie should not have been there. Neither of them even landed in 1st place. It should have been TRUELY All- Star. Once again SHAME on ABC for taking advantage of it’s former winner’s, for ratings and viewership resulting in Bristol Palin. By doing this, ABC acts as if they are on the verge of cancelation. It’s called GREED folks, at the expense of the former winner’s, the show’s audience, and the fans-ALL of which who either show up/ tune in/ every weekend to see a ” dance ” competition. How could one still want to be there knowing their presense their have sent someone else home, WHO should STILL BE on dancing. That’s the thing, people have no conscious. I wouldn’t want to be there. It causes hardship, negativity in the air- because the remainding dances may not put their ALL into thinking, ” Hell, I may be killing myself in rehearsal, ONLY to be voted off due to Bristol Palin and a Tea Party. ” There is nothing so undeserving in life that that have something that you have EARNED, or do not deserve. After this season with Kelly Monoco, I’m threw with ABC. Certain fans of the ABC soap network are only watching to support our beloved Kelly Monoco. Let Kelly go home before Bristol, and ABC is as much as DEAD, outside of General Hospital. This is a network that continues to screw around with peoples likes, feelings, and loyalities. What happened tonight is unforgivable, and no more DWTS for me after this season, after Kelly.

    We have to complain folks.


  8. 1loveabcsoaps says:

    Did you see Bristol’s face? I know, I would have ELIMINATED myself. I would not have allowed ABC to use…….. me as their guinny pig. Bristol knows what happened last time, so she had an expectation of what WOULD happen THIS time. Bristol was ALSO, feeling the HEAT and is WHY she had the MELT DOWN in rehearsal with Mark. She knew she wasn’t as good and should be eliminated.
    The order to leave should have been as follows: Pam, Bristol, Kristie, and Joey for starter’s. They need to change the over-all final judging to be the decision of the judges.


  9. 1loveabcsoaps says:

    Wednesday morning, Oct 10th. 8:22 am.

    I just saw Drew and Elio on Good Morning America. I am PROUD of Drew. He brought it up and brought it up so eloquently, rather than just saying he was ” ok ” with being voted off so soon. He said, he’s a fan of the show, and he ” wants the show to GET THIS MONKEY OFF IT’S BACK about people being on the show that shouldn’t be, and continue on to being a crediable show “. How frank was he and eloquent, OPPOSE to trying to make us believe he is FINE…..with being voted off ?!!!

    I was so upset, that I didn’t stay up to here his and Elio’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel last night. In fact, I cut the TV off, just five minutes before their interview started. I suppose I could handle it this morning. But then again, I happen to have the TV on and was changing channels and cought them as the start of the interview.

    Go Drew for keeping it REAL. Nothing like the facts, nothing like honestly.


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