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11 November 14th, 2012 DWTS All-Stars Results: GH’s Kelly Monaco & Val Chmerkovskiy SAFE! Marini and Alley Voted Off!


The power of the soap fans and fan bases are key to the success and failure of this year’s highly competitive season of Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars and it was certainly made clearer last night on the Results Show!

In a nail-biter of a moment, General Hospital’s Kelly Monaco and her dance partner, Val Chmerkovskiy were standing along side Kirstie Alley and Val’s older brother, Maxim, with one couple going home …  and that couple was revealed to be Kirstie and Maxs, meaning that Kelly and Val have made into the semi-finals next week!

Now the fact that last night featured a double elimination made almost every couple vulnerable, but when came time to the second results of the night, that had Apolo Anton Ohno and Kirina Smirnoff  standing alongside Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd with one couple being booted off.  As it turned out, the results had one of the heavy favorites having danced his last dance as Marini was voted out!   Of note real-life couple Maxim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd both ended their side of the competition when their stars were given the heave-ho.

That leaves five couples in the competition for the semi-final round which is going to feature another round of oddball dance routines.  One again each couple, chose next week’s dance combo for  one another.   And here is what we will be watching the remaining duos perform:  Melissa and Tony: “Caveman” Hustle, Shawn and Derek: “Knight Rider” Banghra, Apolo and Karina: “Big Top” Jazz  Emmitt and Cheryl: “Espionage” Lindy Hop and Kelly and Val: “Surfer” Flamenco.

Ok soapers, did the right couples go home last night?  Will you be there in force next week and keep Kelly Monaco and Val in the running in a very critical week of competition?  Let us know!

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  1. Ann says:

    Yes Kirstie should have gone home. I thought the second elimination might be Emmitt. I am a Kelly and Apolo fan. So I was happy they were spared. Also tony and Melissa are doing fantastic. Those are the three I want in the finals.


  2. Claudia Kurzyna says:

    I will be watching and voting for Val and Kelly next week. I was sorry to see Gilles go last night!


  3. Carole says:

    Gilles went home Really? Glad Kelly gets to stay but Gilles should’ ve stayed. Max n Peta? Hmmmm


  4. Tonya says:

    I think Kirstie had reached the end of her rope. But I think Gilles was a better dancer than Emmett (by far). I actually think Emmett is the weakest dancer left. Overall all I think Shawn & Melissa should be in the finals…as for…as…

    Emmett- I don’t think his body of dancing is up to snuff and he shouldn’t advance.

    Apolo – He has had some up and down performances. Some have been good others..not so much…last time I was really wowed with one of his performances that was back when he did the quickstep. His trio was fun…but a grease lightning jive has been done to death on DWTS so it didn’t feel fresh and new…still good though. Karina is pushing him so there doesn’t seem to be alot of joy in the rehersal room. They have to put a concerted effort forward to have the appearance of chemistry but it doesn’t seem like it comes natural to them.

    Kelly – my home girl. When she is on she is right up there (paso, contemporary, fusion, jive trio) she is right up there with the top ladies. But when she is a little off the judges cut her no slack. Even on an off day she is much better than Emmett and on par with Apolo depending on the dance. What she can do better than everyone else is really perform her dance and emote. Val should captalize on that and set her apart. It is no surprise to me that her best dances were the one’s where emotion was needed to sell the performance.

    Go Team Vally!


  5. Ces says:

    I personally think that Emmitt should have gone home with Kirstie not Gilles, but there can only be one winner now so it will be sad to see a favorite go each week.



    I think Kelly danced fabo!….I think she will do great next week!

    She has the flamenco dance next week!!



  7. Mary SF says:

    First off his named is spelled Maks, not Max–and it was about time he and Kristie went home. Gilles peaked too earlier, but Melissa is on fire. I am hoping Kelly can win it, not because I’m a GH fan, but because to me it would be way cool if the first winner of DWTS won the all star season. Unfortunately I think Shawn will win, which is a shame because her pro has already won three mirror ball trophies, so it will be a real bore if he won it again.


  8. Elyse says:

    I’m so happy for Kelly!! I think she has been amazing!! Go #TeamVally!!


  9. Marisa says:

    Kristie and Emmitt need to go!! Kristie was horrible. I am all for supporting Plus size gals but we need to find one who can dance up to par. Giles should not have gone home especially if Kristie is still in the race.


  10. Shanice says:

    what??? How did Gilles get knocked out????
    Happy for Kelly and Val but Gilles should still be there!


  11. Patrick says:

    5. Apolo
    4. Shawn
    2/1 Melissa & Kelly – TIE… haven’t decided yet… cause I like Tony so much…. he just seems like a nice guy…. his eyes/that twinkle.


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