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18 November 7th, 2012 DWTS Val Chmerkovskiy Shoots Some Scenes Over At General Hospital!


Now here’s a smart crossover!  Dancing with the Stars All-Stars dancer, Val Chmerkovskiy has come to Port Charles! That’s right, the sexy and popular dance partner of General Hospital’s Kelly Monaco (Sam) shot some scenes today for an upcoming episode of the ABC soap opera! From the looks of some images that were taken and were up on Monaco’s twitter account. it looks like Val will be in scenes in the boxing gym set inhabited at times by Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)!

Val, excited for his first foray into soaps, tweeted  “On my way to @GeneralHospital and its not cause @kellymonaco1 is working… #DaytimeEmmy here I come lol #thrilled #honored

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, GH)  then revealed through her tweets: “Guess who I’m working with on GHtoday? hint; he’s tall dark and Russian! As it turns out @iamValC is a better actor than I am. #slightlyannoyed”   Meanwhile, Kelly Monaco tweeted: “So proud of @iamValC Had his 1st day of shooting on the set of @GeneralHospital… from #DWTS to #GH :)

So what do you think?  Do you think its a fun idea to Val make a surprise visit to GH?  Let us know!

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  1. Nicki says:

    I’m excited about him being on GH for whatever reason it is! I look forward to seeing him on GH :)


  2. Lisa says:



  3. Beth says:

    I’m all for anything that brings good publicity to GH.


  4. Allie says:

    That is so cool! Now, only if ABC would show a promo of “GH” during “Dancing with the Stars”


    Marisa replied

    I agree. GH is hot! ABC shoud promote this potential gold mine. If ABC put in only a fraction the money they used promoting horrible shows like the Chew, Revolution, and Katie the rating would be way over the top and could have the ratings potential of their former glory days in the eighties. What a waste of twenty million for Katie’s salary. They could have put a fraction of that into the soaps. Imagine what they could do with a decent budget!!!!


  5. shan says:

    no. I am tried of the gh actors being pushed off screen


  6. SZima says:

    Didn’t Susan Lucci’s dance partner, Tony, turn up on AMC for a couple scenes? Seems like he did…

    That’s ABC for you…always cross-promoting their shows!


  7. BOnnie says:

    humm we need a bit of real Russian blond, much better then the Balkan!


  8. Mary SF says:

    Well the TPTB on both shows certainly know how to milk the cash cow. DWTS will promote this appearance on their show, for they shamelessly plug every ABC show they can. No doubt they are hoping some DWTS fans will turn in to GH to see him there. Also they are hoping GH fans who don’t watch DWTS might be tempted to begin once they see this handsome hunk on their screen and want more of him. It is win win for the network. It doesn’t matter if he can act because the money is filming him without his shirt, which is sure to happen since his scene is in a gym.


  9. robert says:

    this makes no sense


    Troy Turner replied


    This makes PERFECT sense. Noone is saying that Val will become a regular, much less a recurring character. But, the fact remains that GH STILL needs viewers-and if they can get DWTS fans that aren’t GH viewers to tune in, all the better for everyone


  10. Brian says:

    Val is gorgeous & can’t wait


  11. Terry says:

    Cant wait to see him on the show. Way to go finally ABC


  12. Linda Dowell says:

    I do love Val and Kelly together – Val could be John’s new competition for Sam lol – and then, Jason could return. I’d love it, I truly would.

    Actually, I really do love Val way more than AJ, too, now that I think about it – hmmmm….


  13. brian says:

    I only watched this season of DWTS because I was back watching GH after OLTL was cancelled, and I really like Kelly. But from what Val shows in the behind the scene with Kelly, it certainly seems that he probably can act as well as he can dance.
    I would love to see him become a regular on GH if he has the time. What a great looking Cassadine he could play !!


  14. Ann says:

    Yes I am happy to see him make an appearance.


  15. Robbyrob says:

    Oh please! What’s with all you moaning about it making no sense or taking time away from other characters. All soaps feature some sort of celebrity appearances. CBS has brought on winners of Big Brother to B&B. Sports players pop up on their favorite soaps all the time too. With all the great stuff happening on GH now, it’s so funny to read that people are bitching and moaning over this! BTW, has anyone seen Val??? He’s pretty easy on the eyes.


  16. MJ says:

    Let him come on and choreograph a big production number for the Nurses Ball. And bring his hot brother Max with him.


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