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14 January 13th, 2015 DYNASTY Reunion Featuring The Carringtons and Colbys On Upcoming Home & Family!


On the heels of their highly successful Knots Landing reunion, the Hallmark Channel’s hit morning series, Home & Family is set to put on some shoulder pads, and bring back some familiar faces from the sudsy former ABC primetime soap, Dynasty!

Joining hosts Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare will be members of the Carrington clan including: Pamela Sue Martin (Fallon Carrington), Gordon Thomson (Adam Carrington) and Al Corley (Steven Carrington), and from the Colby “fam”, John James (Jeff Colby).

The special episode will air on Monday, January 26th, and is set to tape on Friday, January 23rd.  As well as taking a stroll down “Dynasty” lane, there will also be a tribute to costume designer Nolan Miller’s notable gowns, from the series, and a tribute to the late John Forsythe (Blake Carrington).

So, interested to see how this foursome of former Dynasty cast members is doing many years later? Comment below!

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  1. Aden says:

    They should do a reboot and focus on the younger generation like Dallas did.


  2. Patricio says:

    Great news! So much talent on the Colby’s and Dynasty!


  3. Filmfan says:

    The late great Barbara Stanwyk was on the first year of the The Colby’s! Remember?


  4. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I know John Forsyth has passed, but id like to see a Dynasty mini series reunion…not a series reboot like Dallas just a short 6 part mini series on one of the cable networks!!!


  5. Filmfan says:

    Oh, the 80′s! That should be fun! Really groundbreaking shows.


  6. kalamaty says:

    Sweet! Who didn’t love/watch Dynasty in the 1980′s!? It was the template for all other shows of that era and it’s yearly cliff-hangers set the bar for outrageousness that is still being emulated in today’s shows!


    su0000 replied

    I didn’t know Dynasty even existed, until now..
    so, many didn’t watch I’d guess.. lol :)


    sonniorsolita replied

    Su, that’s shocking you never heard of “Dynasty.” It ran practically the entire decade of the 1980s, and was in the top 10 for several years, peaking as the No. 1 show on television one season. It turned Joan Collins into a household name. (John Forsythe and Linda Evans were already well-known.) Here are its rankings/viewers in millions (from Wikipedia):

    Season 1 (1981): #28 (19.0)
    Season 2 (1981–1982): #19 (20.2)
    Season 3 (1982–1983): #5 (22.4)
    Season 4 (1983–1984): #3 (24.1)
    Season 5 (1984–1985): #1 (25.0)
    Season 6 (1985–1986): #7 (21.8)
    Season 7 (1986–1987): #24 (17.2)
    Season 8 (1987–1988): #33 (14.33)
    Season 9 (1988–1989): #57 (10.40)

  7. jonboy says:

    The ONLY Fallon as far as I’m concerned was Panels Sue Martin.


  8. sonniorsolita says:

    I have always loved Pamela Sue Martin. When Emma Samms took over as Fallon was the end of “Dynasty” for me… nothing against Emma Samms, but she was just never Fallon.


  9. Robert says:

    I use to love this show, I wish I could watch the episodes on a network like Coz I or Antenna


  10. Phil says:

    I preferred Emma Samms!


  11. davidevansmith says:

    How do you do a Dynasty reunion without Joan Collins?


    Rose replied

    And Linda Evans. Wow for both of them.


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