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9 April 30th, 2012 E! Enters Into Scripted Soap Territory with Anne of Hollywood!


So what will happen when Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII perils are modernized for television?  Well, the answer to that was from E! Entertainment Television today when the network and its savvy programming executive, Lisa Berger announced several new shows in development, and one of them being a very soapy  adaptation of novelist Carol Wolper’s, Anne of Hollywood!

The new E! series in the works, Anne of Hollywood, resets the story in present-day Hollywood … “the flashiest, most treacherous court of all.”  The elements of Anne’s true story — love, passion, intrigue, betrayal, infidelity and conspiracy — remain fully intact, and become truly relatable to today’s audience.  The series is being created and produced by  John Wells Productions and Warner Horizon Television.

The original book description for Anne of Hollywood goes something like this:  “Wily, intelligent, and seductive, with a dark beauty that stands out among the curvy California beach blondes, Anne attracts the attention of Henry Tudor, the handsome corporate mogul who reigns in Hollywood. Every starlet, socialite, and shark wants a piece of Henry, but he only wants Anne. The question is: can she keep him?  Welcome to a privileged world where hidden motives abound, everyone has something to sell, and safe havens don’t exist. With her older sister Mary, a pathetic example of a royal has-been, Anne schemes to marry her beloved Henry and even more challenging, stay married to this man who has more options than most and less guilt than is good for either of them. Success will mean contending with backstabbing “friends,” Henry’s furious ex-wife, and the machinations of her own ambitious family, and staying married to a man who has more options than most and less guilt than is good for either of them will take all her skill. Anne will do anything to hold on to the man—and the lifestyle—she adores, however, even if sticking your neck out in Hollywood means risking far worse than a broken heart. With Henry’s closest confidante scheming against her, and another beautiful contender waiting in the wings, Anne is fighting for her life. Can she muster the charm and wit to pull off her very own Hollywood ending?”

So soapers, who should play Anne and who should play Henry? Casting suggestions please!

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  1. Susan M. says:

    Anne sounds like a Susan Lucci part……………………..A good schemer would be David Hayworth part……………….. I”ll have to see what else I can come up with… I have to think about it….Or Dorian .. Does she or he have to be young or older????????? I have to give this more thought..


    barbara t replied

    Susan m, Good picks.I think younger not older ,I loved the tutors hated to see that come to an end,King henry the 8th was naughty ,If I was one of his wives he would have had a very different ending.I don’t know If I want to watch a modern Henry and anne,like you I will have to give it more thought .At least their looking for a dark haired woman instead of another blond,I would tell a joke here but I won’t.


  2. barbara t says:

    I don’t think so.


  3. heidi says:

    I think it sounds like fun!

    Having not read the book… I would assume Anne could be between 28 and 39. Henry would probably be between 49 and 65. So the suggestion of SL above would be too old. I actually think Jacqueline MacInnes Wood would make a great Anne. I have to think about the perfect Henry.


  4. heidi says:

    How about a dark haired Sarah Joy Brown?


  5. heidi says:

    You could put Sarah Joy Brown or Jacqueline MacInnes Wood with Vincent Irizarry and their would be chemistry.


  6. Janet says:

    If E! is interested in scripted soap drama, they should bring AMC and OLTL to their channel,


    barbara t replied

    Unless abc/disney gives them the rights to the soaps ,it wont happen.


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