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3 August 17th, 2010 UPDATE: Ed Scott in at B&B as Producer!

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The Bold and the Beautiful has brought in the fantastic producing skills of Ed Scott, the former man in charge at The Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives. Scott is now set to take the reigns as Producer of the CBS sudser, and will take over Superivising Producer, Rhonda Friedman’s day to day duties. 

However,  Friedman is not going anywhere!  According to TV Guide, Rhonda Friedman will retain the Supervising Producer title, but will step aside in the B&B production booth after 11 years, and now will be working more closely with  the show’s EP, Brad Bell in a managerial position.

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  1. JOBE says:

    Ed Scott is needed at Y&R. Paul Rauch needs to LEAVE. He’s an okay EP, but he just didn’t live up to Y&R’s standards. Y&R has always been the best at production and storylines, and under Rauch things have kind of…meh. The background scores are just ridiculous, and though the storylines are much better now, things just seem so anticlimatic and monotone because the way the show is being produced. The music is this high-tech modern crap, the sets still look great, but ugh. He doesn’t GET Y&R and it’s apparent. Y&R has always been known to have the MOST intense of scenes, and most of that was thanks to not only Bill Bell, but Ed Scott, who made things soo much more interesting on screen


  2. Nia says:

    ITA!!!! Paul Rauch definitely needs to go and be replaced by Ed Scott, who understands The Young and the Restless and what it’s all about. Understated subtle drama that builds into fireworks over time.


  3. michael guerrieri says:

    I want sally susmam morina to be back on days please. love michael.


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