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27 November 12th, 2013 Eden Riegel On AMC’s Demise: “What a Colossal Shame!” Shares Favorite Moments As Bianca!


The beloved Eden Riegel, (Bianca) of All My Children, took to Twitter this afternoon to recognize that the show has one again been canceled.   But in addition to relating her extreme sadness over the situation, Riegel chose to share with fans her favorite moments in AMC history as the groundbreaking Bianca, as she mourned the loss of the iconic show one more time and remembered the best of times!

Eden tweeted on the news of the demise of AMC, yet again:  “Damnit. What a colossal shame! The show we all loved, that had such success online, dead again.  Very sad I can’t return to my AMC family again and play the role I love so much. I’ll spend the day mourning and remembering the good times.”

And with that, a series of touching photos that will bring back so many memories for All My Children viewers came flooding on to Riegel’s Twitter account including images of Bianca with:  Leo (Josh Duhamel), Maggie (Elizabeth Hendrickson), Reese (Tamara Braun), Eden’s winning the Daytime Emmy, the Kane women, and finally the last cast photo of the 2013 revival of AMC via Prospect Park!

Let us know what your favorite Bianca moment was of all-time as played by Eden? And, what do you think about her tweets which balance the sorrow of this heartbreaking loss all over again for soap fans, but at the same times gives us long lasting memories to hold on to?

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  1. Lin says:

    Best of luck to Eden. I hope to see her on TV, in movies, or maybe on an online show. Michael, can you ask Eden to post those photos here? Love you, Eden. My heart goes out to you and all of those actors now out of work. You deserve better.


  2. chevjuls says:

    Prospect Park should be ashame of themselves, they have the actors telling fan that AMC and OLTL is cancelled. They can’t be MEN or WOMEN to do that themself and let fans know why they are cancelling these show, bad producers, management and business.

    Now we should boycott their other show ROYAL PAIN on the usa network


    carla replied

    You are spot on. Soap fans are given no respect. Prospect park is spineless.


    lisa replied

    We want more reality shows and talk shows. gh will be cancelled next year. a talk show, will replace gh. Prospect park had enough of all my children and one life to live. they were not making any money. good for prospect park. they don’t own anyone an answer. grow up people this is a business. soap watchers are normally insane and fat. get off the couch, and go excersise. then watch your talk shows. learn something about your self. go watch dr. phil the chew. the chew is a wonderful show. All soaps will be history too.

    Johnny replied

    Um…Lisa…..pardon???? More reality and more talk shows?? You are SERIOUSLY in the minority here pal. Talk shows are dropping like flies because viewers are NOT watching. And as for reality shows….what else do we possibly need? There is a reality show for every possible topic. I think….maybe…you’re an ABC or Prospect Park employee? Seriously…who goes to a chat room for soap lovers and starts ranting about how viewers want less soaps and more shows to replace soaps? LOL. Very peculiar.

    Mary SF replied

    Not defending PP, but it is the professional thing to do, informing cast and crew first, before making any official statement to the the public. It is better to hear it from your agent rather than learned about your job loss on the evening news. Unfortunately in this day and age of instant everything, it just takes one cast member to tweet the news to fans before PP can finish what they have to finish before any official statement is made– making them look like jerks. If they never come out with a statement then yes, I would call them spineless, but for now I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and believe it was not their intention for fans to find out via Twitter—and an official statement will be forthcoming


    Becky replied

    Exactly! Networks, etc. are bashed all the time because cast and crew hear via the media that their show is cancelled. PP lets everyone know before the rest of us, and people think they’re horrible for it. They can’t win! Kudos to them for giving it a go! I appreciated getting to see my shows again if only for a bit.

    Brenda replied

    I agree Mary. What a shame it is indeed to have AMC canceled. I really enjoyed the online version.

    cindy replied

    we should boycott pp ….


    Judy replied

    They are chicken s**** the way they have handled this. Nothing good to say so I’m done after 41+ yrs.


  3. Tony Polar says:

    I can appreciate Eden’s thoughts and of course she made Bianca Montgomery
    a very memorable character. Right now I am so despondant and frustrated over
    the cancelling of ALL MY CHILDREN, and yet still no official word from Prospect
    Park which really ticks me off as I’m sure it does many other long-time Fans of
    the show – that I can hardly stand it.
    Like others, I too almost wish it hadn’t resurfaced if it was going to meet such
    an untimely demise. I don’t think it was even given a chance to “find it’s footing”
    as an on-line Presentation. Surely, it deserved more than just a few short
    months to prove itself.


  4. Iakovos says:

    I am very patient and most accommodating but now I am at my limit. Prospect Park, regardless of the production and economic challenges it faces creating 2.0 versions of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE — and I realize there must be many — owes the audience who believed and supported Prospect Park an open honest admission of this news. It is difficult to doubt when three reputable actresses (including Riegel here) have shared this disappointment on their Twitter accounts in recent days.. .with no word from the company in charge. And there must be some fire where there’s smoke because these are three actresses who were key to the relaunch.

    When will people realize that audiences care and have an investment in the product? Money may be not be changing hands like at the store but there is time, trust, engagement, support, and advocacy we give to creative pursuits… even in commercial television, whatever evolution it’s experiencing.

    News can be tough to hear and I can accept this effort could not go on, but hey, just be up front and explain it to us.

    Best of luck to our Pine Valley and Llanview casts and crews. I hope we will see your faces and names attached to other projects soon, not only for the sake of those of us who appreciate you and your talents, but so you may be able to make a living using the educations, experiences, and talents you have.


    Patrick replied

    Thank you –


    “…When will people realize that audiences care and have an investment in the product? Money may be not be changing hands like at the store but there is time, trust, engagement, support, and advocacy we give to creative pursuits… even in commercial television, whatever evolution it’s experiencing.”


    this IS emotional upheaval … for, so, many, PEOPLE


  5. Lew S says:

    The situation with PP is very sad and bad. Sad that the shows are over or on the shelf and bad that the people in charge did not feel it was necessary to make an announcement. Once something like this happens the powers that be should have made some sort of an announcement, either refuting or confirmung it. Very bad business practice .


    Mary SF replied

    Actually it is common practice to inform cast and crew of a cancellation before making an official statement. However in this day and age of Twitter and Facebook it only takes one cast member to prematurely announce the news to the general public. But the cat is out of the bag now, so PP should step up and make an official announcement soon— if they don’t they yes, that would be bad business practice, but I suspect when they get all their ducks in a row and craft a statement they are prepared to live with– they should break their silence.


  6. Beacon says:

    What about Bianca and Lena Kundera? Don’t forget Olga Sosnovksa’s contribution to making Bianca’s character arc a classic.


    Johnny replied

    That was creepy and gross. Lena looked like a 40 year old European predator creeping on a 20 year old girl.


  7. Vanessa says:

    ABC should not get rid of SOAPNET and get AMC, OLTL and other online soaps like Venice. We do not need another Disney cannel that just repeats the same shows over and over again.


  8. Kate says:

    Bianca was one of my favorite characters. I liked her with Reese. In my mind, since Marissa is shot by JR, Bianca gets back with Reese. Miranda goes back to being the age she is suppose to be. And Bianca, Reese , Miranda , and Gabby have a wonderful life in Paris. I hope to see Eden in other things. Thanks Eden, you did a wonderful job being Bianca!


  9. AbbyS. says:

    I loved Eden’s tweets today, and I especially loved that Alicia Minshew responded to two of them (photos of her with Eden as Kendall and Bianca), and shared in the sadness. I’m pretty sure we would have seen Kendall again had AMC returned for a second season and I feel robbed. My guess is that things with PP are more complicated than we’re being told and that while AMC has been cancelled in its current form, as Cady McClain said, PP is not quite ready to give up its rights to the shows. If they were, they’d announce it and be done with it. I’m not sure what will happen and if PP will figure out a new way to put these two soaps online or on television again, or if we’ve truly seen the last of AMC and OLTL, but the shows are gone for now and the actors are free to do whatever they need to do to earn a living. I wish everyone connected with both shows well and hope that one day, we might see AMC and OLTL again because as Eden said, AMC was successful online and even if it never airs again on Hulu or Hulu Plus, maybe it could find success somewhere else with another company producing it, or at least making a movie to tie up loose ends.


  10. kathryn says:

    I agree, Prospect Park should make an announcement though this is coming as no surprise to me. I anticipated it. And while I supported both soaps and enjoyed the online versions, I wish they never would have been produced. It wasn’t fair to the audience nor the actors.


  11. marco says:

    Rumors i heard tonight, is that all my children might get picked up by a cable network. I heard this on the radio. no one wants one life to live. they only want all my children.


  12. RLeternal says:

    I wish the clock could be turned back 20 – 25 years where soaps were extremely successful TV shows. The stories were simply amazing then. The current soaps are so bad that they are not worth investing any time. Most of the EPs and HWs are extremely, extremely bad. It will not be a surprise if the remaining soaps disappear in about 5 years time.


  13. Margie-Rose says:

    Wonderful we had you back. I prayed for a longer time. Money was spent this year really feel a profit would comet next year. Someone please pick up our Famalia!


  14. Patrick says:

    The beloved Eden Riegel, (Bianca)

    I feel compelled to post: In Loving Memory of Francis Heflin… “Mona Kane”.

    4 generations of Kane Dynasty.

    Kendell and Bianca
    and the great- and grand’children of

    collectively, embracing, (Take care) the generations and decades plus of cast and crew.

    Eden Riegel – “heartfelt, Thank You” I sincerely appreciate your profession… your inner strength… your mindset…. to further along… LGBT cause and effect. notwithstanding… the life of Bianca is forever etched in our HEARTS.

    “How I LOVED Francis Heflin. “Mona… I know the heavens opened up”


  15. Jen says:


    I kind of knew this was coming, but I was hoping for the best. When the reboots debuted, there were some obvious problems, such as the new characters, some lack of chemistry and such, but I thought it just needed a bit of time to work it all out. I was willing to wait. I enjoyed OLTL more, because enough of the key characters came back, and stepped up, despite the writing. All in all… everyone did the best they could with what they had to work with. We were lucky to have either of them back at all.

    But the things I found most frustrating is the feeling I got that PP was surprised at how enthusiastic we were in watching the shows! When they started changing the schedule around, it seemed like they had been caught off guard by both show’s popularity! And I will NEVER understand that dry “behind the scenes” show that ran on Fridays! Equally frustrating is the fight to remove the 3 characters of Todd, Starr and John from GH!

    I know their move from Llanview to Port Charles wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but again, the actors did the best they could, and we were lucky to be able to have their talent, and the aspect of believing Llanview was still alive and thriving somewhere. The occasional appearances of other characters, such as Tea, and Blair, was fun. It would have been interesting to have seen the character of David Hayward from AMC, show up on GH, in that he was once married to Anna Devane. There were a lot of possibilities, unfortunately, very little vision it seems.

    As I have said before. I am a fan of Roger Howarth, Kristen Alderson, and Michael Easten. They have my loyalty. ABC and Prospect Park can go… ahem… cancel themselves. If you know what I mean! :(


  16. Jack Parkins says:

    Well, I’ve heard through the rumor grapevine that it’s possible ABC-TV actually wants the shows back. Both Prospect Park and ABC are required by the Courts not to discuss the case in the Media, no easy feat these days. Would be nice if AMC could return as a half hour Lead-in program to General Hospital. Only time will tell what will happen down the road a bit.
    Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of the residents of Pine Valley.
    I am curious if Agnes Nixon has any comment regarding this latest development?


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